IBHB Chapter 13

IBHB Chapter 13 – Let me touch your boobs!

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The first morning as a woman. Maybe it was because she’d slept (=fainted) so much yesterday, but Clarice woke up before the maid came to wake her. She carefully sat up so as to not wake Minwoo up and stretched. Feeling the weight of her breasts following her as if it was perfectly natural, Clarice felt like she understood the words ‘man is an adaptable animal.’

Damn it. It had only been a day.

Clarice placed her hand on her breasts. She lightly held them and felt their softness. Squish squish. She didn’t want to admit it, but the feeling on her hands, at the very least, the feedback on her hands could be said to be premium grade.

For some reason, a peculiar sigh escaped her. She felt something stirring up inside her. This made her feel like she was a pervert. Totally a pervert, right? Due to her status as royalty, Clarice never cared much for adult activity, but she knew very well what this would look like to others.

….she knew very well.

“H, Hero-nim?”

And so, when Clarice realised that at some point, Minwoo had woken up and was staring at her aghast, at that very moment Clarice was seriously troubled as to whether she should just up and hang herself.

“Ah. Hm. Sleep well?”

Minwoo greeted her as if he hadn’t seen anything. But his horrified gaze was still firmly fixed on her breasts.

“Hero-nim. This, is, that…”

At the shock that she was seen as a pervert that groped her breasts within a day of genderbending by the hero she admired, Clarice frantically sought an excuse. But even then her bad hand kept on massaging her breasts.

“T, touching them felt unexpectedly good… Ah, n, not in a weird way, but simply…!”
“Calm down. I get it. You used to be a man so that’s more than excusable.”

Minwoo reassured Clarice while looking away. At his kind reassurance Clarice despaired at being marked as a pervert that touched her breasts within a day of being genderbent.

Not like this! Clarice gave up on looking for excuses and made up her mind to have Minwoo understand her.

“That’s right! That’s more than possible as a man! Does Hero-nim want to touch them as well?!”

Minwoo yelled. Without a moment’s delay Clarice grabbed Minwoo’s hand and smooshed it into one of her breasts. His large, coarse hand pressed roughly on her breast. At the unexpected pain Clarice squeezed her eyes shut.

The struggling hand gradually lost its strength and stuck to her breast. Having felt the change, Clarice slowly took her hand off his.

“How, how does it feel?”

Clarice cracked her eyes open. She was startled. Minwoo, who had never lost his gentlemanly manner had turned bright red and was staring at her breasts. Minwoo groped her breasts in turn. All of a sudden Clarice felt a tremor running down her spine.

“This, truly ama… zing. How do I say this.”

Minwoo groped her breasts again. Again the tremor. Clarice unconsciously shivered. Minwoo noticed it, opened and shut his mouth a couple of times, swallowed, and said.

“Hey. Clarice.”
“I, ‘m not quite sure yet. Can I touch them some more?”

His voice was pleading as if thirsting for something. If she could sate his thirst by letting him touch her breasts, then surely why not, and so Clarice-

“Excuse me. Your Highness, are you awa…”

Karina opened the door and stopped talking.


Silence fell over the room as if cold water had been dumped over the occupants. Early morning. The hero touching Her Highness’s breasts on the bed. Her eyes rolled around while Karina comprehended the situation and bowed.

“Excuse me. Feel free to call me again after you have finished your spousal activities.”

Spousal activities my ass?!

Before either of them could get a word in edgewise Karina left the room. The two of them could only stare blankly at the empty doorway, before realising their shamelessness and the shock that very quickly accompanied it.


Time passed, Karina came back and the two were sweating bullets as they explained. She only smiled, nodded and said she understood.

“But you must use birth control, alright? The wedding hasn’t even been scheduled yet.”

No matter how you looked at it it was obvious that she hadn’t understood.

When the sun was high in the sky, the two of them went out to the training grounds. The servants were absent because they thought they would get in the way of the troops. When Minwoo and Clarice made themselves known, the soldiers in the middle of training noticeably stirred up.

Of course, the reason was Clarice.

“Oh, oh my god! The prince really did turn into a woman just like the rumour said!”
“Then is it also true that the hero raised a tower between those breasts?”
“A, B, C, D, F…. Ho, the bust size is going up and up?”
“Idiots! If it’s that big it’s not breasts anymore but a head! Cerberus! The prince turned into a Cerberus!”
“Let me touch your boobs!”
“Aahh…. So big and beautiful!”

Shhing. Minwoo drew his sword.

“You lot fuck around any further and I stitch your testicles to your chests.”


