IBHB Chapter 31

IBHB 31 – Be Mine! Hero!

TL: Eevee
Ed: Hungry Panda

TLN: Demon king Biella has a habit of referring to herself in third person. Instances where she uses I have been added in for syntax purposes, but ED especially, if you or I find that it’s better and/or more consistent to just keep all of Biella to third person, then I’ll revise it.
EN: I find it funny when she refers to herself in third person so I changed all I saw into that.
TLN: So there you have it.


Strictly speaking,

She ‘was about to get’ married.

“Ho! Is a prince of a nation going to deny your husband that the heavens witnessed?!”
“Even if your mouth is crooked, at least speak the truth! Is it not the skies but you yourself, demon king?! Plus what kind of nutcase calls ‘only’ copulating in a wedding dress a marriage?!”

If they were thinking straight at least.

One would be more accurate to call it costume play. Maybe if a marriage document had been signed, but just what on earth about putting her (then him) into a wedding dress, throwing him onto a bed saying “this orc is now your husband! Birth it! An orc’s child!” and trying to ‘mate’ her with an orc.

Clarice had been about to scream ‘Guuaa/aaa/aaa/aaaah!’ Thankfully Hero-nim had burst in at the right time.

“But does it not feel good?! A young prince raised like a delicate orchard in a greenhouse submitting to a wild orc’s rough meat rod and being reborn as an orc’s personal sex slave bride! Double peace ahegao(1)!! Breaking your long cultivated shell and revealing your inner bitch!!! Then of course the first time!! Is nothing less than wedding sex?!?!”(2)

Biella spurted a giant nosebleed as if just imagining it made her soaked. Little wonder why she went down in history books as the thirsty demon king.

“……Fucking hell;;;;”

Clarice let out the words that came welling up from inside her. Despite the fact that the princess, who was supposed to carry and uphold the dignity of the royal family had cursed with such filthy words, no one rebuked her. Everyone else present were simply empathising with her sincerity and thinking the same.

”’Fucking hell;;;;”’

“Hey Clarice. What happened to your voice? You used to sound more like a boy before but now it sounds like some graceful lady’s.”
“Because I became a woman.”

She wondered why she was asking such an obvious thing. If she knew that she was holding a wedding with the hero and invaded here, it should be a given that she knew of her gender change.

“Wh… What?! Y, you became a woman?!!!!”

She was serious. She hadn’t known. Biella’s eyes turned to saucers as she pointed at Clarice’s breasts with a quivering hand.

“Th, then those dairy cow breasts isn’t crossdressing but are actually real?!!”
“Dairy cow?!!”

Clarice turned red and covered her chest. It was an embarrassing comparison, but since it wasn’t entirely wrong it was even more embarrassing. The queen quietly biting her lip as she covered her own breasts which went beyond dairy cow into Holstein(3) territory was a side.

“How did you change like that?! Why are you marrying not as a man but a woman!! Are you not ashamed to face the heavens!!!”
“And you haven’t changed at all since then. No, I think you’ve gotten worse.”

She definitely remembered her becoming a twinkle in the sky after getting the crap beaten out of her by the hero, but putting the matter of how she survived and came back aside, it seemed she’d left her rationality in the skies as well.

“You dare deceive this Biella…”

Quiver shake. Biella couldn’t suppress her rage and started leaking tears. Hul. Demon king is crying. Everyone was lost for words. But Biella sniffled, wiped her tears, pointed at Clarice and shrieked.

“How do you think Biella got here!! Do you have any idea how hard it was to return after being beaten far overseas by the hero!! And you dare to deceive Biella?!”

And who was deceiving who now. You can’t be serious, did she seriously accept her and Hero-nim’s marriage thinking it was a marriage between men. Now what kind of logic is that.

“Since you have become a woman the wedding with my orc is off!! Biella will never acknowledge it!! What this Biella wanted was a young prince to become an orc’s bride, not some princess! Biella doesn’t need you anymore!!”

Clarice was about to bow right there and yell “thank you very much for not being needed anymore!”

“Now that it has come to this, Biella will be taking the hero!!”

If Biella hadn’t said those words.

“Wh, what?!”

Minwoo yelled aghast, having been on standby for her to show her true colours. What kind of bullshit is this?!

