IBHB Chapter 9

I Became the Hero’s Bride – Chapter 9 – Gushgushgushgush

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Having achieved their aims, before Minwoo could say a word in edgewise the royal couple immediately ordered everyone gathered to disperse. Under the reasoning that Clarice was under too much stress right now. Of course, they were cleanly ignoring the fact that they were the cause of all this to begin with.

Minwoo told Clarice that he’d be back after settling this quickly, and chased after the royal couple that had vanished like the wind. In his hand was a sword. Clarice prayed for her parents. At least finish Father off in one strike.

Senyun only looked at Clarice with a distraught face, before half-crying “be happy together!” and ran out the room. In her hands were Clarice’s underwear. Clarice promptly reported her to the palace guard. No wonder her underwear had been disappearing en masse lately.

The assorted advisors that didn’t stop chittering and chattering finally left the room. And…

“Aaarghhh! What do I do! What do I do!! What do I do!!! Eaahrhrhghhhghghghrhg!!!!”

Clarice, finally left alone, clutched her head and screamed. Thinking about the rumours that could spread through the entire capital, she screamed and despaired as her heart desired without caring at all about the stares of others.

‘Mutter mutter, the hero announced his love for Clarice in front of the king and queen and all the other advisors. Chitter chatter, the hero picked a fight with the queen to save Clarice in peril. Blah blah, the hero pulled womanised Clarice into his arms and swore an oath, and that oath was-‘

‘I will have, hold and cherish her for the rest of my life.’

Holy sh-! At the surprise straight, Clarice covered her bright red face and curled over. Waah, just thinking about it embarrassed her. To think a fully grown man, would hear those words while being embraced by another man.

Wait, she wasn’t a man any more.

She looked down at her body with a bitter face. Although her clothes covered the majority of her valley, her breasts that threatened to burst through her clothes was proof of her new female body better than words would ever describe.

Haa. At least if she’d been flat then she could have at least pretended she was a man, just without anything attached, but to Clarice who was unused to women, this direct confrontation right in front of her eyes made her so embarrassed she was nearly sick.

Clarice turned her body around and turned her tired eyes to the ceiling. To be honest, it wasn’t just the breasts. That missing feeling. That feeling of missing what should normally be there. That empty feeling between her legs shook her(?) heart ragged.

It was better when it was chaotic and she had no time to think.

Left alone like this, she could only wallow in ill thoughts…

“Haa. Hero-nim. Please come quickly…”

The person that was always by her side in her time of need. The person that rescued her like the hero he was when she was in danger. Although she knew it was a shameless thought, Clarice couldn’t stop her thoughts of wanting to see Minwoo.

“How long have you and the hero been apart that you’re already feeling loneliness?”

Clarice bolted upright at the unfamiliar voice. At some point in time a woman wearing a maid outfit had entered her room. Her red hair, was tidily tied back and her glasses gave her an appearance of a strict madam.

“Who, might you be?”
“I am Karina, personal maid to Your Highness ‘Princess’ Clarice from today onwards. I’ll be in your service.”

Karina curtseyed, holding the tips of her skirt. It felt like she’d put extra stress on the word ‘princess.’ Then again. She wasn’t a prince anymore, but a princess. Putting aside her imminent tears for now, Clarice asked her,

“Personal maid?”
“Her Majesty thought of Your Highness having to live as a woman from now on, and assigned me as your personal maid.”

Huh, this was the first she’d heard of it. They really weren’t giving her a break, were they. Clarice gripped her throbbing head and sighed. There was no way that Mother would have arranged this so quickly after she left. In that case, this had all been prearranged.

From one to ten, she really was just playing around in the palm of her parents’ hands.

“But I already have a personal servant? What happened to him?”

Clarice pouted, annoyed with the entire situation.

“By personal servant you mean that other man? The servant that has been taking care Your Highness till now is going to be working in another part of the palace from now on.”

Karina answered as if it was obvious.

“Your Highness may have been a man, but now you are a woman. If the person that is always by your side is a man, then not only would there be dark rumours floating around, and what if he assaulted you with dark thoughts in mind?”

In other words, as a fellow woman she would now be her personal servant, something like that. Clarice rested her chin on her hands and thought.

‘Now that I think about it, she’s right. I can’t logically rebut against that’

Even though she didn’t like that Karina had assumed her previous servant to be an lecherous evil man on her own accord.

“Don’t be too disappointed. It was a decision Her Majesty made because she was worried about your new life as a woman.”
“If she really was so worried she shouldn’t have made me a woman to begin with.”

Karina’s glasses flashed as she beamed a confident smile at the depressed Clarice.

“You don’t have to be so afraid just because it is a foreign woman’s body. This CLC…. Cough, personal maid Karina, as Your Highness’s dedicated personal maid, shall take responsibility and teach you everything from one to ten, A to Z.”