The training grounds fell deathly silent. Meanwhile Minwoo’s words made Clarice think. Ara? Then my testicles, they might have actually become my breasts?”

“Are you alright?”

Minwoo sheathed his sword and looked at Clarice who was deep in thought. He was worried that she’d be hurt by those thoughtless comments.

“I’m alright. They are surely not doing that out of malice either.”

Clarice forced out a smile. At this rate she’d reach nirvana if she went out again later.

“Let’s go where there aren’t any people first.”

Minwoo said, having glimpsed the Buddha in Clarice. Should he ask for a favour, he thought as Minwoo held Clarice’s hand and led her away. Not forgetting to flash the soldiers a look that said that he would be seeing them again at a later date.

A deserted corner of the training grounds. The ragged training dummies shook in the wind as if to welcome Minwoo. Peace fell with the wind’s arrival. Tracing the nicks and scars on the dummies, Minwoo thought back to the time where he had furiously trained while thinking of being a real hero.

How time had passed since then. He who had so desperately swung around a wooden sword back then, was now teaching Clarice right here in this spot. Minwoo smiled and turned to Clarice.

“Shall we start?”

The two began training. Normal princes typically learned swordsmanship either for protection or the battlefield, but Clarice, who was delicate and frail compared to her brothers, had been raised under fierce protection, so as if it were natural she knew nothing about swordsmanship.

To put it simply, a complete noob.

“Hek, hek. This, is quite tiring.”

Severe lack of exercise, to the point where only a few practice swings with the sword made her tired. Leaving aside the matter of her gender. Minwoo made up his mind to leave actual swordsmanship for the time being and focus on basic fitness.

“Clarice. With a sword, no, with martial arts, what do you think is the most important thing?”
“Eh? Um, strength?”

Minwoo shook his head before flexing his biceps.

“It’s muscle.”

His muscles bulged out appealingly. Clarice unconsciously rolled up her sleeves and flexed as well.

……no response no matter how much strength she put in.

“D, don’t worry too much, it’s because you were turned into a woman. Besides, if you don’t have muscles, you can just make them.”

After that it was a hundred practice swings.

…..But Clarice collapsed before twenty.

“My breasts are too heavy…”

Her(?) breasts were too big to swing around a sword with all her strength. Minwoo rubbed his face and took in his shock. He hadn’t in his wildest dreams expected this to be a problem. Then again, some of the female warriors said that they got in the way and went as far as cutting them off. And others that just trained their bodies so hard their breasts became muscle.

…..except just one person, that threw her breasts around as if inviting people to stare at them, the pervert that somehow incorporated even that into her swordsmanship.

Whirr. At the vibrations in his pocket, Minwoo reached into his trouser pockets and took out a communications device

“Sorry, Clarice. I think I’ve got to head out for a bit, will you be fine training on your own for a bit?”
“I will be alright. Please go right ahead.”

After saying that he’d be back quick, Minwoo left. Left alone, Clarice swung her wooden sword, panted and struggled with her breasts, swung her wooden sword again, struggled with her breasts before throwing her wooden sword down onto the ground.

Ah damn it. I need to cut these off or something.

She noticed someone behind her. Clarice turned around and said.

“Hero-nim? Are you back alrea…?”
“Let me touch your boobs!”

The ff…

“Huh? Eh? Were, were you not one of the people at the training grounds?”
“Let me touch your boobs!!”

The soldier, with bloodshot eyes, wriggled his fingers around like tentacles and approached.

“N, nice weather we have today. Do you not have to train?”
“Let me touch your boobs!!!”

Clarice instinctively hid her breasts and stepped backwards. Th, this fellow… was ‘real.’

“Is that so. It seems that training was quite harsh. I shall go to the knight order immediately and…”

“Let! Me! Touch! Your! BOOBS!!!!”

Waaaoow. This person. He’s crying! He’s actually crying!

All of a sudden the soldier was right in front of her. Clarice screwed her eyes shut and yelled for the hero in her heart.

“What are you doing.”

Just then she heard a cold and furious voice. Clarice opened her eyes.

“Hero-nim?! ……Eh?”

Now who the hell are you.

It was not Minwoo, but some other person. An unknown woman with her body beneath a robe. The face was covered by a hood so it was hard to tell who it was. Sunflower-blonde hair cascaded out from inside the hood.

“My prince. Why are you disappointed?”

The blonde woman asked. Something stung at Clarice’s conscience so she averted her gaze. However, unlike the disappointed Clarice, the soldier seemed to know who she was and brought himself back to reason and snapped to attention.

……so he had reason left after all, so Clarice thought, mildly surprised.

