KotB: Chapter 122 + 123

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Hi, everyone!

So finally we are really getting to our sponsored chapters!

Two sponsored chapters are released today (I still have a regular chapter to release this week)!

The first one is sponsored by Anonymous! 

The second chapter is sponsored by Anonymous and Matthew C.!

Thank you to all my sponsors who waited/are still waiting for their sponsored chapters! I am hoping to get the other sponsored chapters out soon!

Thank you Lesurous for getting these two chapters edited and for having to edit more chapters these days!

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  1. thanks for the chapters, Korean light/web novels truly are are the best ! ^^
    my only wish would be for more chapters x) (the story is just that good… you always want to know what’s going to happen next)
    ps : I do not know if this might interest you but another really great Korean web novel is without anyone to translate it (witch really is a pity), it’s called Revolution of the 8th class mage.
    Even if you’re not interested in translating it could you please advertise it to any of your friends who are Korean to English translators ? :3
    The story is just so great it’s saddening to know that it’s stagnating without being translated while loads of fans of the series like myself are waiting for it to be picked up.

    anyway… thanks for all that & your hard work ^^, can’t wait for the continuation of Muyoungs adventures ! 😀

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