GS Volume 7 Chapter 245

Volume 7 / Chapter 245

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Colin was on the cross-country tour of his dreams and gaining a reputation as a bassist with overflowing personality. Kyung Min Ho felt like this tour was a dream even while he was playing the drums.

After about a month passed however, they realized that stamina is most important when trying to handle a nomadic lifestyle of constant movement. They finally felt the true nature of touring when there were neverending days spent sleeping on buses and planes.

The concert planning agency fell into a panic when they found out that Jun Hyuk was dropping out, but sighed in relief when a prominent star guitarist was brought on for each changing performance.

It was also a great factor in the show’s success. Once the fans started enjoying the curiosity of who the next guitarist would be, there was no longer any complaint regarding Jun Hyuk’s absence.

While they were handling a busy schedule, Jun Hyuk was spending his days in leisure, meeting each of the major characters of Godfather.

He met with people like Al Pacino who is of Italian immigrant lineage like Director Coppola, Robert De Niro who acted the role of young Vito Corleone, James Caan of the older son role, and Robert Duval of the attorney role in turn to get feedback on casting.

He had wanted to be able to meet Marlon Brando of the Vito Corleone role and original author Mario Puzo, but they had already passed away.

The chief director of an opera needs to materialize the image in his head. Jun Hyuk is systematically building out the visual image and the emotional flow of the play.

“Jun. These are the profiles for the scriptwriter candidates. Look over them and pick. It’s fine to have one or two, since they can do a collaboration.”

The document that President Stern gave him had the various writer’s records and major works. There were various experts in the field, from movie scenario writers, poets, novel writers, to musical script writers.

The common factor was that they are all Italian. There are those who are also active in British Columbia, and those who never left Italy. He needed to have an English translation for the people who were only active within Italy.

“And we got an interesting proposal. Director Martin Scorsese proposed making a documentary.”

Jun Hyuk was so surprised he almost threw the papers he was looking at.

Martin Scorsese, symbol of Hollywood gangsters and noir film, is the son of Italian immigrants.

As shown in his filmography, he likes heavy masculine drama and has a strong passion for music in particular.

<The Blues> movie series is a 7-part documentary created under Martin Scorsese’s chief directing. The beginning of a tremendous project going across the American continent to Africa and Europe stemmed from Martin Scorsese’s affection for the blues, and his desire to get its history and story out to the world.

The journey depicted in <The Blues> series became a beautiful and emotional tribute to the great directors in music. His production skills are also so great that he was able to film a Rolling Stones live show documentary ‘Shine A Light’.

There is no reason for such a man to hear about a gangster classic with music – much less an Italian opera – and stay still.

“A documentary?”

“Yeah. He said he wants to capture everything from the scenario production to the La Scala show.”

“What’s there to capture? All there will be is me staring out blankly and then writing on sheet music.”

“Jun, a great producer is able to capture that blank staring in an emotional manner. And it could be a documentary about creating the opera or about you. Is that okay?”

If it had been a different director, Jun Hyuk would have rejected it without a second’s hesitation. But it is Martin Scorsese, one of his favorite directors.

President Stern could see that Jun Hyuk is conflicted, and gave advice that would help him make up his mind.

“What do you think if we don’t film anything personal… like shooting at home or taking away from your personal time? It’ll be hard to come across a project like creating a traditional opera again, so I’d like to have a record like this as well.”

“Then one more thing. Turning the camera off no matter what when I want. We can go through with it if that condition is included.”

President Stern took his phone and gave the order to write up a contract regarding the documentary production first.


Jun Hyuk, Tara, and President Stern looked through documents for several hours in order to choose scenario writers.

“Giuseppe Ung? Ungaretti? Who is this person?”

“Oh, Ungaretti? Why? You like him?”

“Yes. First, this poem translated into English is good, but I don’t know what the original Italian will be like…”

Jun Hyuk shook a poem in his hand and Tara took Ungaretti’s poem from him. She read slowly through the original text on the back.

‘Does Tara know Italian? I’m confused.’

Jun Hyuk was trying not to be surprised. It is really not something to be surprised by because he heard that she is good at most European languages.

Jun Hyuk listened to Tara reciting the poem and focused on the sound of the language. The distinctive rolling that does not seem to end in Italian was nice to listen to.

Giuseppe Ungaretti broke traditional writing styles and drew out the devastation of the modern world using a wild rhythm. After releasing that first poem, he dedicated himself to his works and reaped success.

Jun Hyuk did not know anything about him, but there is music inside his poem. The music moved with variety and density inside the poem, but was also a tool that brought out the beauty of sound like a 1-person opera.

“It’s good. Let’s go with this person.”

“Then you’ll need another professional screenwriter. Ungaretti will only be able to write dialogue. He can’t configure an entire scenario.”

“Then Isaac, find an appropriate person. I’ll just prepare the dialogue with this poet.”

President Stern looked over Ungaretti’s profile and frowned.

“You’ll have to go to Italy if you want to work with this poet. It says that he barely leaves his house. Traveling abroad in particular is impossible. Apparently, he can’t ride planes. Who is this guy?”

Jun Hyuk stopped Isaac Stern from making a call.

“It’s okay. Going to Italy is better anyway. No, I need to go. I need to see the operas they enjoy watching for myself. That old Italian man, Sergio, said that it needs to follow Verdi. I’ll take this chance to see the Italian people.”

President Stern started laughing when Jun Hyuk said that he would go to Italy.

“If you’re going to go, go fully prepared. There will be chaos from the airport.”


“Will there be an Italian who does not like a young genius who wants to resurrect the traditional opera? You’re a daring young man who has thrown a challenge at not just Beethoven, but Verdi and Puccini now. Of course this is different from when you took on Beethoven.”

“Oh, I guess they could see it like that. Have I made another mistake?”

“Oh, no. You’ll be cheered on passionately this time. You’re a hero in Italy right now. Their expectations for you are next level. Ha ha.”


When Jun Hyuk on President Stern’s private plane, a man he was seeing for the first time greeted him.

“It’s an honor, Maestro. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“Oh, sure. Are you filming the documentary?”


“And Director Scorsese?”

“He’s in the middle of filming his movie. I’ll be taking over for now. Maestro, you can treat me like I don’t exist, as though I’m a shadow. You’ll have to get used to the camera rolling at all times. That’s how a natural side of you will come out.”

“I see. I’ll try.”

‘Damn. I guess I won’t get to see Director Scorsese. Did I say I’d do this for nothing?’

Jun Hyuk needed to make an effort to hide his disappointment in front of the cameraman.

Countless reporters and fans were already waiting for Jun Hyuk at the entrance in Peretola airport in Firenze, Italy.

Fans who were anticipating the opera held posters that read ‘VIVA VERDI! VIVA JUN!’ and cheered when they saw Jun Hyuk.

“Thank you for welcoming us. We will be going somewhere quiet to work on the scenario. I hope you will understand that I cannot reveal the destination. And we will hold interviews when leaving the country. Ciao!”

Tara gave her greeting and they quickly left the airport. Jun Hyuk’s group headed west for a city on the coast of Firenze.


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