GS Volume 8 Chapter 262

Volume 8 / Chapter 262

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“Excuse me?”

Yoon Kwang Hun’s paused with his coffee in his hand. It’s a waste?

“A large portion of what Jun makes goes to other companies. Where do you think they’ll spend the money they’re making because of Jun? It’ll become money thrown away for the whims of executives of music production companies and distributors.”

President Stern lit a cigar and started to talk about his vision.

“Wouldn’t it be better to spend that tremendous amount of money in Jun’s name? He could do anything. He could help third world countries, fund the development of music. Wouldn’t it be better to donate a piano to every elementary school classroom?”

“And that’s why you thought of a foundation. It’s an incredible idea.”

“I don’t know if you know, but the people joining this endeavor all have great characters. They will run the foundation with integrity and always think of something better.”

President Stern looked at Yoon Kwang Hun with his cigar in his mouth.

“Mr. Stern. Jun’s money isn’t something that I get involved in. You can discuss this idea with Jun and decide with him. It isn’t something to get permission from me for.”

Yoon Kwang Hun spoke plainly because he thought that President Stern was still under the impression that everything regarding Jun Hyuk needed to go through him. He is no longer Jun Hyuk’s guardian. And Jun Hyuk is not a child.

“Ha ha. Well well. You misunderstood me.”

President Stern blinked in confusion for a while because laughing.

“I didn’t come here to get your permission. As you said, it’s something that I can proceed with after talking to Jun.”

“Then why are you showing me this plan?”

“I wanted to ask a big favor of you. Will you become the Chairman of the Jun & Stern Foundation?”

Chairman? The foundation’s representative? His surprise upon seeing President Stern early in the morning had been nothing. Yoon Kwang Hun forgot that he was even holding a cigarette, and froze. What is this out of the blue?

“No matter how I think about it, no one is more appropriate than you, Mr. Yoon.”

“Mr. Stern. What are you talking about? I’m just someone who’s retired, enjoying coffee, wine, and music in this small cafe. But take on a foundation that will be moving billions of dollars? I can’t handle it.”

He was so surprised that he put his cigarette out in his coffee as he waved his hand.

“What do you mean common? You’re too modest. I know about your experience in Wall Street and Korea well.”

“That’s all in the past. I’m not like that now.”

However, President Stern’s expression did not change in the slightest.

“Will you listen to what I have to say?”

He lit his cigar again and spoke slowly.

“The foundation’s chairman needs to meet 3 conditions. First, not being greedy for money and being frugal. What I mean by greed here is that the person can’t be interested in money at all. The person can’t become greedy when there are billions on the line.”

It is a prerequisite that he needs to consider. Yoon Kwang Hun nodded.

“Second, having the ability and intuition to understand all movement just by looking at numbers on a document. We need to see it clearly if companies involved with the foundation are playing around with money. People in the entertainment industry are used to luxury and pleasure.”

President Stern let out a long puff of cigar smoke and laughed.

“There are people who think of parties full of models, singers, and entertainers all the time. They think of all of that as required expenses. It is something we need to tolerate to a point, but we need to be completely aware of the extent.”

“Mr. Stern, America is full of human resources. Won’t there be someone who meets those conditions? You’re thinking about this the wrong way because of the relationship between Jun and myself.”

“Of course. There are a lot of human resources. People with the right philosophy and mind of sacrifice. And it’d be possible to find a ton of people who are good at administration who are good with numbers.”

“Then that’s settled. There’s no reason that it has to be me.”

Yoon Kwang Hun sighed in relief, but President Stern was still laughing.

“The problem is that no one meets the 3rd and last condition.”

“What? A 3rd condition?”

“There are a lot of great people out there as you said, but no matter who we bring, they will think more of the foundation. How can we spend money in a place with more value? What method do we need to use when using money? Lastly, how can we grow the foundation?”

“Isn’t that inevitable?”

“No. There’s something to think about before that. It’s that we need to think of Jun before all of that.”

Yoon Kwang Hun closed his eyes. He finally realized the reason why President Stern is trying to make him the chairman.

The foundation must not come before Jun Hyuk. If the foundation comes first, an endless amount of money is needed. Not just the money made from companies affiliated with the foundation, but it is normal to get external contributions.

The best way to get donations is to put Jun Hyuk forward. It could become endlessly bothersome. Jun Hyuk is the foundation’s owner, but the chairman who is in charge of operations could think of Jun Hyuk as an affiliate company.

This is President Stern’s concern.

Yoon Kwang Hun opened his eyes and spoke cautiously,

“Mr. Stern, you’re the person most suitable for the chairman position. It’s not me.”

Doesn’t he meet all of these prerequisites? Furthermore, didn’t he invest Stern Corporation stocks and a huge amount of money? There is no better match.

However, President Stern looked at Yoon Kwang Hun in disbelief.

“Mr. Yoon, look at me. I’m an old man, already over 80. It wouldn’t be weird if I died now. Going out to do something would be silly.”

President Stern looked all over his body. His wrinkled hands, his white hair. He is an old man.

“If you don’t accept, I’m not going to establish the foundation at all.”

“That would be better. It’s the choice of company officials if they want to waste the money they made through Jun by playing around with models. Not everyone needs to be moral. I don’t have the right to pass judgement on other people’s actions. Let’s end this discussion here.”

President Stern’s smile grew when he saw how decisive Yoon Kwang Hun was. He really had picked the right person. Yoon Kwang Hun does not care about anything. Billions of dollars is just a number to him, and he will remain indifferent to that money. He became more entrenched in his thought that there will be no better person for the job.

President Stern took out a few documents from the manila envelope. It is the contract for Jun Hyuk and Stern Corporation’s management.

“I’m sure you know, but the termination date for the contract was left blank.”

“Yes. It’s an incredibly reckless and free condition.”

“Yes, it is reckless. It seems like a blank termination date is an advantage for the artist’s side, but it can be used in the reverse as well. I’m writing in a date to release the burden. If you don’t accept, that date will become today.”

Yoon Kwang Hun laughed in disbelief. This old man is really something!

“You’re incredible. I wavered. Ha ha.”

“This isn’t all. There’s more.”

“The decisive hit?”

“Of course. It’ll become the KO punch.”

Yoon Kwang Hun looked at another document that President Stern handed over, and was surprised for the 3rd time today. Then, he lit a cigarette without saying anything.

While Yoon Kwang Hun smoked, President Stern looked elated.

“It looks like I’ve won. With a KO.”

Yoon Kwang Hun put his cigarette out, let out a long sigh, and looked at President Stern.

“A small apartment in New York. You have to put an audio system of the highest quality in that apartment. Oh right. I can expense my costs for moving on the foundation, right?”


After the orchestra members gathered in the studio to practice everyday for about 1 month, their first result was revealed.

“We will begin recording for the opera ‘Godfather’ tomorrow.”

The orchestra members gulped. Will all of the members get to participate together? Or will there be people eliminated?

This moment was more tense than when they had auditioned a month ago.

“It is a pity, but there is a fair amount of people who do not meet my standards. And I matched these standards to those of other orchestras. The people who participate in the recording must keep in mind as well that they can be taken out at any time during the recording.”

This means that in the end, he only selected a section of them. The members all looked disheartened.

“The list for participants is hanging outside. And the recording period is 3 days. The people who will not be recording should practice individually for the 3 days. It is not a break.”

Jun Hyuk looked over the orchestra and said something even more shocking.

“Second clarinet.”

“Yes, Maestro.”

The clarinet player had his instrument in his hand and was startled when Jun Hyuk called on him.

“You’re fired starting today. The office will give you more detailed information. You worked hard until now.”


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