GS Volume 8 Chapter 255

Volume 8 / Chapter 255

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Jun Hyuk nodded to the private plane. He is already using President Stern’s plane as if it is his own. He is already used to its convenience and doesn’t feel anything against purchasing one.

“Since there are several uncomfortable aspects of living in this apartment, let’s look into a house first.”

“What? I’ve never felt uncomfortable in this apartment. The location is good and something like this is like a palace to me.”

President Stern shook his head.

“Alright then. Forbes reveals star incomes in June. A lot will change after that. You can’t live here any longer.”


“You’re just a young musician right now, but you’ll become a billionaire musician after the Forbes release. There will start to be dangerous and bothersome things happening. We need to find a place for you where you can be safe.”

“Hm. Then I’ll have to buy a house first.”

Jun Hyuk decided to throw away his preconceptions of America’s rich. He has already made an enormous and unimaginable amount.

He thought that it would be better to enjoy his wealth, rather than becoming an oddball who insists on living a normal life.

“Right. A house could have no meaning to you though. You won’t have a normal life of coming home every night. You won’t be able to live in it half the time, but there’s a feeling of security in simply knowing that you have a home.”

He might live like a nomad, but it is a good thing to have a home that he maintains and embellishes. The only problem is where the house will be. Since Jun Hyuk has already left Korea, it is okay for him to think of any place in the world that he wants to as his hometown.

“Where would you like it? America? Europe?”

“I like New York. It feels like my hometown because it’s where I’ve been living since I first arrived in America.”

“Fine. Then I’ll look into houses in New York. What kind of house do you want?”

Jun Hyuk quickly pointed to Amelia,

“We have to follow what the woman wants rather than what the man wants when choosing a house. Don’t we? Amelia?”

Amelia could not speak for a while. Jun Hyuk said it as if it were nothing, but the meaning hidden behind it is not simple.

He has never said anything about marriage. And it does not seem like he will say the word in the future either.

Amelia knows why Jun Hyuk does not talk about their future. There is a fully understandable reason for this in his past.

But asking to choose the house that they will live in together is the closest way Jun Hyuk will get to proposing. It’s okay even if they do not marry. Amelia has nothing more to ask for if they can just keep going as they are now.

Amelia wiped a tear from her eye and turned her attention to President Stern.

“We need to decide on a location first. Isaac, where would be good?”

“The East Hamptons in Long Island is the best.”

The seashore full of the villas and yachts of famous people like designer Calvin Klein, singer Billy Joel, and film director Steven Spielberg.

The best beach in America, Cooper’s Beach, is located in Long Island. As much as it is the place where New York’s rich are gathered, it is a place with safety and security.

“It’ll be adequate because it takes a little over 2 hours from Manhattan to Long Island by highway. There are a fair amount of houses on sale too.”

“2 hours? I think that’s too far.”

“What of it? You can take a helicopter when you’re busy.”

Jun Hyuk learned of another way that rich people think. Helicopters are just another form of transportation to the rich.

“Amelia. What do you think? Will Long Island be okay?”

“Of course. It’s the dream place for New Yorkers. You’ll fall in love with that sea too.”

“Then let’s do that.”

Once they made the decision to buy a house, Amelia who had been rolling around in bed became busier than she had been during her tour season.

She went around the Hamptons with a real estate agent for several days, but became exhausted when she was unable to find a house that was perfect for them. Jun Hyuk massaged her swollen calves and spoke like a billionaire.

“Amelia. What do you think about just building a house? Buy a house in a location you like first. Then we can bring the house down, design what you want, and build it new.”

Amelia flowed with energy again with Jun Hyuk’s idea.

President Stern introduced her to several of the best architects. When they found out that they were faced with building a house for a couple of rising musicians, with Jun Hyuk being one of them in particular, they created blueprints with the best conditions.

It seemed that the architects seemed to consider it a great career to have Maestro Jun’s house included in their records.

