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Hi, everyone!

I have an announcement!

Since I have too many assignments and tests due every Friday (I currently have 4 Assignments and 1 Test due tomorrow and this is just a normal week load of school for me). I have decided to change KotB’s release schedule (from Friday to Sunday).

Sorry, for not announcing it sooner and having to make this change. But, it had to be done… Q_Q


(Always thanks for all your support! 😀 )

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  1. Meanwhile I’ve been coasting in school pretty easy. Course, a dreadful research paper is coming up on a book I found a trudge to read. Thankfully, according to the class’s teacher tells us we could’ve had to do THREE of them over our school year.

  2. question please. will there be a kotb release today?
    im confused I thought it was changed to fri and sunday “I have decided to change KotB’s release schedule (from Friday to Sunday).”
    then when I checked the schedule page it is sun and tue.

    so did just misunderstand the post?
    by the way goodluck to your studies the bane of most students

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