GS: Regular Chapter 188 + Announcement

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Hi, everyone!

There was a bit of a mix up with the chapters for God’s Song.

Chapter 185 was actually missed/skipped and chapter 186 was actually posted as chapter 185. And it kept moving like that until chapter 187. Thank you Black_Handkerchief for letting us know! 😀

So.. chapters are now back in order.. If you read all the way up to chapter 186/7, you might want to read chapter 185 or reread from there!

Because of this confusion, LightNovelCafe decided to release the next chapter as well! Hurray for LightNovelCafe \o/

So here is chapter 188! 


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  1. Thank you for the call out, but more so, thank you for being such bad-ass translators. I really love the quality and attention to detail of this translation, it really makes a difference! (I don’t count skipping a chapter missing details; it’s just human error. xD)

    I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much if the translation didn’t betray so much musical knowledge, so thank YOU.

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