“Opupai Taisuki. Do you want to lose both your hands for lese majesty?”
“N, no, I, I’m sorry! Those breasts were so perfect I…!”

Clarice glared at him. Crazy little nutcase. And you call that an excuse?

“My prince. How should I deal with this one.”
“……since he’s a part of the knights, would it not be best to with him by their regulations?”

All of a sudden she thought, the stranger’s voice sounded somewhat familiar. This woman, who was she?

“I shall fulfil your command. Opupai Taisuki, I shall see you later. Be sure to wash your wrists.”
“Hu, huk!”

As the woman eyed him to get lost the soldier, ….that was, Opupai Taisuki or whatever fled and disappeared. When he vanished, Clarice finally said the question that had been on her mind all the while.

“That man. His name is Opupai Taisuki?”
“Yes. His name is Opupai, his surname is Taisuki.”

Clarice was lost for words. What kind of name is that.

…..on the other hand, it also seemed extremely fitting.

“My prince, are you hurt?”
“No, I’m fine…”

The blonde woman came closer. She was around a head taller than Clarice. Around Minwoo’s height? Nott only that, the body that the robe hid was quite the well-built one. Blonde, knight, well-build body. Just as Clarice remembered who she was, the woman took off her hood.

“Apologies for my late greetings. Vice-captain of the royal knights, Ericia. Greetings to Prince Clarice.”

Ericia got on her knees as accordance to protocol. That was it. She was the warrior of the hero party that defeated the demon king, the vice-captain of the royal knights.

Nicknamed ‘Exhibitionist Ericia.’


As Clarice left for the training grounds, she had dismissed her maid for the time being, and so having time on her hands, Karina headed to the Wizard’s Tower. In front of her friend’s office, the short haired glasses girl discovered a sign hanging on the door saying ‘Not in right now!’ complete with a winking face.

She ignored in and knocked on the door.


Silence. There was no response.

Not like she’d expected one to begin with. Karina knocked again. This time, she switched up the pattern knock-kn-knock-knock-knockknockknock-knock! ringing clear sounds on the door. The apparently meaningless actions were actually a secret code between the two of them, that she was here on business related to the ‘organisation.’

Naturally, said organisation was none other than Citizens that Love Clarice ‘CLC,’ and the signal was the melody of the CLC’s official song ‘Praise Clarice.’

“Come in.”

Said the voice that was supposedly not in. At the same time, the lock opened and the door swung open. As Karina walked in, her body shivered in admiration at all the contents inside. They were so good that she wanted them no matter how many times she saw them.

“Don’t look. I’m not giving them to you.”

The owner of the office, Senyun, said hysterically. Yesterday she’d been thoroughly shaken down by the guards at Rien Palace so she was more than just a little bit on edge, about to explode at any moment.

“Cheapskate girly. You were in anyway so why’d you pretend you were out?”

Hmph. Senyun huffed as if she couldn’t be bothered answering. Strictly speaking, she was ‘not in right now’.’ Although it was ‘not in (her right frame of mind because she was thinking about the prince) right now.’

“In that case, why are you here? Surely you didn’t play our prince’s divine hymn to make small talk with me?”
“This kid. Of course not. Naturally, I came to talk about the princess.”

Senyun made a twisted face. If word had reached Karina’s ears, just how far had news of the prince’s gender change spread.

“So what? Are you here to resent me for me turning the prince into a woman?”
“Surely not.”

Karina giggled. At that, Senyun was gripped by fear. This bitch isn’t here to bitch at me but for my neck. But to such a Senyun, what Karina said next truly did leave Senyun at a loss for words.

“So what if Her Highness is a woman and so what if he’s a man?”

Then she slu-rped and licked her chops.

“It doesn’t matter as long as they taste good… I mean, whether she’s a man or woman, Clarice is Clarice.”

Senyun thought.

‘This is complete and utter bullshit but it’s oddly convincing.’

Karina ignored Senyun who started becoming convinced, coolly looking around admiring the Clarice goods when she was startled due to a picture on the wall.

“Th, this?! Is this the rumoured ‘I Became the Orc’s Bride?!”(1)

That was a picture that depicted Clarice as a fallen woman after marrying an orc. Senyun had trawled the black market for it and only just managed to get it. Ahh. Karina was moved right there and then. Hoo hoo. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. She barely managed to tighten up her bladder.

She was glad that she’d worn a diaper before she came. Thank goodness for that.

“I’m not giving it to you no matter what you say.”
“Kuk! I was cheated out of the chance to cheat you for it!”

Now that had come up, Karina went into the main topic.