“The reason that Biella has made her way to this pitiful place in person was to take Clarice! But now that Clarice has become a woman Biella has no need! Therefore Biella shall be taking the hero!”
“Wait, if you have no need then piss off! Why the hell are you doing this?!”
“Because Biella’s collection has no hero! Up till now I have collected all sorts of boys, and I have even once had a prince, Clarice! But never a hero. Hero, from the first time I saw you, I thought! I wanted to see that pretty face of yours reddening with pleasure! How about the hero, the strongest of humanity, becoming a seedbed for the weakest goblins?! Wahaha! Tempting is it not?!”

Big trouble. There were so many places to retort against you couldn’t. Orleia came out and icily growled.

“How dare you utter such filthy crap to my ‘thing?’ The one to sully darling’s rear is me. I will never hand that over to anyone.”
“And what the fuck are you saying!”
“Ha! Holy Maiden, you are still as perverted as ever.”
“And you’re one to talk?!”

Clarice lost it.

“Everyone stop!!”

The hall finally quietened down. As all eyes came to bear on Clarice, Clarice quickly linked arms with Minwoo and asserted her rights as the bride.

“Hero-nim is mine!! He’s my husband!!”

Ah, aaaah… Minwoo facepalmed with the other hand. Ding~ he could feel a headache coming on. You too Clarice. Yet in that while, the appearance of her clinging tightly to his arm with tears in her eyes, afraid of losing him, was so cute it was bad for his heart.

“This bitch?! For a filthy woman you dare to lay your hand on Biella’s collection?! This cannot be forgiven!”

No, aren’t you a woman as well?! But Clarice couldn’t say a word. She was knocked aside by a strong force pushing her back.

“Clarice?! Urk!!”

A black miasma sprouted out from beneath Minwoo’s feet and wrapped around his limbs. Shit. He’d let his guard down. Kyahahahahahaa!! Laughing maniacally, canines and all, Biella teleported in front of Minwoo.

“Be mine! Hero!”
“I, I refuse…!”
“Biella refuses your refusal!”
“Crazy motherfu!!”

Ckerrrrrrrr!!! Leaving behind a yell of despair, Biella and Minwoo became sucked into the swirling miasma,

….And vanished.

“H, Hero-nim? Hero-nim?!”

Clarice pawed at the empty air where Minwoo had been in disbelief.

The day of the wedding, Clarice lost Minwoo to the demon king like that. Everyone watching there thought.

‘What the hell. This development came outta nowhere.’


The situation being what it was, an emergency council was held. The reappearance of the demon king. The kidnapped hero. The princess left alone. It just had to happen during the long-awaited wedding, the king took his rage out on his advisers.

“Rescue the hero before he becomes a goblin’s seedbed!! Otherwise we’ll all so who’s the first to be a seedbed!!”

Motherfucker. Let alone reappearing, she just had to stick a giant filthy middle finger in well-cooked rice.

Having received the orders of the king, the mage corps tracked down the magic power left behind and found the demon king had taken the hero to the demon king castle. While the demon king was sealed it was a tourist attraction open to the general public, but since a tourist accidentally broke the seal on the demon king and caused the demon king incident, it was a forbidden location.

The response was swift. A small crack team would head to the demon king castle and beat the crap out of the demon king. The members were Senyun, Orleia, and Ericia. Of course. As ex-hero party members, all of them had experience attacking the demon king castle, and as women they were immune to the demon king’s male-specific magic.

While the women were quickly preparing, someone hurriedly came to them. It was Clarice. The wedding dress was gone, replaced by comfortable clothes with leather armour on top. As if she was about to go on an adventure.

“Take me with you!”

Hul. At the ridiculous request Senyun jumped around.

“Your Highness! You can’t! It’s too dangerous!”
“She’s right. Your Highness. I understand your feelings of wanting to save Minwoo, but no one knows what dangers lie in the demon king castle.”

Ericia coldly answered in kind. Crestfallen, Clarice murmured.

“Clee. This is not some children’s game. What would our helpless princess do there.”

Even Orleia said something. Clarice shook as she clenched her fist. More than ever she was disgusted with her powerlessness. In the end, could she not do anything ‘again.’ This time ‘as well,’ could she only await the help of others.