That was a very confident smile, and at the same time a very ominous smile to Clarice. How would you put it. Similar to Senyun?

“Nooooo… it’s not that I’m afraid of this female body…”
“Is that so?”

Karina’s glasses flashed as she took a step closer. Clarice unconsciously scooched her rear backwards.

“No, well, it is a bit scary but…”
“A bit?”

Karina’s glasses flashed brightly as she took another step closer. Clarice came up against the wall, and twisted her body around trying desperately to avoid her gaze.

Wow. What is this person. This is awkward. Clarice now noticed that it wasn’t her glasses that were shining, but her eyes. Twinkle twinkle. The mad light in her eyes was exactly like what you’d expect from a holy maiden ecstatic in her god’s worship.

“B, but Miss Karina.”

Clarice desperately changed the subject before she came any closer.

“When did you come into my room? I didn’t hear you enter.”

Karina smiled brightly. Then she wrapped both her hands around her head and-

“Aaarghhh! What do I do! What do I do!! What do I do!!! Eaahrhrhghhhghghghrhg!!!! ……….I was there from about then. I did greet you but it seemed that you didn’t hear me.”

Clarice collapsed onto the bed.

She desperately wanted to crawl under a rock and die. With all her heart.


“No, I’m alright. I’ll be fine on my own.”

Ignoring Karina smacking her lips, Clarice opened the door. As she finally became alone once again, fatigue swamped her and she leaned back on the wall, where she slid down till her butt met the ground. Her(?) location was none other than her en suite bathroom.

To run away from Karina’s sparkly-eyed approach, if at least to buy time till Minwoo came back, she pulled all her wits about her and entered the bathroom. With the excuse that she was tired and wanted to bathe herself.

Of course, Karina had said that it would difficult for her alone and said she would help her bathe but…”

‘The look in Miss Karina’s eyes. They weren’t kidding.’

Those eyes weren’t that of offering plain and simple assistance, but the eyes of a perverted old man wanting to feel up a female under the pretense of assistance. For example, say, eyes similar to Senyun’s?

The strict first impression had long since vanished from Clarice’s mind, and was on the same level as Senyun. On the side, Senyun to Clarice was ‘a poor girl who kept looking at Clarice with the eyes of someone a couple of slices short of a fruitcake.’ Add panty thief to her list of titles today as well.

Although it was only an excuse that she wanted to bathe, it wasn’t like she had zero thoughts of cleaning herself up, so Clarice stood up and slowly took her clothes off. She wanted to melt away her fatigue in the warm water.

Her undressing hands didn’t last a couple of seconds before they stopped.


If she took these clothes off then she’d be looking at these monstrous breasts uncensored. It was like Pandora’s Box. Open to release all manners of despair.

On the side, the name of that despair happened to be ‘I’m a woman.’

Aeiit.(1) Clarice thought for a long time before taking her top off. As the breasts were drawn up by the clothes coming off, as soon as they were freed they came back down with a plop! At the truly horrifying raw sensations Clarice made a face of someone chewing dung. The next moment Clarice’s head blanked out. She simply stood there for a bit, and then as if a veil had been drawn back, short, sharp thoughts raced through her head



I have become a woman.

Without any leisure to spare to wipe away her tears, sniveling through her reddened nose, Clarice carefully reached around the underside of her breasts with both hands, and slowly, carefully grasped them as if she were savouring the feel.

They were squishy.


Squish squish. Squish squish.

“This damn…. Hwoaoowo…(2)”

Only tears gushed out.

Gushgushgush. Gushgushgush.


Nothing (無).

When her tears dried so not even a speck of moisture was left, Clarice finally pulled down her pants. She pulled down her pants, then her underwear. She lowered her underwear to look on at the drastic changes that her crotch had undergone.

Nothing (無).

The thing between her legs wasn’t there, and Clarice’s thoughts vanished with it, her Father that had caused this had absolutely no sense of foresight, the world could just disappear right now, but what was really missing was the thing between her legs…

Nothing (無).

Calmly, but without zero actual calmness, her shaking hands slowly moved towards her crotch. Naturally the thing that was between her legs wasn’t there, and having felt that Clarice’s thoughts vanished, Father that had caused this had absolutely no sense of foresight, the world could just disappear right now, but what was really missing was the thing between her legs…

Nothing (無).

They say when people hit their limits for the first time they have an epiphany. Clarice had gone over and beyond those limits at the very first attempt. Gushgushgush. Gushgushgush. The tears that she’d thought she’d all cried out flowed down like a river. Gushgushgus. Gushgushgush. But even if she overcame the limits of tears she couldn’t overcome the limits of what was between her legs…

“Your Highness! Are you alright!”

