IBHB Chapter 9

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IBHB Chapter 9


G’day, and welcome to another chapter of IBHB! Today, we get a staple cliche of many stories with the ecchi tag, the ‘bath scene!’ Although, this story being what it is, nothing ever follows the traditional tropes.


Funny thing that happened the other day:

*Me talking IRL with my fellow weeb friend about light novels and web novels – he knows I’m a translator*

Me: That reminds me, what’s your take on gender bender?

Friend: Eh. Depends.

Me: Have you seen one called I Became the Hero’s Bride?

F: Dunno? I have picked up a pretty funny gender bender I picked up the other day. One where a prince gets genderbent.

Me: ? Lemme see your reading list

*we trot off to his room, he pulls up his reading list on his laptop*

Me: Oh hey, you do have it here after all

F: Yeah, the title just drew me to it so I picked it up on a whim. It’s pretty good, translator says he’s taking it slowly though

Me: Well that’s my backup project for the time being so no point in me rushing it

F: Wait what

Me: ?

F: You’re the translator for this?

Me: Ummm yep

F: *looks at me like the guy that finds out his childhood friend’s a magical girl*

F: Well at least I know where to stalk your stuff now


Yeah, that happened. Disclaimer: may not be accurate in memory. You know who you are.
I totally didn’t translate and post this chapter so I could boast(?) about this to you guys…. baka

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