KotB: Chapter 118

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Hi, everyone!

So we are finally done with catching up! 🙂 

Now, all that’s left is sponsored chapters on top of regular release! (I will start clearing sponsored chapters starting Sept, but can’t say I will clear them all.)

I would like to thank my editor Lesurous for translating all these chapters. Although he was busy, he really was a big help in getting chapters edited and out to our readers!

I would like to also thank TayMor for helping out and becoming a translator for KotB! Although she is still learning Korean, I fully believe she will be able to translate on her own in the near future!

Finally, I would like to thank all my readers for their support! Thank you for not giving up on me and waiting for releases! 🙂 Love to see all those comments, likes, and hope you would whitelist our site to support all our translators~


P.S. Next two regular chapters will be translated by TayMor since I will be busy studying but I hope to get on with translating once I’m done my exam! 🙂

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