KotB: Chapter 97 + Announcement

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Hi, everyone!

So, I have some good & bad announcement with the release of last week’s regular chapter.

The bad news is that I will not be translating until April 24th as I will be just too busy with my finals to translate until then.

The good news is that after April 24th, I will finally be over with school and would most likely be able to translate more.

In terms of regular chapter releases, I will be catching up with them after April 24th. This means I will be releasing 7-8 chapters by the end of May in order to catch up to my regular chapter schedule).

Always thank you for your support and hope you will enjoy this chapter! 


[Edit: Sorry for the confusion! It’s fixed now and should work now!]

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  1. Woah! Good luck on your finals ‘0.0’
    Every translator is talking about school and exams. It’s so scary >.<

    But, I'm glad you can do so much after school so thank you so much !! ^^

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