GrandS Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Gold medalist Lee Young Suk #2

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The yell that Young Suk produced was comparable to the roar of a lion. Everyone was so surprised that they held they froze up like scared rabbits. The player that was about to hit his leg with the racket froze too. The madness in his disappeared suddenly. On the other hand in Young Suk’s eye the flame of anger too place. With Young Suk in the center, the mood in the court became gloomy.

“Tae Su you imbecile what were you trying to do!! Come here!!”

Being called out by his senior Tae Su put the racket on his lap and pulled himself toward Young Suk. The way he was able to control his movement with only one hand showed that he indeed has the skill of a national team player. However, Young Suk’s eye was focused only on Tae Su’s arm. It was thin while strong and you could see the muscle moving. The wrist slightly bent inward, the index and ring finger bend strangely. The cramp caused all this to happen. This was something that wouldn’t happen to normal people.
The pain should be incredible but Tae Su just gritted his teeth and kept quiet.
Young Suk smacked Tae Su who had come in front of him.
The strength behind the smack was so great that Tae Su’s wheel chair spun around.
While Young Suk was looking at Tae Su’s back he secretly let out a sigh.
The look of aching in Young Suk’s eye when seen by the others was enough to cause them to feel sadness pulling at their heartstring.
Young Suk quickly dispersed the look of anxiousness in his face and slowly massaged Tae Su’s shoulder. Even though there was a lot of strength in Young Suk’s hand he massaged the muscle delicately and precisely. Contrary to the gentle touch of Young Suk’s hand the voice that came out full of his spirit and was as deep as an abyss. Tae Su suddenly had chills run down his spine.

“Why are you blaming your leg.”

“I’m sorry.”

Said Tae Su with his head hanging down.
He was scolding him but at the same time, he wasn’t. Tae Su was fully aware of this as he was being massaged. It was as if he was consoling and encouraging him. Most of the veteran players knew that behind Young Suk’s bright career there was a lot of pain. It was something that they went through to.
What Young Suk maybe was the cause. Tears and blood started to drip through the racket string. He was so angry that he bit his lip till it bled.
Young Suk face started to wrinkle from the emotion he couldn’t see it but he could feel though Tae Su;s body. He knew because he knew the anger and sorrow that it hurt Young Suk more.

“What are you when you’re on the court?”

“… An athlete”

“Correct, you aren’t a handicapped but an athlete and an athlete must always work to overcome their shortcomings. You can’t blame anything else. Don’t make yourself miserable.”


For through period of time Young Suk quietly massaged Tae Su. He started from the back to the neck, arm, and to the fingers.
How much time had passed, Tae Su tried to open his mouth.

“Did the cramp untie?”


“Then go back and rest today, and shower properly.”

Young Suk patted Tae Su’s back a few time and pushed Tae Su’s hand to spin him back. What to say the mood was an unpleasant and depressing mood.

* * *

Beep! Beep!
The sound was quite like the morning, like every day Young Suk was watching the wheelchair being carried by the holder. To Young Suk this time stretched forever. Now that he was no longer an athlete Young Suk contemplated if he should smoke while the wheelchair was being put into the trunk, but he was too afraid for despising himself to try. He just couldn’t try anything that would be harmful to himself. Nowadays there were cars that people with a wheelchair could drive and Young Suk was contemplating if he should but that.


The breath he blew out left a track in the air. The weather was getting colder.
Young Suk closed and locked the door while he was in the wheelchair. While he was putting the keys into his pocket and turning around.


A very cold while uneasy sound was heard on top of his head.
Suddenly all the hair on his back stood on edge and his concentration spiked.
Huh? As soon as he thought that he raised his hand above his head by pure reflex.


Something heavy hit his hand and made a sickening sound.

“It broke……!”

His left hand hurriedly spun his wheel while his right arm hung loosely by his side. He never looked up while running. His thoughts were as white as paper but his body moved mechanically away.



The curled up Young Suk tried to raise his broken arm. Unfortunately, his broken arm didn’t respond.
So Young Suk tried to quickly raise his intact arm…..
But that arm also stopped functioning and dropped to his side.
Because of the cold weather and the sudden movement his arm was cramped.
Young Suk stilled tried his best to escape by moving his hip and fall. He tried to roll away from this danger.


Young Suk lost his consciousness suddenly. It wasn’t that he had the air knocked out of him but something hit him in the back of the head. His consciousness started to blur and fade, in the midst of Young Suk hyperventilating in the corner of his eye he saw some red dust.

“Red….Brick? Who……”

He wanted to flip over and look at the attacker but his talented body would not move an inch. neither the cramp and broken arm or his head hurt. Right now he felt that the arm that won him two world championship could lift and turn his body around. Anger, embarrassment, and other emotions went through his head. He felt like he was in a small hallway and heard the sound of small footsteps mixed with the shout of joy.

“Hee Hee…..”

It sounded like the voice of little devils from hell. it disguised it’s evil with false innocence and started to eat at his consciousness.


He wanted to chase and rip them to shred but his body felt so warm and comfortable he was too powerless. Young Suk instinctive thought of death. Right then all the regrets and the sadness in his chest started to melt away. It felt like the red liquids were slowly building up. The blood from the side must have flown to the front. The red brick came into sight. It really was a beautiful red.

* * *


Faintly a sound was being heard.


Young Suk’s vision that was only gray started to wash by white and….


Yong-Suk was surprised. Suddenly his view of the ground was turning red.


“Huh? Why am I hearing that sound??”

That buzzer only sounds when a player does not serve in time.
Young Suk was startled by that sound.

[Wisper Wisper]

Young Suk finally started to focus after hearing the whispers from the crowd.
Finally, the red ground fully came into view.
The athlete on the other side was hazily coming into view and when he turned his head toward the 2 O’clock direction there was the umpire.
It was court. Not only that it wasn’t those asphalt court covered with sand it was a really well-maintained clay court.


Young Suk did not understand the situation he was in.

“Serve? What’s the score??”

Young Suk out of habit looked up the umpire. Since there was no electric board, the umpire’s face full of tiredness was dripping of sweat was visible.

“Well… it is indeed hot.”

Young Suk just acted like always out of habit.
Right when he tried to wipe the sweat off his forehead…..


Young Suk out of shock just stared blankly at his hand. It was small. It was too small it was like a kid’s hand. He closed his eye and looked again but the hand was still small.
Now that he looked his feet were small too. The court felt too big and the net was too high.


Young Suk doubted his eye. His feet being there was unfamiliar. No, his field of view was unfamiliar.

“I…. I’m standing right now??”

As soon as Young Suk registered that he was standing he fell to his butt. The perplexed Young Suk started to panic since he could not understand what situation he was in. He started to hyperventilate and his cold sweat started to prickle his whole body like a snake wrapped around him. Slowly he started to lose his consciousness.
the audiences were so surprised they started to speak up noisily and there were some screams too. As Young Suk’s consciousness started to fog up he saw three familiar faces running toward him.

“Who…were they?”

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