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Volume 6 / Chapter 147

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Italy is on the verge of chaos. There were already clear signs of destruction as the world collapsed, but this is confined to humans.

It was a time for mutants to lay down a foundation just as humans developed from ancient times. And who knows? They might rebuild the world.

In this flow, mutants in Italy were living peacefully in their respective areas. That was until a demon full of madness appeared.

The demon that appeared out of nowhere destroyed, killed, and ate everything that was in its way. It was only quiet while resting.

It only took a few days for it to destroy an entire area.

It ran amuck like this for several months. It did not tire and only became worse. It is basically a natural disaster.

Beholder rolls a yellow eyeball. In front of him is the wreckage of what looks like a skyscraper.

“The first impact was the big hit, but the attack was divided as it walked through it.”


“This isn’t just a normal mutation. It’s a whole body mutation. Hee hee!”

Beholder responded to Medusa’s question with confidence. His eye has the ability to see what other beings cannot.

He figured out that Cha Jun Sung is a mutant that can change at will just by looking at the wreckage, and that he can change his entire body.

The ability to mutate is an ability that varies in value by the beholder, whether it is seen as common or valuable. Nothing can imitate it unless it is at the highest level.

There is a difference between whole body and body part mutation. One can change the entire body at will in the former, and the latter means that only parts – like the arms or legs – are changeable.

“How many mutants are there that can do this?”

“There can’t be over 5 in all of levels 1 through 9. And since it’s a level 8, there can only be Red Eye. I want to hurry up and meet him so I can see what he’s like.”

“Just find him.”


Beholder raised his hand. Hundreds of eyes the size of millets popped up.

They split into hundreds and thousands like cell division to be implemented in various ways like searching for a target or surveillance.

“Spread out. Relay everything you see to me.”

Beholder shook his hand. The eyes that had been bunched together flew with the wind. They have a kind of telepathic ability that works within a radius of hundreds of kilometers.

They know what lives in Italy, so it will only be a matter of time before they find what they are looking for.


A sharp blade goes through a tunnel rat’s chin. There were a lot but he killed all of them. There is no fun in killing them because they are low level.

Cha Jun Sung’s tail wraps around a tunnel rat and absorbs it whole.

Though he gained a stamina that does not tire when he became a mutant, it is not infinite. Since he is a living being, he needs to supplement as much as he uses. He fortunately has not faced a strong enemy yet, so he has not been wounded yet.

If he gets wounded, the balance gets out of hand because he needs to pay attention to recovering the injury in addition to physical stamina. It is difficult to expect smooth flow.

Cha Jun Sung likes the tunnel. Not the tunnel itself but the environment – he likes the dark. This is in the Oriax’s nature, not his own.

Darkness is black like the Oriax. This environment provides him with a protective color without having to do anything, so this feels like his nest.

Cha Jun Sung laid down anywhere and closed his eyes. He does not run around like crazy all 365 days of the year. The only time he is quiet is when he is resting.

Though it looks like he is sleeping but is not very different from usual because he leaves his senses open to capture external dynamics. It is better to say he is recovering psychological stability.

Wing wing!

Several hours after Cha Jun Sung stops moving in the cave.

He can hear the weak sound of bees flying around. It is bothersome and he pretends he does not hear it. It is because he does not feel hostility. He just thought of them as annoying bugs that would wander around and then leave.

But they stopped in one place at one point and floated. Cha Jun Sung left them to stay floating or wander, but suddenly felt unpleasant. It feels like those bugs are watching him.

He compresses a finger to be thin like a needle and stabs the bug to bring it in front of him. He wants to see closely what kind of bug it is.

An eye? Black dots are all over a hazy gray marble embedded with veins. These dots blink as though they are alive.

Cha Jun Sung swells the needle like a chestnut bur and makes dozens of holes in the eye. By instinct, it does not feel like an autonomous creature. The inside becomes quiet. This did not happen again even though time passed. Cha Jun Sung is satisfied and rests in peace and comfort.


Beholder focused while standing in one place and laughed as he opened his eye.

A few weeks had passed since he arrived in Italy. He searched for the new mutant Inferno mentioned in that time, and discovered it not too long ago.

“Kik kik! It is Italy, but it’s pretty far.”



Cha Jun Sung had gone south from Firenze to Rome. It had not been easy to get a sensory circle of the country even though Beholder had sent his eyes. Doing the country in its entirety was impossible, so he had to separate it into parts.

Beholder frowned. He knows why and the irrelevant Medusa has a rough guess.

“The nerve! He killed my eye!”

“It should have fallen back if it saw him.”

He felt the pain that the piece of him felt from Cha Jun Sung. They have an indirect connection, so the main body is affected when an issue arises with a part.

“I don’t know. I’ll need to scold it until it’s right before death!”

Beholder has taken a hit, but he is being sensitive with something that is not a big deal. Medusa left him alone because she knows his personality well.

From her point of view, Beholder is like a child. He has uncensored emotional ups and downs. He is good-natured at times and evil at others.

His real self of those…..

‘SE Beholder.’

He is sneaky and evil. The way that mutants think cannot be the same as with humans because their law and order is the struggle for survival. They think nothing of others’ lives and do whatever it takes to achieve what they want. In these ways, Medusa and Beholder are the same.

“What does it look like?”

“Look like? Like this?”

Tentacles as long and thin as hair draw what Cha Jun Sung looks like on the concrete ground. It is smooth like a knife cutting through tofu. There is no way to be sure of its behavior, but it is a level 8 in ability.

Medusa has a strange expression after seeing Beholder’s drawing. Because it is drawn well? No. The image in the drawing is strangely familiar.

“Red Eye?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I guess you won’t know since you’ve never seen him. This drawing looks like Asia’s Red Eye. There are differences in the small details… but they’re the same overall.”

“Kik kik! Then is he a brother or something?”

“No. He would be the Black Demon’s son if he’s a brother, but he wouldn’t be here.”

Black Demon lives in Korea. Could it have come from Asia to Europe to run wild in Italy? That is nonsense. Say that by chance, it came all the way here. Would Black Demon let his son run wild? If he left him alone, Red Eye would get involved.

They only look alike on the outside, and the new mutant is an entirely different creature from them.

“It’ll take a few days.”

“Hurry hurry!”

Beholder urges Medusa. He gathered and sent his eyes in a line to the place where he discovered Cha Jun Sung. With this, there is no reason for them to stray off path.


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