IBHB Chapter 30

IBHB Chapter 30 – I Became the Hero’s Bri

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Wedding day! The wedding is the grand finale, it’s been a good one guys.


And time passed, and the day of the wedding came.

“You’re beautiful, Your Highness.”

Looking at Clarice in a wedding dress, Karina covered her mouth and tears gushed out of her eyes. At the thoughts of all Her Highness had put up with over the assorted incidents, her sentiments could only be stronger than anyone else. Clarice slowly observed her figure reflected in the mirror.

Through the delicate wedding veil, the face that could be made out was pure like a lily. Her carefully painted lips were attractive even to her own eyes. Underneath her modest hairstyle, a diamond necklace, symbolising eternal love, adorned her neck, giving an air of a sophisticated elegance.

The dress was open-shoulder that revealed the neckline and the bare shoulder, and boldly revealed the lily-white skin that till now, had been hidden by the modest clothes befitting a princess. In addition, the dress was also a sleeveless one, yet the possibly-plain forearms were adorned with fishnet lace wedding gloves, emphasizing purity and virtue.

A corset and bodice helped with accentuating her slim figure, and covered on top by elegant lace embroidery to give off not a coarse appearance, but a feminine beauty. Beneath her hips her skirt was composed of many layers that flowed like water.

It was awkward. Since the maids had spent a lot of time and effort, she did look blindingly beautiful, but on the other hand, it was hard to take it all in. Clarice carefully touched the tiara that adorned the crown of her head and asked.

“Would Hero-nim like this?”

A wedding dress despite being a man. Her feelings for the hero had long since grown past the point of no return. Yet there were still faint vestiges of hesitation. Think of it as the remaining conscience of her former sex.

“Of course. This Karina, can guarantee it on all my goods collected so far.”

Pfft. A small smile appeared on Clarice’s lips. You don’t have to stake something like that. But she couldn’t deny that she felt relieved at the answer.

Clarice looked at reflection again. Although it was embarrassing to admit it herself, but looking at it again, she looked quite decent.

“Then shall we go?”

To where Hero-nim, her husband was waiting.


Beyond the giant doors, beautiful music started playing. The time had come. It was time for the bride to enter. Slowly, the doors opened. A bright light shone through the crack between the doors to illuminate Clarice. The pure white bride surrounded by bright light. At her radiant appearance, everyone held their breath.

Clarice slowly opened her eyes. A white silk road was engraved in her clear indigo eyes. And at the end of that road stood a man in a tuxedo. He smiled. Because he did, Clarice, too, could smile back. Her nervousness and shakes that had been lingering in her mind all this time melted away as if they were being dissolved in sugar water.

Replacing them was heartfelt happiness.

In time with the melody, she gently moved forward. Behind her, as the maid of honour, Karina was holding the dress train for her. With every step she took, she was enveloped by the flying flower petals, so it seemed a flower goddess had descended.

On both sides she could see many guests. Holding hands with proud faces, the motherf-, no, Father and Mother (conscience where?), Senyun wailing biting down on her handkerchief (crying was all very well and good but it would be nice if she could be quiet.), Ericia who’d worn a dress suitable for the occasion but with her bikini armour visible through the sheer fabric (she’d have to punish her once this was over.), Orleia(=loser) who was grinding away at her teeth with her black and blue face, and the knight order, mage corps, Mitohi faith, Madam Wellington and other members of high society, other regional nobles.

Everyone here was present to witness her and the hero’s marriage. In front of all these people, she would officially become the hero’s wife. Although she had a lot to resent that motherf- no, Father and Mother for, but in the end, it became something to be thankful for, ironically enough.

Just who would have known that she would find happiness in marrying the hero as a woman.

Although, looking back, this could all been according to that motherf- no, Father’s ‘plan’ when he saw through her feelings for Hero-nim…

Clarice and Minwoo stood side by side on the altar. And the marriage ceremony began.

From this moment on, will you love and cherish your partner, will you be each other’s pillars of strength through wind and rain, through thick and thin, have faith in one another and exchange true love…

The ceremony emphasising the peace of the family and morals between couples went on for a long time afterwards. If she hadn’t been standing there herself she might have just ignored it as if it was obvious. Now she knew. Now that she was the one standing there, she could feel it. Each and every one of the vows that she’d previously thought boring, all had meaning that couldn’t be taken lightly.