However, not even the best architects could satisfy Amelia. Jun Hyuk even started to think that at this rate, they would never be able to own a house.

“Isaac. I’m thinking of just resting with Amelia until next summer. Is that okay?”

“Next summer? Hm. I’m sure it’ll be okay. The only confirmed thing you have on your schedule is the opera recording. The opera tour will be over by around next summer too.”

“Then we’ll go to your Switzerland villa. We’ve also matched Amelia’s schedule to start after the next summer season.”

“Okay. Get a lot of rest before you come back. Oh right. How’s the house going?”

“At this rate, I don’t think we can get a design even after 10 years. I think I need to cut it off at an appropriate line.”

“Ha ha. Of course she’ll be like that. She’s still a young woman. It’s impossible to bring the house of her dreams into reality.”

“That’s why I want to go to Switzerland. I’m sure we can compromise Amelia’s dream.”

As soon as Jun Hyuk threatened to go to Switzerland alone, Amelia approved the architect’s blueprints with an attitude as if she were giving in a lot.

They went back to enjoying their peaceful and quiet life. This time, in the beautiful winter of Switzerland.


When the new year came around, they were surprised with President Stern and Tara’s surprise visit, but more so with the news that President Stern brought with them.

“Jun. You know Amsterdam’s Gebouw in the Netherlands, right?”

“Yes. The Royal Concertgebouw orchestra?”

Concertgebouw means ‘concert hall’ in Dutch.

The Concertgebouw opened in Amsterdam in April 1888, an orchestra was created, and Willem Kes was invited as standing conductor. Until it received the royal title from the queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix, it was called the Concertgebouw orchestra.

Royal Concertgebouw is one of the best venues in the world regarding its acoustics and in 2008, it beat the Berlin Philharmonic to take 1st place of 10 orchestras chosen by Gramophone.

Of course Gramophone’s judgement cannot be taken as an orchestra’s skill because the largest item in deciding the ranking is ticket sales.

There is an advantage to having a lot of sponsors for ticket sales. Sponsors are enterprises. Those companies purchase season tickets to give out as gifts. Because they buy the expensive seats like R and S, ticket sales are guaranteed.

Amsterdam was a trade city that took over Europe in the 16th century and can still be considered a center of finance and trade, so there are a lot of sponsors.

“A proposal came in from that Concertgebouw. They want to leave the orchestra to Dimitri starting next season. They made a proposal for standing conductor.”

“What? Maestro Carras?”

“Yeah. Concertgebouw always has successful shows but the album sales aren’t that good. They’re just selling show albums.”

Jun Hyuk was curious as to why he is being told of Dimitri Carras’ circumstances. Isaac Stern would not have flown all the way to Switzerland to tell him someone else’s news.

“Dimitri put your Inferno on stage. It seems they considered that bold experimental spirit highly. And they think it’s great that he has a record of releasing entire albums with Tchaikovsky and Marlowe.”

“Does… this call for congratulations? The New York Philharmonic and Concertgebouw are both top-notch… I’m sure he has a lot to think of.”

“That’s why Dimitri is asking me to find out what you think.”

“What? What do you mean what I think?”

A great maestro who has gone through all of the hoops to reach the peak is asking for him opinion? When President Stern continued, Jun Hyuk was surprised.

“If you want to go to Amsterdam, he says that he’ll really push for you. And if you like New York, he’ll go to Amsterdam and recommend you as successor to the New York Philharmonic.”

President Stern laughed in satisfaction at Jun Hyuk and Amelia’s surprised and blank faces.

There was also something that Dimitri Carras had asked him to be sure to relay to Jun Hyuk.

“There’s only half the chance that you would become the standing conductor for Concertgebouw, but he made a big fuss saying that he could put you on the podium for the New York Philharmonic.”

A young Asian in his early 20s becoming the standing conductor of a top orchestra. Even without a distinction between East and West, it is unimaginable.


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