IBHB Chapter 6

I Became the Hero’s Bride – Chapter 6 – When three coincidences overlap it’s no different to fate

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Ed: Hungry Panda

“Are you sure that you aren’t going to be carted off for lese majesty at this rate?”

That was what Minwoo, concerned, had said to Senyun when he saw her office. Her reply was,


Whatever was on her nerves she just hmphed and continued to focus on Prince Clarice’s magazine article. An icy treatment despite being the one who had called him over. Minwoo grumbled something about her personality having become even worse since the last time he saw her and threw himself down on the sofa.

“Oi. So why’d you call me.”
“No, don’t ‘hmph’ me! Why did you call me over!”

Senyun only twitched her legs that she’d been resting on the table, and continued to turn the pages. Minwoo was flabbergasted.


I haven’t even said anything yet? Just as Minwoo was about the make a scathing remark, he turned his gaze downwards and smirked.

“I can see your panties.”
“You little!”

Senyun hurriedly pulled down her skirt and took her legs down. Having made the observation that her panties were surprisingly masculine, he shrugged his shoulders at the flushed, angry Senyun.

“So. Why’d you call me.”

Senyun glared at Minwoo before sighing, opened a drawer and took out a medicine bottle. When she slammed it down on the table it was filled with a suspicious green liquid.

“What’s that.”
“What medicine?”

Senyun gnawed on the corners of her lips. She glared at Minwoo as if her gaze alone would shred through skin and bone. Senyun finally opened her mouth.


Twitch. A vein bulged out on Minwoo’s forehead.

“Oi! Are you seriously doing this?!!”
“Shut the hell up!! I have nothing to say to you so why the hell are you still yapping at me?!!

Kwwarrr. A titanic clash of wills. Senyun, enraged was this close to slugging the medicine bottle away, but looking at the photo of Prince Clarice, grit her teeth and shoved it to Minwoo.

“Take it.”
“Don’t want to.”

A firestorm ignited behind Senyun.

“You wanna die?”

When he calmly took the medicine Senyun propped her chin up with her hands as if she was regretting something.

“It’s a supplement. Take it to His Majesty.”
“That’s right..”

Minwoo looked down at the sparkling green fluid. It looked like poison no matter how you looked at it.

“Did you really need me to do this?”

The corner of Senyun’s mouth twitched upwards.

“Says the person who kept on dicking around on our travels calling them quests.”
“Urk! Th, that’s a hero’s duty…”
“Yeah, yeah. This is a quest or whatever so bugger off. His Majesty will give you your reward.”

And calling up wind magic, she bundled Minwoo out of her office.


On the route to the king’s palace, Minwoo saw a familiar face.


Clarice, who had been on a walk accompanied by his servants, recognised Minwoo and approached him.

“What brings you here?”

Minwoo brought out the medicine bottle and shook it.

“I have something I need to give to the king. And you?”
“What a coincidence. I was on an errand for Father as well…”
“Really? What a coincidence.”

That’s right. A coincidence

— According to later reports when Minwoo interrogated the mastermind(=king), all of the following events were. all. a. com. plete. co. in. ci. dence.

“Kyaaa! Thief!”

That the thief that had been running away bumped into Minwoo was a coincidence,

“Eh? Where’s the medicine?”

That the thief had stolen the medicine from Minwoo’s hands was also a coincidence,

“Wind! Blow away our enemies!”

That the mage corps that had been chasing the thief had used wind magic at that particular moment to send the thief flying was a coincidence,

“Th, the medicine!”

That the thief lost his grip on medicine bottle, sending it spinning through air and dropping it was a coincidence,

“Damn it!”

That the fired wind magic just brushed the bottle out of Minwoo’s reach was a coincidence,


That Clarice just happened to be standing where the bottle fell was also a coincidence.

—Later, the words that Minwoo said as he gave the mastermind(=king) a hiding were “in the world I come from, we have a saying that ‘when three coincidences overlap that means it’s fate.’

“Wha, whaa?!”

The medicine bottle that broke at Clarice’s feet erupted in green smoke, and covered Clarice without a trace. Everyone, Minwoo included, could only stare at the catastrophe that occurred with their jaws dropped.

Without even the chance to do something, the green smoke started to fade away. And Clarice’s coughing shadow would be seen through the smoke…

…….Minwoo had an inexplicable bad feeling.

“C, Clarice?”

Minwoo’s worried voice was shaking. His hero’s instincts, honed over countless battles and tribulations, were shaking his soul and screaming.

That you’re fucked.

“He, hero-nim?”

The oddly high-pitched voice sought Minwoo out. What was with this difference. Even if the Clarice he knew had a very fair voice it ‘wasn’t like this.’

“Cough! Hero-nim!”

A small slender hand emerged from the smoke. Minwoo took hold of that hand and Clarice, Clarice….

“………Cla, rice?”

Minwoo murmured, flustered.

“Oh my! How on earth…”

The servants covered their mouths, shocked.

“Hero-nim? What’s wrong?”

Blink blink. Clarice looked at Minwoo with docile eyes. Following along with his tilted head, the brown hair that almost came to the waist flowed with the movement.

Even though Clarice definitely had short hair.

A perplexed Minwoo’s gaze went slightly lower. Clarice in Minwoo’s embrace. Between them, were things that should never have been there.


Breasts bigger than your average women, milk jugs, titties, bust, were squished up against Minwoo’s hard chest. A peculiar sensation that made one’s head spin.

Maybe, just maybe.


It couldn’t be.

“Excuse me for a sec.”

But when the forewarned hand made its way to Clarice’s crotch and found nothing there. The face of the king laughing his ass off came to Minwoo’s mind.

Shit. I fell for it.


“What’s this?”

Clarice said after looking at his own face this way and that in the mirror that a servant had brought him.


Minwoo couldn’t say anything. Because he knew he wasn’t asking what the mirror was.

“Hero-nim. Was my hair always this long?”

Clarice fingered his now-wavy hair before looking at Minwoo with innocent eyes.


Minwoo couldn’t say anything. Because he knew he wasn’t really asking out of ignorance.

“These are some amazing breasts. They’re really heavy.”

Groping the breasts that stretched and jigged, Clarice said, amazed.


Minwoo couldn’t say anything. Because he knew that what Clarice wanted to let out weren’t words of appreciation but screams.

“Hero-nim. Have I become a woman?”

Clarice reached his hand down to his empty crotch and smiled at Minwoo. It was a lewd act completely unbecoming of a prince, but there was no one here that would blame him for it.


And once again Minwoo couldn’t say anything. Because he knew full well that Clarice was the one who knew the answer to that question the best.


Clarice’s smile split and cracked.

“I’m going to faint for a bit.”

And Clarice blacked out.


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TLN: Just remember this is a hobby project that I’m translating irregularly while I wait for TLE’s fate in early-mid September. Even if I’m still allowed to translate TLE, I will be uploading chapters for this. However if not, then this will become my new main project while I look for something else as well. (This seems to be pretty short, seems like it’ll end around the 30s-40s chapter range)

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