Life Mission – Vol 3 Chapter 67

Life Mission
Volume 3 Chapter 67
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Bang bang!

Explosive bombs came flying without an end. Park Jin Hyuk created a scenario in his mind. The baby is easily scared. If it feels threatened, it will try to run away.

But if running away is not feasible? Then it will likely withdraw. He will aim at the entrance a few times and show that it is dangerous.

Since it could go out through the window as it had done before, he will destroy the prison wall.

There is more space for it to run away if the walls come down, but it will already be after the scared baby is deeply convinced of the danger.

He once saw an experiment done on animals on TV. He is applying it to mutants. If it works, it is a success. If it fails, he can keep doing what he was doing before.

His scheme worked. The baby hid in the corner, shaking in fear.

An adult would have seen right through the sleazy tricks, but even a newborn tiger is indistinguishable between a tiger and a cat.


The male was taken aback and tried to go to the baby. Cha Jun Sung and Koharu stuck to it. The Lifers also blocked the female’s actions to try to rescue the baby.



The female roared and took action. It is only up to here. It wants the Lifers to go where they please, just leave the family alone.

There are various and complicated reasons mixed in. Cha Jun Sung and the Lifers gathered to one place. The Slayers were showing signs of retreat.

The male cleared the debris, went into the prison, and brought the baby out.

It shook so much its muscles flapped. It is not a fitting appearance, but it is still a baby. As soon as it saw its parents, it stuck to them and would not separate.

The female took the baby and went to the mountain on the opposite side. The male kept awareness of Cha Jun Sung’s group and followed. As the distance between them grew, the alarm sounded.

-[The Slayers are giving up on battle in order to ensure the baby’s safety. It is possible to quit the mission. Please halt your attack and wait.]

A helper mediated the fight and urged quitting the mission. The Lifers could not fight and win against the Slayers.

Park Jin Hyuk heard the alarm, stopped shooting, and observed the Slayers. It is impossible to communicate with them. They must not let down their guards until the very end.


Sure enough, the male showed unexpected behavior. It suddenly changed its course and ran in the direction of the prison. Cha Jun Sung’s group misunderstood it as an attack.


Park Jin Hyuk had been watching all of this, and launched his last explosive bomb. If he aims to hit it, it will just avoid the shot. He aimed where he thought it would move.

Park Jin Hyuk had made a big mistake. He should have left the male alone.

Animals are different from humans in that once they make up their minds, they follow them foolishly.

Mutants are similar to animals in that sense. They are not all like that, but Slayers do not change their minds for the most part.

The baby’s life is at risk. If it had decided to retreat, it would have retreated. The male had gone back to the prison because it wanted to retrieve the body of the older child.

But Park Jin Hyuk had fired an explosive bomb. It can understand up to here. It is normal for weak prey to try to defend itself.

The explosion came with a multitude of fragments and dust.

The male was resentful, but looked past it. The wounds from fragments embedded in its skin would heal in a few hours. More important is the body of the older child.

The dust cleared up. The male thought something was wrong with his sight. The body of the older child had been intact, but was now a mess like the meat it used to eat.

The last bomb that Park Jin Hyuk set off had taken half of the body and the rest was splattered on the prison wall.


The angry male goes in a craze. It acts like a person who does not know what to do. It even starts drooling as it glares at Cha Jun Sung and the Lifers.


-[The male Slayer’s A virus has passed the limit.]

When the Lifers heard the helper’s alarm, the male had a strange feeling as though being cut off from consciousness. It is like its sanity is disappearing.

It’s skin ripped to sprout new skin. The scratches and wounds Cha Jun Sung had given it, all healed.

3.5m body blew up to almost 5m. A new body is configured to fit the new size. It is no longer a level 3. I has developed beyond its species.

-[The adult Slayer has developed into a level 4 Destroyer. A special mission has been activated and the compensation has gone from 8000 to 20,000 points.]

-[The points have been increased to 20,000, promoting this to a level D advance mission.]

-[Special missions have been imposed twice. According to Life Mission regulations, an advanced cyborg will be summoned for the Lifers’ safety.]

One special mission in conjunction is activated by the fault of the Lifers but the second can be seen as bad luck, so the helpers intervene.

There is no risk of exploiting fear because Lifers’ abilities and deliberation are calculated.

-[There are 30 seconds left until the advanced cyborg is summoned. Quit the mission before the adult Slayer evolves into a Destroyer.]

There was chaos. Since Cha Jun Sung had started the reality version, he had never heard so many notices. This is the same for the other Lifers.

“Goodness, level 4!”

“There’s no reason to hang on any longer! We will give up!”

The Lifers requested to quit. Cha Jun Sung and Koharu did not stop them. These Lifers had given their best. They had been as loyal as they had been rescued.

Their breathing becomes rough. The Slayer’s process is bothering the Lifers. It would be pushed back by the Caicus, but their skin crawls.

“Koharu and Kyoko, quit the mission.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to quit as well of course. I’ll go with my friend, so go back first.”

Cha Jun Sung told them that he would get in contact with them later and decided to meet in another mission. Koharu agreed, took Kyoko’s hand, and requested to quit.


When they were disappearing, a gate formed with a resonating sound.

The gate formed near Cha Jun Sung, and a cyborg with a large physique appeared. It looks strong even at first glance.

It resembles the human form and is over 2m large.

-[What are you doing? Why aren’t you quitting?]

“You disappear when I ask for help, and now you’re chirping like a bird?”

-[I am following the rules.]

“Stop nagging and answer my questions. This is an advancing mission, right? Is it considered complete if we kill the Destroyer with the cyborg?”

-[Are you crazy? All I did was summon inferior goods to buy you time.]

-[There is no reason for helpers to perform missions as complete cyborgs in the first place. Stop talking nonsense and quit.]

“Just tell me.”

-[It is considered complete.]


-[What, what is that?]

Odin’s words went through Cha Jun Sung’s ear and out the other. He will not fight blindly. He needs to check the cyborg’s attack power.

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