LM Chapter 140

Volume 5 / Chapter 140

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Cha Jun Sung runs. His party members run after him. They heard the radio regarding the battle. Parties 5 and 9 encountered Blood Suckers. They will probably not fall to a few of those guys because the Lifers all have battlesuits, but the battle is happening nearby. The noise from battling is shaking up the waterway anyway. Mutants would have already heard this with their enhanced senses.

“Jun Sung! It’s blocked!”

A dead end. Cha Jun Sung’s group is blocked off as parties 5 and 9 had been.

Cha Jun Sung bashes the wall. He can hear Lifers’ explosions and mutants’ screaming beyond the wall.

“Stand back.”


Cha Jun Sung makes a hole in the wall with his fist. He pulls the pin from a grenade and passes it into the hole. They can get 100% of the effects of the grenade if it goes off in the center.

Bang bang bang bang!

The wall cracks. But one was not be enough, so it stops along the way. The wall is extremely thick as it is not a path that they are supposed to be able to take.

Bang bang!

He puts 2 grenades in together. The wall finally explodes and collapses with dust filling the foreground.



Cha Jun Sung speaks as he flies forward. The Lifers are leaning towards the win after a long period of battling, but it will end faster with help.


‘Tail whip.’

It is a skill that they all use, from the Blood Devils to the Blood Lord. There is a great difference in the range of power, but they cannot be hit by one from a Blood Sucker.


The wall is bashed in under the force of what is like a bat with nails sticking out of it. Even still, the thorns do not break and are perfectly fine.

Koharu goes on top of a Blood Sucker’s back, and slashes with her dagger. Violet jabs mostly at the chest and stomach with her javelin. Rankers are faced on the other side as well.

Boom boom boom!

Koharu and Violet fall away from the Blood Sucker. Dozens of thorns are launched in all directions. What would happen if they properly get hit with one of those?

New thorns form from where the old ones fly off. They do not form infinitely, but there is a large factor in stamina. If the Blood Suckers are tired or do not have sufficient nutrients, they cannot do it. This means that they are still full of energy.

Dozens of Lifers stick their vibrating weapons into the bodies of the Blood Suckers. Blood splatters. The ones that are really hard to handle are the ones with acid mixed into their blood. Fortunately, this is not the case for the Blood Suckers.

Ping ping ping!

They rotate their bodies to spin while launching thorns. They are making such a fuss. No matter how energized they are, there are 40 battlesuit owners. There are a lot of Blood Devils, but not enough to guard 2 Blood Suckers.

The Blood Suckers pretend to attack, turn their heads to the water, and jump in. They felt that there is nothing good in fighting a losing battle. The water is rotten but it is where they were born and raised, so there will be a way out.

“It’s running away!”

“Get it!”

A few Lifers grab the tails of the Blood Suckers trying to get away, and pull.

Bang bang!

Reverse boosters turn on and push the Lifers backwards. The Blood Suckers push away as much as they are being pulled. The Lifers cannot let them go. They especially need to kill the level 5s. It is a level that becomes a direct threat to the force. They need to reduce the numbers while they are separated like this.


Bang bang!

Cha Jun Sung gives a strong kick to the mouth of a howling Blood Sucker. He avoids their blades and attacks a relatively weak part.

The flesh rips. The kick applied an upper cut. Its head folds back and the Blood Sucker is looking at the ceiling. With that time, the Lifers swarm in.

They jab, cut, and dig into them. The Blood Suckers become covered in accumulating wounds. On the opposite side, the Blood Devils have been taken care of for the most part.

The Blood Suckers draw their breaths. They are on the brink of death, but not dead.

“Who’s going to finish it?”

The party leaders glance at party 10. Killing the 2 Blood Suckers is worth at least 300,000 points.

“Figure it out amongst yourselves.”

“Huh? Okay!”

Cha Jun Sung stopped showing interest. He is not greedy about such things.

[You have earned 180,000 points and 54,000 achievement points.]

The party leaders each kill one. 180,000 points. They are top level, like the Caicus. They are opponents that they could not guarantee to beat if they had gone one-on-one instead of with dozens of Lifers. It is chilling to think of things like this swarming to them with level 6s.

