GS Volume 8 Chapter 277

Volume 8 / Chapter 277

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For 1 month, Jina only ate and slept. They could tell how starved and tired she had been.

After 1 month, her skinny cheeks and hands became fleshed out.

She was taken back and forth to the hospital to check on her health, and they heard something to despair of.

“Maestro. Jina will never be able to see.”

“Nothing like a cornea or eye implant will work?”

“It’s completely damaged. It’s the same as if arms and legs were cut off. Just as arms and legs cannot be attached even with donors, it is difficult even if she has an eye donor.”

The doctor was also regretful and his voice was weak as he explained Jina’s state.

“And about Jina’s age. What age do you think she is?”

“I heard she is 10.”

“I don’t think so. By the state of her teeth, she seems to be at least 13 years old. Fortunately, it’s not too late.”

“What? What do you mean too late?”

“If she eats and rests plenty at least now, she will be able to recover a normal physique. She can’t just stay inside the house too much just because she cannot see. She needs to run around like other children and build up her stamina.”

“I understand.”

Jun Hyuk’s decision to make sure that she would never experience unhappiness even if she will never be able to see again.

And after Jina had been living with Jun Hyuk for 1 month, the feared day came to them.

Amelia finished her tour and came home with a stony expression. She already knew through the media that Jun Hyuk had brought a girl home from India.



Amelia sighed lightly and Jun Hyuk was just watching for her reaction.

“What if I say no?”

“Then… then I guess I’ll have to be her custodian.”

“Even if you’re her custodian, doesn’t that mean she’ll live here with us?”

“Ye… yeah.”

“Then it’s just a difference in the term. How is that different from adopting her?”

“Is… is that right?”

Jun Hyuk wasn’t even able to lift his head and was only resenting Yoon Kwang Hun. He had not come even though he knows that Amelia was returning today.

“Alright. Then that child, what was her name?”


“Yeah. Jina will call you dad and what about me? She’ll call me mom anyway. No?”

Amelia’s voice grew increasingly sharp.

“Goodness. I’m still a Miss who hasn’t gotten married. But mom!”

“Then… then you can marry me.”

As soon as Jun Hyuk spoke, sparks flew from Amelia’s eyes.

“You… you asshole! Get out of this room, no, this house you jerk!”

Amelia’s eyes were already full of tears than anger.


“Oy, you idiot. How does it make sense to propose so you can adopt a kid? You think of that as a proposal?”

“It’s not just that. I think of Amelia as the only girl in my life.”

Tara came to comfort Amelia who had been crying all night, and Jun Hyuk who had gotten kicked out just drank with Yoon Kwang Hun.

When Yoon Kwang Hun found out about Jun Hyuk’s mistake, he wanted to give him a smack. How women take children men bring home from outside is common knowledge found in soap operas.

“Then what of it? You already told her you guys should get married to make a mom for the kid. Did you think she’d like it if you proposed like that?”

“I’m going to go crazy. Really…..”

It really was not because of Jina. Marriage is a scary thing to him but if he does do it, he thinks that the only person he would marry is Amelia. He could not imagine another woman.

“This is a really serious situation. You guys could break up now because of this.”


“Why is this jerk yelling? You did it to yourself!”

Yoon Kwang Hun only said things that would annoy him as though enjoying the situation. He did not worry because he knows what kind of person Amelia is.

“Hey, think about it. With those looks and the fame of a world-renowned pianist. How many guys do you think follow her around because they like her? But she only looks at you. She endured it even if you didn’t propose to her. But you bring a little girl from India and…”

Jun Hyuk yelled at Yoon Kwang Hun’s unnecessary words.

“Ugh! Stop and lay out a solution.”

“What do I know? I lived alone all my life. And I’m taken aback too. I have a granddaughter all of a sudden. I’m becoming a grandfather all of a sudden… How will Amelia feel when I’m like this?”

This wasn’t it. He thought that he would be able to persuade her but spitting out a proposal at this appropriate timing because of his dumb mouth was the biggest mistake.

Jun Hyuk drank his beer.

“Amelia probably would have fully accepted adopting the kid. She’s open-minded. But she exploded when you asked to marry because of the child.”

Yoon Kwang Hun emptied his beer bottle and told Jun Hyuk the only way he knew.

“Wouldn’t it be best to show her your sincerity?”


“Yeah. Amelia is the only woman in Jang Jun Hyuk’s life. There’s only you in the past, now, and in the future.”

Jun Hyuk imagined buying a diamond ring and getting down on one knee to propose. It is a method with a 100% success rate in the movies.

“Don’t even think about a diamond ring the size of a baseball. You’ll get beaten with that.”


Jun Hyuk just drank while thinking of a way to express his sincere feelings.

The next morning, Jun Hyuk pushed a piece of paper under Amelia’s door and spoke as he knocked,

“Amelia. Make sure you look at that. I’ll wait in front of the door.”

After he had been waiting at the door for about 20 minutes, the door opened.

Tears were running down Amelia’s cheeks.

Her hand trembled as she held the paper Jun Hyuk had given her. She looked at Jun Hyuk and suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Will you marry me?”

When Jun Hyuk whispered into Amelia’s ear, she hugged him even harder.



When Jun Hyuk proudly talked about his successful proposal, Yoon Kwang Hun let out a low whistle in surprise.

“You’re better than I thought. How did you figure it out?”

“You told me to show her my sincerity. So I showed her.”

Yoon Kwang Hun’s eyes grew wide. He had just said that because he had nothing else to say, but it worked?

“You just told her? Your sincerity? She believes that? Amelia’s dumber than I thought. She believe’s a man’s words.”

How great would it be if people could show their sincerity with just words? Words can hold truth and lies, so it is difficult to tell what the truth is.

This is especially true when people are angry.

“Even I know that words aren’t enough. Fortunately, I had a document that would let me show my sincerity. In Korea. He he.”

“Korea? Document?”

“Yes. I showed her my will.”

“What? Will? You already made something like that?”

He hadn’t even dreamed of something like that even though he is now 60, but Jun Hyuk already wrote one? Yoon Kwang Hun looked at Jun Hyuk in disbelief and laughed.

“Almost 10 years ago? You don’t remember when strange people appeared saying that they’re my biological parents?”

“Oh, when you had your concert in Seoul.”

“Yes. Lawyer Baek Seung Ho created a will then to put out any fires. He said that no one would try to go after money that already has an owner.”

Yoon Kwang Hun could guess why they had written the will without saying a word to him about it. His name will be in that will.

“Amelia was the heiress in that will?”

“Yes. Just two people, you and Amelia.”

Yoon Kwang Hun hit his knee.

“It’s perfect. You were the only woman from 10 years ago. There’s nothing more sincere.”

Jun Hyuk did not know that he would use his will like this. Yoon Kwang Hun couldn’t not say something.

“But why is my name there? You thought you’d die before I did?”

“Just in case. I was young then… he he. I thought geniuses die quickly.”

Jun Hyuk flushed in embarrassment. Yoon Kwang Hun saw this and started laughing again.

“You don’t smoke, you only drink sometimes, and you go jogging every morning, but die quickly? You’re going to live longer than Jina.”

Not all geniuses die premature deaths. Einstein lived 76 years. Living like Jun Hyuk, he will live for more than 80 years.


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