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Hi, everyone~!

First, I would like to thank F. A., Anonymous L and those who participated in the event for sponsoring this chapter!~ 

Sorry this is released a quite a bit later than I hoped to get it to you guys.. this chapter was annoying and hard.. Q__Q

Changes have/will be made on the rest of the chapters soon…

  1. Goblins (도깨비) -> Dokkaebi: This is because the author used the English word, goblin, as well as the Korean word, dokkaebi, to describe two different monsters.
  2. Duaxini (두억시니): We have no choice to romanize this as well since this an evolved form of dokkaebi.
  3. Spirits (망령) -> Specters: We needed to change this as the author differentiates different spirits. The ‘spirits’ Muyoung controls are now specters.

I am trying to organize the chapters, make a glossary for myself and later release a glossary for you guys to look at but this will take time as I start school this week 🙁 Thanks for understanding!


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  1. All of these words mean nothing to me now. I much prefer the translation of them, what ever they are. Just look at this sentence.

    “Yaksa. They were species known as duaxini which were, in reality, evolved dokkaebis.”

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    It seems like the word “goblin” was working quiet well. Why change?

    Even if the author wasn’t using goblin/dokkaebi interchangeably, you should at least try to find a word to translate dokkaebi into. Because right now, a lot of the sentences are meaningless to me.

    1. Post

      We had to change the word because the author uses goblin and dokkaebi and while dokkaebi translates to goblin in English, they aren’t the same thing. This is why we are making the distinction.
      As for finding a different translation for dokkaebi… it’s hard because the usualy translations (goblin, ogre, troll) are already used in the novel and we don’t really have any other terms that quite fit it in English.
      We will post pictures of Dokkaebi, Duaxini and Yaksha (we’ll change Yaksa to Yaksha), so hopefully then it’ll help you visualize it better.

  2. I appreciate the hard work. Have you considered using words like hobgoblin, kobold, imp, and gremlin? Even brownie or hob might work, if deviating a little.

    I’m pretty fond of “kobold”, as it’s actually just another name for a goblin.

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