KotB: Chapter 93 + Announcements

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Hi, everyone!

So, I have a couple of announcements besides the next release of KotB!

To push myself to translate more with my current busy schedule, I have decided to set a regular schedule of 1 chapter/week.

I will now try to clear the donations since I’m back to a regular schedule but going to decrease the amount to $40 instead of $50 for every sponsored chapter.

This way, I will be motivated and increase my translation speed to release faster chapters even with my current busy schedule.

If there are times I can’t release a chapter for a week due to personal reasons, I will try to make those up.

Thank you for always supporting me and hope you enjoy chapter 93! 


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    ───── Foя тнє good news ──────

  2. Thank for your good job.
    I know you’re a busy man, but I’d like to ask you about the current situation for Life Mission.
    Have you dropped it?

    1. Post

      LightNovelCafe is currently really busy and is unable to translate. She is hoping to return when the company hires another employee to take some of her work load off but it hasn’t been working very well. 🙁 Hopefully, things will get better for her to return. Thanks for your interest!

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