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Volume 5 / Chapter 135

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In order to fill the empty spots of rankers, the world federation requested to form alliances with rankers who act in parties like Cha Jun Sung or those who work alone.

They did not put forth any conditions that these rankers would be reluctant or averse to and just asked for them to help with a level C advance mission that they are currently in preparation for.

There were just 3 people. They could not figure out where the rest are or what they are doing. They could be gathered together, or they could have died. There is no saying that they might not have died like the 4 who died and had been found had. With Cha Jun Sung’s group combined, they have 17 rankers.

After about 2 months, Strategist placed a large advertisement in mediums like the TV, computer, and radio as a last attempt to locate rankers. Anyone with eyes and ears could see these, and would allow the rankers to come find them on their own.

There were 36 rankers in total. Since 4 died, there are 32 left. 3 people promised to work with the world federation, so there are still 8 who are hidden. It would be good if they were all friendly but unfortunately, 3 are bad like Blood King’s people.

As they have become rankers on skill and not character, there is no point in mistaking them as all heroes who had risen to the top.

The person that the world federation is looking for most is 5th place ranker, Nine Tails. The battle suit modification methods of the rankers in 1st through 5th places are special. The reason why the like-level rankers were split into their own ranking is their battle suit modification and the strength of their weapon enhancement. The strength of their weapon enhancement virtually disappeared as the game moved into reality. This is now determined by their abilities to modify their battle suits and bodies.

That is why they need to get in contact with Nine Tails no matter what. Nine tails. Another name the person goes by was Nine Tailed Fox. 35 rankers have battle suits that are configured ultimately for one skill, but Nine Tails is a unique ranker who can destroy an enemy with 9 small abilities.

The interesting thing is that she did not get the name Nine Tailed Fox because of her fighting style. She is a nine tailed fox in every way.


Stockholm, Sweden. It is the royal store for Panenaly Department Store’s VIP.

Only people with money can come in, and a slender blonde woman is looking at the large screen TV inside with an interesting look.

[If you are watching this video, I ask that you call the world federation. We need your help for a level C advancement mission.]

The advertising video that the world federation made was translated into all languages and was broadcast all over the world. Once the subtitles come up, the names of the rankers they are looking for also appear.

Her arms are crossed and she uncrosses and crosses her legs. She moves elegantly. The blonde woman showed particular interest in one of the names that came up.

[Nine Tails.]

“Level C advancement….. I am at my limit. Should I give them a call?”

She created a 2-person party with a close friend. The 2 of them went around together until now, and they have never been stopped. They only get help from those around them when they need to advance.

Their 2-person party is passable until 200,000 to 300,000. The two gained confidence after acquiring battle suits, but mission difficulty levels raise with Lifers’ power.

It is comfortable to work alone, but playing solo is difficult no matter how good someone is in Life Mission. The friend she made the party with has a similar personality to hers. They worked to get used to level C, but could not go up any further. They have too few people to do that. Not too long ago, they completed a mission and discussed recruiting more people.

“Madam, the items you ordered have arrived.”

“Is that right?”

A clerk at the royal store talks to her. The blonde woman brightens and goes to the items. The store is a comprehensive department store that carries everything that any woman would go crazy for like a bag, wallet, and shoes. Penanaly is a famous handbag brand. It is popular because of its simple design.

“Please wrap up everything I set to the side earlier, too.”

“Yes, madam!”

The employee’s voice is full of envy. The blonde woman comes to this store whenever she is bored, and she has never spent less than 1 million krona ($36 million). She must spend 10 million krona on average every month.

Not even the rich can easily spend money like this. The employee looks at the blonde woman’s wrist. She has a PDA – what only those chosen to be Lifers can wear. Even level E Lifers who are stuck in level E missions earn $20,000 to $30,000 in a day. That is a year’s salary for a young person in today’s society. That is actually how much the employee’s salary is.

“Deliver this to my house by tonight.”

“Yes, of course. Thank you for visiting!”

The employee gathered her thoughts. The woman is from a different world. Someone that she herself cannot become.

Beep beep!

The blonde woman’s PDA lights up. Someone is requesting a voice call.

[You’re out?] [I almost died trying to get past 100,000 points. Ah! Did you see the advertisement from the world federation?] [I saw it. I was in reality.] [I thought about it carefully, and it’s difficult for the 2 of us to get through this.]

Levels D and E were possible through separate parties or forces. But they cannot do that with level C. They will fall to it if they enter a 2 million point mission with people who float around. They need allies, even if they are not colleagues that they can trust and depend on.

[You’re saying we should contact the world federation and seek cooperation?] [There’s nothing to lose. We can’t try out different strategies because it’s not like we’ve got multiple like in the virtual version. With level C as a start, thinking about advancing through level A and B, we need to have a team.]

Is it just any ordinary team? It is a team made up of rankers. There are 15 rankers that the world federation has officially announced. She heard that 4 died in Mechanic City recently, and it is a large number even without those 4.

[I’m sure there are other rankers who are reacting to the advertisement like we are. I’m sure there’s actually a lot more.]

That is right. Including Cha Jun Sung’s group, there are 17 rankers.

[Immediately?] [No. It’ll be weird if we show up out of nowhere, no let’s just leave a note saying that we’ll join in 6 months.]

They have accumulated plenty of points by working through 200,000 to 300,000 point missions. They can hang out freely for now and put their hands out at the very end. If they need to, they can join a separate force and raise the difficulty. If there people willing to help them, they can cover the 2 of them.

[I’ll see you in a couple days.] [Rest.]

The blonde woman leaves Panenaly Department Store.

“I’ll see you in 6 months, cute rankers.”

She winks at the large screen TV.

5th place ranking Nine Tails. Eurasia Delhi.

Just as the world federation had intended, Eurasia saw the advertisement video. Though there is no way for them to know that.


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