“Are they all dead?”

“Sorry. We lost a few.”

The Lifers cannot pick their heads up. A few Blood Devils ran away. There were several hundreds of them even if they are weak, so they ran away while their peers died.

[This is parties 5 and 9. We have joined parties 4 and 10. We killed 2 Blood Suckers and hundreds of Blood Devils! There are no Lifer deaths.]

[You did well. Let’s meet up as soon as possible.]

If they meet up once more, they will become a full force. It would be good if there is no large scale battle until then.


A bizarre alien creature twice the size of a normal Blood Sucker looks up into the open ceiling. It has a height reaching about 100m. The shape of the hole is strange, but it looks to be about 30 to 40m deep. The wreckage from the collapsing ceiling is rolling around all over the Public Underground.

A trace of the king.

The Blood Lord had come out twice, and created this hole to go outside. Sunlight seeps in through the hole. It was an incredibly thick wall, but the Blood Lord smashed it with one blow and ran.

The Blood Lord looking at the hole now is the Blood Sucker tribe’s Elder and born with their blood. If terms of humans, it would be about the direct brother of the former king. This is probably why it is a Blood Sucker but is almost 50m tall. The mission description mentioned that the Elder is the powerful servant.


4 Blood Suckers crawl to the Elder’s side. They are not as large as the Elder, but about one half as greater than normal Blood Suckers.

They are level 6. Cha Jun Sung’s group needs to fight 5 level 6s. They have come to the worst case scenario in which more than half of the power must fight against level 6s.

The leader Blood Suckers look wide and far around the Public Underground. Hundreds of thousands of cocoons are growing quickly. They have inexperienced Blood Suckers and Blood Devils everywhere to guard those cocoons. They are not normal cocoons. They were born from the king.

The 4 leaders have blood of the invited king. That is why they have surpassed level 5 limitations and reached level 6. If all of those cocoons are born, they can become like the Elder and leaders. Of course only 0.1% of those develop into adults. The other 99.9% become the nutrients necessary for the 0.1% to develop.



Injured Blood Devils come in through the Public Underground’s entrance. One of the leaders leaves its position in order to get a grasp of the situation. The Blood Devils explain in mutant language. It is a mistake to think that humans are the only technically accomplished.


The level 6 roars. Enemies have broken in. An enemy at such an important time. The Blood Devils tremble in dreading at the roar.


A leader tells the Elder, ‘I’ll go kill them.’


The Elder does not permit it. They need to preserve power and protect the cocoons. The Blood Devils and Parasites outside are their eyes and ears, minimal troops to defend the outside on small scales. The Blood Suckers sent this time were supposed to make rounds at checkpoints and the Underpass to act as patrols that resolve problems.


The leader has a fiery personality and reacts. Mutants also have individual personalities.



Public Underground is spacious, but Underpass as a waterway is not ideal for Blood Suckers to fight in. Level 6s are so big that they cannot move easily. Even if the leaders go out, they will not be of much help.



The Elder becomes angry when the leader keeps reacting. They will sweep through the surroundings once the living becomes typified. Those below level 5 surpass dreading and feel fear, while only the level 6s withstand the moment.

Bang bang!

The Elder’s tail slams down on the ground. It is an attack from a 50m monster. The floor cracks without resistance. It looks like a 10 story building would fall over if hit with that.


The Blood Suckers listen to the Elder’s orders and move the debris stuck next to the Blood Devils. They block the only entrance so that no one can come in. They fill the entrance with boulders that weigh from dozens of kilograms to tons. It is not something that can be brought down with bombs. No matter how many times they are smashed, there will be more. It may be uncomfortable, but the Blood Sucker clan can move through the hole in the ceiling. There is no reason to use the entrance.

[We’ll wait until the king comes in. Avoid any unnecessary battles.]

Power is law for mutants. The weak must bow and listen. The Elder is the strongest after the Blood Lord. They all obey the Elder’s will, from the lowest Blood Parasites to leader Blood Suckers. Protecting the cocoons is top priority.


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