From this moment forth, I will love and cherish the hero as my husband. Through wind and rain I will be his pillar of strength. I will have faith in each other and exchange true love.

“Does the groom Park Minwoo vow to love the bride Clarice forever and ever?”

Because she,

“I swear.”

Was the hero’s bride.

“Does the bride Clarice vow to love the groom Park Minwoo forever and ever?”

From beneath the veil, Clarice smiled gently.

“I swear.”

From his breast pocket, Minwoo took out a ring and slowly put it on Clarice’s ring finger. Minwoo carefully lifted the veil. Clarice’s beautiful face was revealed. The hall fell silent, even the sounds of breath. Minwoo gulped, and his face slowly approached Clarice’s. His lips. Clarice closed her eyes.

And the two were the only ones left in their world.


This and that happened.

My troublemaker parents, Senyun, who accidentally stirred up trouble thinking it was for my sake, Ericia who caused trouble without really thinking, or Orleia who actually went out of her way to cause it.

At the time I was too swept up with the events in front of me to think about it, but in the end, here I am today.

Sometimes, I think that if the me back then had acted with a clearer mind, maybe the results today might be different.

But I don’t regret it.

Because even if I was given another chance,

I would still want to stay by the hero’s side, just like now.

And now, finally, I became the hero’s bri































“Hold it!!!!!!!!!”



Misfortune had the habit of befalling people whenever they felt the most secure. Just as the hero and princess’s lips were about to meet- as if it were preordained, ‘misfortune’ smacked them, no, the entire hall upside the head.

The door to the wedding hall was blown to smithereens and created a massive dust cloud. The surroundings turned to absolute chaos. Neither Clarice nor Minwoo could get a grip of what was happening, and could only look around with their lips less than a palm’s breadth between them.

What the fuck was going on.

“Wh, who are you?!”
“Protect Their Majesties!!”
“What motherfucker dares to set our beloved princess’s wedding on fire?!! Come at me if you dare!!”
“Senyun put out that fireball! You’re the one that’s about to cause a fire here!!”
“Orleia! Is it you?! Is it you!?!!”
“You what?! I prefer to backstab people rather than come from the front?!”
“And you’re calling that an excuse?!!”

Chaos. Just chaos. As the dust settled, a ‘little girl’ could be seen. Height shorter than even Senyun. Oversaturated pink twintails. Playful eyes. Cute little fangs. A goth loli dress adorned with frills everywhere. And….

Curling towards the sky…

Horns. Of a demon.

“D, d, d-d-d-d-d…”

Recognising her, everyone pointed their fingers at her and yelled, echoing around the hall.

“””Demon king?!?!!?!!!!!”””

Hmph. That’s right. This esteemed body is the demon king! Puffing out her chest that was surprisingly enough, much bouncier than Senyun’s, the demon king ‘Biella’ shouted.

“This marriage!! This Biella will never acknowledge it!”

Biella pointed at Clarice.

“Because Clarice over there has already married Biella’s follower, an orc!”

Wait what? Bigamy?? At the explosive revelation that even Clarice herself heard for the first time, everyone present was aghast.

…..and so the two people’s wedding which seemed like it was going to end without too much fuss fell into lunacy, as it always did.




Author’s Note

Author: I said this was the grand finale… There you have it.
Readers: Waaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaakkkk!!!

I’m kidding, but finally! Really! The story has entered the demon king arc which I’d been planning out since I first began writing it. This is the true final arc. From here on, no more seriousness! Hold on tight!


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Translator’s Note

Oppai loli demon king kitaaaa~ Those of you who remembered how many chapters were left probably didn’t fall for it, but the rest of you… How many of you were baited? 😛

Pity I don’t have the time to translate all the raw comments. Some of them are outright hilarious xD here’s an example that pretty much sums up the rest of the novel:


Rimu 2017/8/20 22:43
“No more seriousness…..

Thank you I needed some more drugs”

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