Hearing Clarice’s voice like a snot-nosed crying child, Karina hurriedly ran into the bathroom.

“Karina…. Help meee…”

She just couldn’t wash herself on her own.


No matter whether Karina had the eyes of a perverted old man, whether it was because she was in front of her sobbing, crying master that she couldn’t act on her desires(?), or whether she had an iron will that could distinguish between duty or pleasure, she calmly and professionally attended to Clarice.

Of course she couldn’t completely contain her perverted desires so she would lather her breasts a bit too enthusiastically, dive between her legs often, or strip naked under the excuse that her clothes would get wet and press her breasts right into her back,

“Haaa♥ Her Highness’s naked body, so soft and delicate…. Delicious♥♥”


“Haaaa♥ Your Highness, your arms and hips are so slender yet your breasts are this big… this really is a blessed body♥♥ ”


“Haaaa♥ Your Highness, look at your beautiful butt. These are totally baby-making hips. Totally♥♥

And so she kept whispering dirty things in her ears like that, but her stance was calm and professional. That is, by her own standards, i.e, a dedicated CLC member. But having already lost her mind at the shock of her overwhelming femininity, Clarice couldn’t care less whether she was perved or groped or not.

She just wanted to see the hero.

Having finished bathing with a mind that had already overcome all worldly desires, Clarice felt Karina’s hands fluffing her hair dry with magic, that a woman’s hair was her life, that she would take good care of it from now on, even in the midst of this that Her Highness’s hair was the best, and so on with countless other compliments she didn’t want to hear.

She swore that she would cut her hair as soon as she was alone.

As Karina pondered over what hairstyle would suit Her Highness the best Clarice asked for anything comfortable. Result, a part of her long hair was tied and raised up similar to the queen’s own hairstyle, and looking in the mirror she was practically identical to the queen. A beautiful neckline revealed to the world, complete with noble aura.

Her face looked so feminine to the point where she couldn’t help but laugh. But of course. She was a woman. Even though she had looked like this to begin with.

As Clarice opened her drawers for clothes Karina handed over clothes that she’d already prepared in advanced. They were women’s wear. Oh boy. There was even underwear. Alright. She had to wear it. That went without saying. Clarice knew that as royalty, she should wear her clothes accordingly. Now that she was a princess, women’s wear was a given.

But when her bra ended up not fitting because her breasts were too big, Clarice wanted to throw everything away and just crawl away and die.

It was hard to find fitting clothes for Clarice’s body. Most of her upper body wear were lifted up by her giant breasts to reveal her belly button, or even if she wore clothes that fit her perfectly the curves of her body stood out so brilliantly she looked more like a whore than a princess.

In the end she had to settle for a loose one piece that wouldn’t get stuck in her cleavage, pulled in with a drawstring.

“Oh my. It was a lie when they said clothes give you wings. As expected, the perfection of good clothes end with the face. Your Highness, you’re truly beautiful.”

Clarice was annoyed by Karina’s enthusiastic words of praise. Is this person praising me or picking a fight.

“Miss Karina. It feels somewhat awkward, so please stop.”

Please shut up.

“You don’t have to be so embarrassed. It’s the truth after all. Also, Your Highness.”

Karina put away her happy face and made a solemn expression. Her strict impression started to crawl out again as if to say it wasn’t dead.

“Please be at ease with me.”
“I am at ease though.”
“What kind of royalty speaks so formally with her personal maid and calls her ‘Miss.’ I am aware that you are still friendly and polite even to your underlings, but social strata still hold.”

She fixed her glasses and spoke like a king’s soldier.

“If those at the top speak formally to their inferior and lower their heads, those that do not know better emerge and do their best to climb all over your head.”

Clarice looked at her, amazed.

Wow. This person. She can speak normally after all.

“But, that’s. It’s a bit awkward…”

To be accurate it meant ‘I don’t want to be on such terms to be able to address a perverted and uncomfortable person like you casually.’ But having no way to know of that, Karina only smiled brightly and said.

“We’ve already bathed together, what else is there to be embarrassed about.”

Kek. As Clarice’s face reddened and immediately drew back, Karina’s face crumpled as if she was hurt. Then as Karina’s eyes welled with tears-

“Karina…. Help meee…”
“I get it! I get it so stop! Karina!”

Clarice clutched her head and whined. Aaaaaaaaah! Hero-niiiim. Just when are you coming back…

Just then the door swung open behind her. Clarice couldn’t contain her joy and turned back with a bright smile.

“Hero-nim?! ……Ah.”

It wasn’t him.

“How long have you been separated from the hero that you miss him already? Princess.”

The queen elegantly waved her feather fan and smirked.

Clarice immediately made a putrid face. This rotten.




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