Orleia, who’d been frowning at Clarice, sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

“Ha. Well as long as she doesn’t tie our feet I don’t really care.”

Orleia, the one who seemed as if she’d oppose it the most, contrary to expectations allowed it the quickest. Just what had gotten into her.

‘Why are you looking at me like that? Since Clee’s already been kidnapped before, she could be helpful with rescuing darling?’
“This is my chance! If something happens to Clee in the demon king castle then darling is all mine! Hohohohooo!!”

Hey there, your inner thoughts have swapped around.

“A, anyway I will not allow it! I cannot expose the princess to danger-!!”

Senyun rebutted strongly. So she decided to use her last resort.

“Senyun, if you let me come with you I’ll let you do anything.”
“Then can I become Your Highness’s little sister?”
“U, unni♥!!”(4)

Clarice smiled brightly like the best big sister of all. Pyo~ hearts appeared in Senyun’s eyes as she ran into Clarice’s embrace. Guhehehe. Guhehe. Clarice stroked Senyun’s breast-intoxicated head and barely maintained her smile.

Wow. This feels so awful.

“Ha! What are you all doing?! Are you all going to forget your duties and send the princess into peril?!”

Ericia rebutted strongly. And so Clarice decided to use another last resort.

“Eri. If you allow me to come, from now on you may use my name to promote Womb Power.”
“This Ericia. From now on I will stake my life to become Your Highness’s womb.”

Having taken off her robe to reveal her bikini armour, Ericia took a stance of a knight’s fealty. It seemed like the ‘♀’ symbol on Ericia’s lower belly seemed to be glowing very brightly today.

……to be honest, she wanted her to refuse her a bit. Damn it all.

“But how will we get to the demon king castle? Did you hire a carriage?”

The distance to the demon king castle from the royal palace was incredibly far. Since it was the base of operations for demons and the humans’ capital, it would be odd if it was close. At this rate if they were too late then who knew what the demon king…, no that lunatic would do to Hero-nim’s purity. As someone with first-hand experience(?) she knew It well.

Senyun who’d been rubbing her cheeks against Clarice’s breasts said giddily.

“We’re going by teleport. Unni.”
“Is that so.”


“Te, teleport?”
“Yes! It’s just a couple of minutes by teleport, there’s no need to go by carriage, is there?”
“Is that possible? A group teleport over such a distance…”
“Unni. Even if I look like this, I’m Senyun! The archsage’s granddaughter and his direct disciple! Recreating the path left behind with the demon king’s magic traces is easy as pie for me!”

Senyun confidently raised her nose high in the air. As if she was asking to be praised. So Clarice stroked her head and praised her. There there. Good job our widdle Senyun. If nothing else, she really did want to praise her for this.

“Even if she is the demon king, she won’t have anticipated us being able to track down and follow her so quickly. If we move by teleport, then while the others draw her attention, we can rescue Minwoo and deliver the holy sword. Even if it is the demon king, in front of the holy sword, she can only get beaten like a piñata.”

Ericia explained the strategy to Clarice when all their preparations were completed and just before they were about to teleport. Namely, a flawless plan. Like she said, she could only take a beating like a piñata in front of the holy sword. Since that was established fact, everyone was confident like they already had victory half in their grasp.

And so.

They realised that there was one ‘relatively significant’ flaw in their plan.

“Eh? Holy sword?”

Clarice asked, blinking. And then wavering eyes. What the hell is this, Clarice asked Orleia with her eyes. What are you staring at me for? Orleia narrowed her eyes at Clarice, before her own jaw dropped and she too, fell into shock and despair.

Not understanding the two people’s reactions, Senyun and Ericia looked at them quizzically, before they, too, ‘realised’ and nearly fainted.

……….Holy sword.

Orleia broke it to bits not so long ago!!!!




Author’s Note

Chaos! Chaos!!


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(1) Orgasm-face. It’s also an image board tag, if you want to see some examples.
(2) What the fuck did I just translate
(3) Holstein cattle, or Holstein-Friesian cattle, are known as the world’s highest-production dairy animals.
(4) What little sisters call their big sisters. Also used as a term of seniority/affection between non-sibling women.

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