LE V1 (Main) Chapter 6-2

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V1 (Main) Chapter 6-2


Hai, hai, Eevee desu. Okay, so you know how I got the author’s permission to TL this? Apparently he’s this close to signing a formal contract with Naver as one of their affiliated authors, final results TBA around September. While he has no problems with my continuing to translate this even once he gets licensed, the problem is whether Naver will  allow it or not. Now, there is precedent for Naver-licensed novels to be fan-translated, (King Shura being the notable example) we’ll see how this goes come September.

Also, check out Nakran’s illustration back at Chapter 5-1!

Meanwhile, on the off-chance that Naver doesn’t like us, I’ve found a backup project that I call “I Became the Hero’s Bride” (IBHB). Notable tags: Comedy, Romance, MtF Gender Bender, Everyone_else_is_a_pervert_aside_from_the_main_leads. When you judge it by it’s sheer stupid hilarity I find it’s almost Konosuba grade. Here’s what I call the Translator Synopsis, aka The_Entirety_Of_Chapter_1:


There was once a hero.

Unique black hair. Excellent eyes. Contrary to his delicate features, he who had abnormal strength was called the Otherworldy Hero.

At the hero’s long adventure (up to the point where his wooden sword that had been kindly granted to him by the king was replaced by the holy sword blessed by the holy maiden) he saved the prince that had been kidnapped by the demon king, and so the kingdom was swept by worry.

The hero’s strength that could fell the demon king was deemed too dangerous to leave unrestrained.

One advisor spoke up. Why not marry him to royalty?

The king thought that was a viale option. Family, to an foreigner from another world would be the greatest of chains. There was one problem. The king was abundantly blessed with sons and had princes galore, but not a single daughter.

Ho, and it wasn’t like I could marry off two boys.

At a burst of inspiration the king slapped his knee.

That was it!

You just had to turn a prince into a princess!

And so the hero ended up in a position to be marrying a man.

This story, is a tale of the aforementioned otherworldly hero, and his bride, the former-prince-now-princess and their ridiculously hilarious marriage.


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  1. romance and MtF gender bender? I’ll pass, unless the prince was already gay it feels kinda weird for 2 previously straight guys to fall in love with each other just because 1 of them now has a female body

    1. Post

      Weeeeelllll… To say too much would be spoilers, but let me just say, the interactions between the prince and hero actually had me questioning my own sexuality even before gender bender, and prince is a Hideyoshi.

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