GS Volume 8 Chapter 257

Volume 8 / Chapter 257

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As President Stern assured, Director Louis O’Connell received the awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song on behalf of Jun Hyuk.

“Two. This number has special meaning to me. The two movies I made. Two Oscars.”

Louis O’Connell’s debut indie film won the ‘Short Film Award’ and the thriller he made this time won the Screenplay award.

“And it’s the number of times I saw Jun who wrote the music for this movie – just two times. The time it took for him to complete the entire OST after watching the movie – just two seconds. And the two trophies we received today. Oh right. The number also includes the times I’ve been married.”

Light laughter came out inside the theater with Louis O’Connell’s joke.

“Jun. He is this age’s maestro, who does not need words to describe him. It is an honor that the first movie he made music for is mine. Of course the way he rejected my earnest wishes for him to take on the music for my next movie is embedded in my heart, I have not yet given up.”

The host joked that someone appearing on behalf of the winner should not have such long remarks, so Louis O’Connell said his last words and left the stage.

“His music is a gift from God. I am one of the countless people who wait happily and anxiously for his gift. Just like you do.”

Louis O’Connell was not the only person who had been rejected in commissioning film music. As soon as the rumor spread that he could complete the music in just a day, film producers chased by production periods knocked on Stern Corporation’s door with a large bundle of money, but they just received cold refusals.

They were given the absurd response that it is boring work because the creative process was too easy and all he had to do was move the music onto scores.

The 2 Oscars Jun Hyuk received through Louis O’Connell’s movie would become the only Academy Award trophies that would decorate his house.


When Jun Hyuk came back to LA for the Grammy Awards, the first people he met with were Alvin and the members.

Kyung Min Ho in particular had changed so much he was unrecognizable. His unsure and anxious look was completely gone, and he looked like a relaxed star musician.

“Jun. What do we do if our album sweeps up all the Grammys? I feel like I’m going to go crazy just thinking about it.”

“Huh? Min Ho, why are you speaking in English? And your English has gotten a lot better.”

“Oh right. It’s become a habit. Alvin hit me if I didn’t use English.”

Kyung Min Ho scratched his head and behind him, there was someone in a cold sweat who Jun Hyuk was seeing for the first time.

“Jun, say hi. This is our guitarist.

As soon as Alvin spoke, the guitarist held his hand out and waited for Jun Hyuk to take it.

“It’s an honor, Maestro. It feels like a dream that I’m in the same hotel as you. I’m Todd Hill.”

“He’s an admirer of yours. He owns all of your albums. Even your Korean debut album, which I heard is really hard to get your hands on.”

Colin laughed as he pointed to Todd, and Todd’s face flushed even more.

“It’s a pleasure. I’m sure you have tremendous ability if you’re able to satisfy picky Colin and Alvin.”

Jun Hyuk shook Todd’s hand and stared at him.

“I feel like I’ve seen you before… Have we met before?”

“Oh, of course not. I wouldn’t have forgotten if I met you before. I just have a common face.”

Alvin had not been able to find a guest guitarist with the Germany tour ahead of them. The German office held auditions to find a guitarist, and the audition acted as incredible promotion for the show.

Alvin, Colin, and Kyung Min Ho held final auditions again for the 3 candidates that the promotion agency chose, and Todd was the guitarist who came out in the end.

The guitar melody he let out can transform to various genres, starting with the blues. He is a guitarist who is faithful to the basic idea that “guitar is played by feeling”.

He was only supposed to play with them through the Germany shows, but the potential he showed as a guitarist captured Colin and Alvin saw it as the birth of an outstanding guitarist, so they decided to go through the rest of the tour together. It was a Cinderella story.

“He does look very average. Alright, let’s go. You’ll be surprised too when you hear him play the guitar in rehearsals.”

Alvin stood up from the sofa and put his hand on Jun Hyuk’s shoulder.

There will be a special star performance at the Grammys. They are all nominees, and the main hero cannot be missing.


Staples Center is home to the LA Lakers, and where this year’s Grammys is being held.

Stage and seating for the Grammys had already been set up, and musicians were bustling around.

Introductions went smoothly because Alvin is familiar with them, and they did not let go of Jun Hyuk’s hand as Todd had done. No one forgot to say that they would like to work on music with him.

