IBHB Chapter 23

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IBHB Chapter 23


So, I guess some apologies are in order. I didn’t MEAN to go awol for such a long time, and I still haven’t finished translating the Priestess arc, let alone the rest of the chapters. I’ll be honest, LoL took up a lot of my time these last few weeks, aaaand I’m still bad at it. I’ll see if I can translate (not necessarily release, mind you) up to chapter 30 by the end of the weekend.

Rest assured, I’ll do my best to make sure that all 35 chapters are out by the new year.


On an unrelated note, TLE’s confirmed to start receiving it’s official publication in January at the latest, possibly under a new name. Author has said he’d get back to me if I was no longer able to translate it, but he hasn’t sent me anything so far.

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