GS Volume 8 Chapter 275

Volume 8 / Chapter 275

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A girl who is like Jun Hyuk. The President found it hard to believe. Isn’t he someone who might or might not appear once every 100 years – no – someone who is called the greatest genius in the history of music?

But another person to appear in one generation? Are geniuses this common?

“Until now, I thought that the human voice is incomplete. Even the greatest singer sounded unstable to me and the sound wasn’t that impressive, and that thought hasn’t changed yet. But this little girl next to me is a perfect instrument with a perfect voice.”

The President could not give any response to Jun Hyuk who was speaking excitedly. This is because he could not understand the difference between an incomplete human voice and complete voice.

“I don’t know anything beyond her voice… but this girl will turn the world over with just her voice.”

It was hard to believe, but Maestro Jun is sure. He is not someone to talk nonsense.

“Mr. President. Thank you for doing me this strange favor. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Then you’re saying that I listened to your strange favor and helped rescue a girl with the voice of a century, no, a perfect voice?”

Jun Hyuk thought he should have bit his tongue when he heard the President’s voice full of jest. This man is not one to miss out on a perfect opportunity. The President is a politician who takes advantage of opportunities well.

“Well. I’m not trying to brag, but what I asked you for a few times… What do you think about that? Oh, I’m not saying this expecting payment for my help. It’s a request I gave you whenever I had the chance to. Ha ha.”

Jun Hyuk laughed out loud at the President’s simple request.

“What? Oh, ha ha. I got it. Prepare a seat for me at the White House year-end dinner on Christmas Eve this year. I’ll be sure to attend. And of course I’ll play a piano duet with you.”

“Thank you, Maestro. Tell me if something like this comes up again. I can’t do anything with nuclear missiles, but I would be able to end the Delta force. Ha ha.”

When Jun Hyuk ended the call and looked at the little girl, she was still chewing on food and filling her stomach.

Jun Hyuk sat at a piano in the room.

When he started playing the piano without looking away from the young girl, a strange melody flowed out. Tara and the staff members are not used to it as Westerners, but the Indian maids looking after the young girl shouted out at the same time,


Jun Hyuk was playing a melody unique to India.

Western music, especially classical, uses a composition system of 12 majors and 12 minors. Each group centers around its own keynote, and a series of notes form a group called a scale.

One keynote uses a melody or harmony as a center and other notes have a dependent relationship on that note in a group of sounds, and forming those kinds of group sounds is what composition is.

No matter how grand and complicated classical music looks, in the end it cannot get away from the 12 majors and 12 minors, or the composition system of 24.

The composition of traditional Indian music however, exceeds 2,000 and there are hundreds of compositions that are used often. And most of these compositions are named after ancient Indian gods.

From the view of Indian music, Western classical music is just music that is too simple and boring.

The hotel maid shouted out Saabun because Jun Hyuk is playing the Saabun scale.

The little girl was eating cake when the movement of her mouth slowed down and she began to focus on the piano melody.

Jun Hyuk saw this and started to change the melody. He played various Indian compositions in alternation, and classical melodies flowed out as well.

The melody grew increasingly discordant and the piano song became more and more complex.

The little girl swallowed the cake in her mouth and was slowly led to Jun Hyuk by the piano sound, touching the table with both hands, and started focusing on his song. She moved her fingers and moved her hand, eventually moving both arms, waving lightly to the rhythm.

Jun Hyuk’s piano stopped after going for more than 30 minutes. When Jun Hyuk stopped suddenly, the excited girl spoke rapidly in Hindi.

“She is asking you to keep going. She said that she doesn’t need to eat something sweet – she must be talking about the cake – so she would like for you to keep playing.”

The hotelier looking after the girl also spoke excitedly. They are hearing the maestro’s piano for themselves, which is known to be an extremely rare occurrence. This kind of luck does not come everyday.

“Relay my message exactly. Tell her to sing just as I played the piano. Then she’ll be able to experience another kind of music.”

He is sure that she will have memorized the piano melody that he played for over 30 minutes.

The hotelier relayed the message slowly and exactly with an expression of disbelief, and the girl opened her mouth as if she had been waiting.

The girl started to make a thin sound, and that sound was exactly the melody that came from the piano. The more interesting aspect is that she recreated the perfect harmony of the left hand’s accompaniment and the right hand’s main melody.

Tara was watching this when her legs went weak and she plopped down. She loves music more than anyone else does, and she has lived listening to incredible music from Jun Hyuk’s side. She must know the value of the sound coming out of the girl’s mouth.

She could only think of one thing:

Voice of an Angel

Tara realized that Jun Hyuk’s behavior until now had been because of this unbelievable voice. The ability to remember the music precisely on top of that. This has not been discovered in anyone other than Jun Hyuk.

Tara looked at Jun Hyuk. Jun Hyuk looked so blissful it seemed he could not feel more joy as he watched the girl and then put his hands on the piano again.

Their music continued for another hour and everyone in the room felt so much like they were dreaming as they listened to the sweet music that they did not even realize that time was passing by.

Someone was standing outside Jun Hyuk’s door with an ecstatic expression as well. It was Commander Akhtar who had helped Jun Hyuk.

The melody of India, the motherland he loves. The beautiful voice that is bringing out that melody.

The Commander realized that the voice’s owner is the blind girl. And he also understood why that famous maestro had made such a big deal.

When he could no longer hear the music, he came to his senses and knocked on the door.

“Oh Commander, come in. Thank you again for helping us.”

Jun Hyuk discovered Commander Akhtar, bolted up from the piano, and shook his hand.

“It’s nothing, Maestro. I’ll tell you what happened first. Those brutish men were all arrested. And we sent the poor children to facilities for now.”

But the Commander’s face was not bright. Another gang and different children will fill that emptied space. It is the endless repeat of this shady society.

“Did you hear this child’s story?”

“According to our investigation, this child’s name is Jina. We estimate that she’s around 10 years old. There was a landslide in the village she lived in 3 years ago, so half of the people died and the other half scattered… They said that Jina’s parents probably died since they say that they brought her when they found her wandering around by herself.

Jun Hyuk clenched his teeth to hold back his tears. Commander Akhtar saw Jun Hyuk suddenly flush red, and flinched. He should have spoken with more care…

He recalled an article that said he used to wander the streets 15 years ago though he is a great master of music now. To this great maestro, his past self and this blind girl will overlap.

Commander Akhtar was at a loss for words and looked elsewhere.

“Commander, I’d like to take this girl to America right away. Would that be possible? I’ll even adopt her if necessary.”

Everyone except Jina’s jaws dropped. Tara in particular, had no idea of how to handle this incredible statement.

“When this child becomes an adult – no – before that, she will become a singer who shakes up the world. An incredible soprano… No, she’ll become a singer who is limitless and can’t be classified.”

“Yes, it seems that there’s plenty potential for that. I heard this girl’s voice from the door as well.”

Commander Akhtar spoke quietly as he smiled. He does not know music well, but the girl has a tremendous voice that makes ears ring. A world-renowned genius maestro who says that he will adopt her.

It would be weird to say that she cannot become a limitless singer.

“Maestro. I’ll try to work on it so you can take legal action. Will you wait until I call you again?”

“Of course. I’ll wait for good results.”

“Don’t worry about it. The world’s ‘Jun’ is saying that he wants to adopt. I’m sure you’ll be able to skip over the minor procedural steps.”

Commander Akhtar left the hotel with thoughts of skipping those minor steps.


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