“You know that the princess’s personal servant was changed, right?”
“Personal servant? That man?”

It just so happened that said personal servant was quite popular amongst the CLC, if not quite as popular as the hero. Did the fact that he was serving the prince make their hearts flutter in their eyes?

“Who was it changed to?”

Karina smiled brightly and answered.


Senyun blinked.

“……Eh? Me? What a quaint name.”
“No, me, it’s me.”
“Meits Me?”(2)
“It’s me! You dummy! Karina! Me!”

Having finally understood that those were actual words, Senyun’s face crumpled like an orc’s.

“Madness! Why you!”
“Hohoho. That’s not all. Do you know what I did after becoming Her Highness’s personal maid?”

How would I know? The words Karina said to Senyun next were indeed ones that would make her clutch the back of her neck.(3)

“I even took a bath with the princess!”

Karina childishly boasted like a child showing off her new toy.

“L… Lies. It can’t be!”
“No, it’s true? The princess was crying because she couldn’t possibly bathe on her own. So she came to me and was all ‘Karina… heeelp meee…’ and asked me to help her bathe! Wow. I swear my heart nearly stopped then and there.”
“This lunacy…”

To Senyun who was lost for words, Karina wiggled her finger around like a tentacle and smiled like a pervert.

“You know? The princess’s breasts are absolutely glorious. I still can’t forget how they felt.”
“This… This biiitch!”

Senyun clenched her fists. She really wanted to slam a fireball right in her solar plexus.

“That’s right! Speaking of breasts, that reminds me.”
“Now what?”

Karina glanced around as if she was about to reveal a secret.

“I went to wake up Her Highness this morning, and well-”

And well? The loose end grated on Senyun, and what Karina said next made Senyun wonder if her ears had been lying to her this entire time.

“Her Highness slept with the hero!”

Slept with?


“……That’s not funny so could you please stop that?”

Senyun started jumping around with her face turning all sorts of different shades of colour.

“What kind of bullshit is that! Why is he sleeping with the prince!”
“That’s not all! The hero, well-”

Well? Senyun bit on the trailing bait looking very ready to kill, and what Karina said next traumatised and terrified her.

“When I went into the room he was gleefully playing around with the princess’s breasts!”

Kaboom. A Meteor slammed through Karina’s head. Senyun’s eyes went bloodshot and not just that, her hands crushed themselves into fists as literal bloody tears leaked from her eyes. I, I haven’t even managed to touch. The prince’s body that even I haven’t touched…! This little fuckwit dares to get touchy-feely with those filthy mitts of his?!(4)


You didn’t need to look closely to notice Senyun was about to break someone’s neck. Naturally, Karina shrunk back, maybe she’d teased her a bit too much.

“Hm? What?”
“His Highness. Where is he.”
“Uh, mm.”

Hul.(5) If she told her this than wouldn’t it be big trouble? But her worries didn’t last long. A giant array of fireballs that formed behind Senyun’s back…!

“Training grounds! She said she was training with the hero and they went to the training grounds!”

That moment, a speeding wind brushed past Karina. It was Senyun. In Senyun’s mind, all that went through her head as she raced through the hallways faster than a blink of the eye was this.

I… I’m going to touch them too!




Author’s Notes

Opupai Taisuki is absolutely not my author avatar(srs)


TLN: If you didn’t get it the first few times round, read that name again in slightly butchered Japanese.


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(1) Coincidentally (or not) after finishing IBHB, the author went on to write a story of exactly that title. Featuring a transmigrated genderbent elf getting forcibly NTRed away from her childhood friend by an orc chief. Quote raw comment: “textbook hitomi-grade right there.” Will not be translating it because 1) I don’t have a Joara account, which I need to access NSFW content and 2) I do not have a taste for NTR.

(2) Hopefully context made it obvious enough, but Senyun’s (probably) deliberately mistaking the words ‘it’s me’ and such as someone’s names. The Korean raws had ‘Na’ (me) and “Namalya Na” (me it’s me) which is pretty much how the respective words sound in said language of origin. I just transliterated it into English because I found there was little point in keeping it as was, since that ruined the joke and transliterating it kept it. One of the few times transliterating a joke keeps its original meaning.

(3) Dunno if I’ve explained this before, but clutch back of neck ← enrage some arteries ← high blood pressure ← angry af. Common trope found in K dramas.

(4) Not an EXACT translation, but close enough.

(5) Pretty sure I’ve described it somewhere before, but a multipurpose SFX that can be used to express, shock, amazement, disapproval, holyshitwtfbbq, hollow dispiritness, and this is a non-exhaustive list.

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