KotB Ch. 43

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Sorry for the late chapter, Yoni and I had a lot of stuff to do.

EDIT: BTW~ It’s not horns but a horn!

So I decided to give you guys a sneak preview of the next chapter of SoJ! (It really is the beginning of the next chapter so enjoy it!)


Kang Minho. He had the most outstanding physical traits in school.

-Myoni Yoni

(Myoni actually doesn’t have a full chapter translated so I he can’t release it yet)

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  1. SoJ is not so nteresting for me personally, the introduction of the MC kinda makes me feel that the author is one of those who are too bothered to do some sport/work out but wishes that he has some strength/muscle. It’s just my personal opinion though, maybe it’ll get better without too many side characters at the start?

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