The song that they will be playing in the special performance is the biggest hit in ‘The Life of Alvin’ album, ‘Wife’.

It became a twin guitar with Jun Hyuk participating, and the song arranged to fit 2 guitars together would be a new side for this special stage.

“Ha ha. Wait… wait. Ha ha.”

They stopped mid-performance because of Jun Hyuk’s laughter and everyone was confused, but Jun Hyuk could not stop laughing for a while.

He looked at Todd once he finally stopped laughing, and Todd shouted in surprise.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no. I just remembered something from a long time ago. Sorry. That was my mistake. Alright. Let’s start again.”

He cannot remember exactly where it was, but he thought of the guitarist of an unknown band who playing Randy Rose’s ‘Dee’ on a dark road. The sense to go into the flow of the song he made and find the guitar’s variation. The musicality to find the composer’s intention and play the music in 2 versions within moments.

Jun Hyuk had been right when he said that he would one day break away from his namelessness. That nameless guitarist, Todd, is standing on a special stage for the Grammys.

Jun Hyuk could not stop smiling through the entire rehearsal.


Stars arrived at Staples Center at 5 in the afternoon. They walked the red carpet, waved to cheering fans, and posed in the photozone for reporters.

CBS is live broadcasting the ceremony, and its reporter was holding short interviews with the entering stars.

Today’s Grammys is strangely excited. This atmosphere was created because it is normal for several albums to share the awards but this year, one album is going to sweep up all of them.

It even felt like the watching fans and musicians themselves were betting on how many trophies this masterpiece album would take home.

When Amelia got out of the limousine, wearing a red dress that shows all of the curves of her body, cameras started flashing like fireworks.

Behind her, Jun Hyuk came out in black and all of the cameras near the red carpet gathered in. They greeted the cheers while affectionately holding hands, and slowly walked the red carpet.

“Maestro. Will you tell us how many trophies you will be taking home today?”

The station reporter held a microphone out to him and asked what everyone is wondering.

“I don’t know. That’s not a question that I can answer. And I’m not the main person for the album, but Alvin. The album is Alvin’s.”

When Jun Hyuk gave a boring answer, the reporter moved the microphone to Amelia.

“What does it feel like to be dating the 21st century Beethoven?”

“You left out the part that he’s a handsome Beethoven. How does it feel? Like I experience a miracle everyday?”

The reporter had nothing to say in response, so the couple went into the center.

The Grammys curtains went up with hip hop legend artist LL Cool J as MC.

There are 4 parts to the Grammy Awards’ core. Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best New Artist.

Song of the Year is awarded to the composer and lyricist. Record of the Year is awarded to everyone related, like the singer, composer, lyricist, player, and engineer.

With each nomination announcement and award, and special performance, the passion in Staples Center grew hotter.

Jun Hyuk’s name was first called for Best Instrumental Composition and Best Instrumental Arrangement.

There are composition and arrangement awards for performance.

4 nominees were announced and the name called after “The winner is…” was Jun.

One of the 3 songs in ‘The Life of Alvin’ had won for composition and arrangement.

“I am just thankful to Alvin, who gave me this lightning-like inspiration. His voice, his story, are the origins of this music.”

Jun Hyuk finished his short acceptance speech and left the stage, but there was no time for him to sit for even a moment.

He was up for Best Rock Performance, Best Metal Performance, and Best Rock Song, and took all 3 trophies. Fortunately, he was able to pass the acceptance speeches on to Alvin Lee, who had gone on stage with him.

Jun Hyuk gave the trophy for Best Engineered Album to the engineers who worked with him on the album. They gave a modest speech in his stead to say that Jun Hyuk is the one who should be receiving the trophy.

Director Louis O’Connell needed to receive Best Music Video, but he had not attended, saying that he needs to pay Jun Hyuk back for not attending the Academy Awards. He also said that a festival for musicians should be full of only musicians. Alvin Lee had to run on stage again.

Awards for film soundtracks are in sections like Best Music Film. The host quickly announced winners without nomination announcements. They have to go through over 80 awards. The winner is the album that gave Jun Hyuk Oscar trophies.

When even the trophy for Producer of the Year went to Jun Hyuk, all attendees stood up and clapped.


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