KotB: Chapter 101 + Announcement

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Hi, everyone!

So… just an update on what’s happening.

I decided to write my first designation exam (which is at the end of June) and most likely won’t be getting to my sponsored chapters or any extra chapters anytime soon.

I have basically caught up with regular releases since my finals but I will once again delay releasing a chapter every week. I will be catch up with the regular chapters by July (which will be a total of 12). This does not mean I won’t be releasing any chapters until July but it means I won’t be releasing regularly but whenever I can.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this chapter. 

As always, really thanks for your support.


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  1. Goodluck with your designation exam! And thank you for all the chapters you do make time to translate. Although everyone would love more it is not always possible to get what we want and life can get busy. I will pray that you pass your exam! Goodluck and ty

  2. Best of LUCK Yoni. Hope you be the best you can be!
    .    ∧__∧ Thanks!!
      /⌒ (`・ω・) Nepu!!
    ―┳U┳∪ ̄`∪ ┳―
    {Copied from Yunchii}

  3. Exams are very important and take obvious priority over time spent transcribing novels. That’s totally cool, yo. However, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Two months ago, you said you’d have a bunch of chapters for us at the end of May, and you hung that promise as a banner for 7 of the 8 aforementioned weeks before citing more delays due to your education.

    Again, I’m totally cool with you prioritizing the important stuff. I’m even fine with the delays on chapters. However long you need/want — cool. Just please, please do not promise something and then overwrite it at the last minute. Not cool.

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