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Volume 7 / Chapter 240

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New York Times Review

– Howling Lion. And Tamer.

Is it an overreaction if I thought of Marvin Gaye the moment I listened to the first track on Alvin Lee’s new album – though it may need to be called Jun’s album – ‘My Wife’?

From white society’s view of 60s black music, rhythm and blues, it was an evil to be defeated. However, ingenious Marvin Gaye put gospel in rhythm and blues and made it into something respectable instead of something depraved. Though his incredible vocals had also been a great weapon.

Marvin Gaye is the first great musician to make white adults gladly open their wallets to buy an album. This does not mean that his album went over the racial barrier.

Alvin Lee’s album woke up the passion of white middle-aged people in their 40s and 50s, who had been fans of his when they were in their 20s in the 90s. Of course it cannot be denied that those wrapped in passion now in their 20s will be enthusiastic about this album as well.

If Alvin Lee’s image until now had been that of a rocker who came back as a successful blues singer after falling into a drug addiction, Alvin Lee after this album will be a true musician creating another legend.

And there is a name that we cannot leave out here. It is Maestro JUN. Simply calling him a musician is not enough as he composed all of the songs on this album and even produced it.

This great musician is also the tamer.

He breathed life into the ashes of a forgotten pop metal band, that had been sleeping in a grave. He even brought out what could be considered one of Stanley Clarke’s top 3 songs during their first meeting.

Something more surprising took place at the Monterey Jazz Festival. After a performance with Lee Carlton and Stanley Clarke in front of a huge crowd, they played in a relaxed state as a dessert, resulting in a double album that quenched the thirst of jazz fans all over the world.

I can say this confidently about him. Musicians who meet him say that they basically put in a reservation for the top masterpiece of their music lives. Therefore, all musicians recommend meeting him quickly. The gate, Greatest, is waiting in front of them.

Oops! It seems like you do not need to hurry. Maestro JUN is only in his 20s, so there is still a lot of time.

New York Post Review

– An Important Lesson

The word ‘first’ has the power to focus the attention of the world. This is because behind the word ‘first’ always stimulates a primordial desire for conquest.

New York Philharmonic was the first to conquer last night. And Inferno, the never ending hellfire, at that.

Wait! They conquered the flames of hell?

But why is it so flat? It was unstimulating and has no remembrance of watching a heated drama involving a journey through adversity.

This is like hearing that someone had climbed Mt. Everest for the first time, so you turn on the TV and see him ride up in a helicopter to touch his feet down.

Is this the first conquest?

The album that Maestro JUN released is a successful experiment that shows music’s influence on the senses. The sad fact is that there are not even 1000 people on this earth who can enjoy this incredible result.

It could be that the New York Philharmonic and Maestro Carras are unlucky because JUN, the sniper who aimed at Beethoven’s heart, is alive.

He already set the standard for Inferno through a record. Because of this, he has drawn a line to prevent people from performing the song on stage if they cannot go beyond that or provide a different type of sensation. (Whether JUN wants it or not)

Last night, the New York Philharmonic’s show gave a clear message to other symphony orchestras. They should not go at it without thought. If they do not have the confidence to surpass the record, they should not even make an attempt.

Maestro Carras delivered this message and came down from the podium.


Jun Hyuk read the two contradictory reviews and put the tablet down on the table.

“Maestro Carras’ shock must be great.”

“This is actually pretty gentle. The rest sting so much that you can’t read them.”

“He is still the first person to perform the entire part, but no one discusses that fact.”

“It’s become a meaningless first. According to the criticism, I mean.”

President Stern also frowned and lit a cigarette.

“Don’t you think he himself will have thought that it was reckless as well? But there would have been pressure from the board of directors too…”

“Maestro Carras is now…..?”

“He’ll be resting at home. Don’t worry too much. He’s doing better than you think.”

President Stern let out a long puff of smoke and erased his serious expression, smiling as he spoke.

“Oh Jun, today is a happy Christmas Eve. You don’t have much to do until the new year, so enjoy that time all you want. Shall we leave together?”

Though President Stern urged Jun Hyuk, Jun Hyuk did not seem to want to go outside.

“Isaac. I can get out of January promotions next year for the album, right?”

They already have several talk shows with nationwide networks CBS, ABC, and NBC prepared and dates decided. President Stern carefully looked over Jun Hyuk without awkwardness.

“Why? Is it because you don’t want to go out on a TV show?”

“Yes. I just want to rest at home until the tour starts.”

“Is it because of yesterday’s show?”

“No, I was satisfied. And I learned the true meaning of objectification thanks to it. It’s meaningless for critics when they compare my record and the show. Even this coffee cup changes from the different angles we take to look at it…”

President Stern did not make any expression, and did not ask the reason any further.

“Hm, alright. Rest until the tour. I’ll even ban Tara from entering. All good?”

“Yes. Tell Tara to go on vacation. She’ll have a lot of work once the tour starts.”

“Sure. I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but don’t forget to eat all of your meals.”

President Stern pat Jun Hyuk’s shoulder and left the apartment.

When Jun Hyuk was alone, he threw a stack of sheet music on the table and picked up a pen. His first thought after the New York Philharmonic’s show yesterday, had been about a revised version of Inferno.

Until now, he had not revised a completed version even if it was not to his liking. He thought that it would be better to create a new piece rather than to make revisions. However, Inferno is the first symphony he wrote. There is nothing to be ashamed about it looking back at it now, but it has already been revealed to the world and he thought he should evaluate it objectively and fix the shortcomings with fresh eyes.

He had been locked in thought regarding the orientation of his pen, when Kyung Min Ho came.

“Min Ho.”

“I’ll be back. I stopped by to see you before I left. Did I interrupt you?”

“It’s okay. Are you going to Korea today?”

“Yeah. President Stern got me a flight ticket. In first class. I’ll be back early February. I’m getting to ride a private plane and first class because of you. Thanks.”

“It’s not because of me. You got here on your own abilities. Musicians can’t be too modest. Korea’s going to be chaos.”

“Yeah. I think an article came out. The first Korean drummer to go mainstream globally. They’re saying that’s me. He he.”

Kyung Min Ho gave an embarrassed laugh and took 2 CDs out of his duffel bag.

“But Colin.”


“He gave me this after the showcase yesterday.”

The CDs that Kyung Min Ho is holding out are Colin’s records. One is his 1st album, a full length one, and the other seems to be the 2nd album he is currently working on.

“Did you listen to them?”


“What do you think?”

“It’s good. And it’s my style. That kid looks mild, but he seems to implicitly like flashy performances.”

“He didn’t say anything else?”

“He said some stuff, but how am I supposed to understand?”

Kyung Min Ho scratched his head and flushed.

“He’s saying he wants to be in the band together. In other words, you’ve been scouted.”

“What? With me?”

“Yes. It means he’s telling you to listen to his music and join him if you want to. This music on this CD is what he’s trying to put in his 2nd album. We’re just a project band and we’ll all go our separate ways once the tour is over. You’ll have until then to make up your mind.”

He looked surprised, but he did not seem completely pleased. He is carefully taking steps to a new path now. He knows that he cannot move too quickly. He had reached this opportunity with difficulty.


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