KotB: Announcement + Chapter 67!

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Hi, everyone!

Sorry this chapter is late! And hope you will enjoy it still! 

Some announcements for KotB! 

First, the Fairy King(from chapter 50) who also appears in this chapter will be changed to Fairy Queen.

Also, because I am currently overwhelmed by my school load, I am not going to be releasing any sponsored chapters til next, next week (Sept. 19th) and will slowly start to release them and work my way in clearing the queue from then.

This will not affect the regular chapters releases and I hope you guys will understand as I sort of need this to not burn myself out.


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  1. It’s all good. As long as you get them out eventually then I don’t mind.

    Make sure you get yourself eased into the semester. It’s just started and I’m already feeling it.

    So… Good Luck! 😁

    1. Post

      Yup I will be slowly releasing them starting Sept. 10th dw~ 🙂 just wanted to get back on track as my regular chapters were starting to get released late (which stresses me out until I get them released) and I wasnt being fair to Myoni for having him edit last minute all the time.. so wanted to fix my schedule first, get ahead of my school stuff, and get on track w regular releases before I do sponsors. 🙂
      – Yoni

  2. Even though I’m addicted to KotB, I understand! My classes started two weeks ago and the HW is already piling up. Good luck with your classes and hope you can adjust to all your work!

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