KotB: Chapter 79 + Announcement

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Hi, everyone!

Really sorry that this regular chapter is a bit late.

But, I do have an announcement to make regarding sponsored chapters.

I am currently REALLY busy with school so I don’t think I will be able to release sponsored chapters as fast as I hope or clear the queue ASAP, I will no longer be accepting donations for my novel until I can clear at least two chapters from the queue. Please do understand that I am really trying to squeeze in time to translate chapters and I hope you will be patient with my releases.

I hope you will continue to support me and other translators by leaving comments, liking our pages/posts, and turning off ad-block and possibly even donating to their novels! (Give other novels a try if you haven’t as well!)

Again sorry for being late and hope you will enjoy! \o/ 



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      Um… They all have a different flare.. If you’re okay with bloody battles and want to read a darker novel than KotB – SoJ, enjoy pokemon/taming/summoning games or novels – TaMa, a very unique music novel – GS (you don’t need to be familiar with music to enjoy this novel), and apocalyptic and game elements mixed together – LM! I would read the synopsis for more information 😀 Thanks for reading!
      – Yoni

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  1. Ty for telling us. That way I won’t refresh the page every few hours and will just look for the specified normal releases.
    For me at least is much better to know. 😉

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