IBHB Afterword

Translator’s Afterword

Hey guys, Eevee here. Literally a couple of weeks shy of a year since I completed Demon King & Hero, I’m seeing you guys again in my second afterword. Since it’s just me here and maybe the editor, you guys don’t really need to bother with this, but bear with me one last time.

I originally picked this up because after translating DK&H I really wanted to translate something funny, even better if it had hints of romance. I was in the middle of translating TLE at the time, but since it was going to go on hiatus due to pending publication I needed a new project. Of course, one look at my NU reading list and you’ll quite easily find that most of my ‘comedy’ favourites involve characters getting savagely trolled, either by others or the author. I came across this, hesitated because of the gender bender tag (contrary to popular belief, I do not have a taste for gender bender, on either side of the swing), before deciding to test the waters and I pretty much started laughing from the word go, and five chapters in it had me sold, almost purely because of how just utterly hilarious Clarice’s early-chapter plights were. The sugary post-bending romance didn’t hurt either. I think I originally started translating this when around 20-ish chapters of the raws were out?

Then it was around about when I was about 5 chapters in pre-release translation that the holy maiden arc came out. Yeah. I didn’t like it, and I know plenty of you guys didn’t like it as well. To be honest, I was seriously tempted to drop it at Chapter 25 (i.e. THAT one chapter that need not be explained) but I kept at it with the hope that the author would please come up with a decent resolution, lo and behold he(she?) delivered.

Unfortunately for us, the epilogue is it, no side stories or extras to keep us with Clarice and Minwoo for a while longer. But the author’s left us in a good place and a pretty decent ending, so we will say farewell to them here. I’ve got a heavy third year in my pharmacy course, so I’ve got no idea if I’ll be picking up a permanent project with a consistent release schedule. (Maybe I might try a “fanfic” with irregular releases for pure fun, but if I do, it’s not going to be here) So for now, these are my last words here, but I’ll see you guys around on Disqus and other translation sites.

Until next time~


Editor’s Afterword

I guess I should say something too…
It was fun.
I don’t know what else to say…



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