GS Volume 7 Chapter 236

Volume 7 / Chapter 236

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“Mr. Stern. The calls haven’t ended since the concert in Korea. There are a lot of promoters who say they want to push Alvin’s performance.”

“I’m sure. It’s the first large-scale performance since Alvin’s resurgence.”

As soon as Alvin Lee’s manager got back to New York, he looked for President Stern. Since the concert in Seoul ended, foreign press put up articles titled Alvin Lee’s perfect resurrection. Excluding the distinctiveness that it is Korea, it is a definite that the attention would go to Alvin Lee who is already a legend in the pop music industry, than to Jun Hyuk.

Since the concert in Seoul ended, foreign press put up articles titled Alvin Lee’s perfect resurrection. Excluding the distinctiveness that it is Korea, it is definite that the attention would go to Alvin Lee who is already a legend in the pop music industry, than to Jun Hyuk.

“The success of the Korean concert is from a collaboration between Jun and Alvin, but Alvin’s ticket power is greater in Europe and America.”

“Yes. The concert planners are also thinking of a big-scale show like there was in Korea.”

“Then you can go ahead and proceed as long as Alvin accepts. Why are you going through the effort to tell me…..?”

“Well… Alvin said that he wouldn’t turn down a concert if it’s with Jun. He says that he doesn’t want to do a solo performance if it’s going to be so noisy.”

President Stern had guessed why Alvin Lee’s manager had come looking for him, so he showed a little smile.

“Hm… What exactly does performing with Jun mean?”

“Well. First is that it means Jun’s performance is perfect. He was the only guitarist who brought out a sound that he could be satisfied with, and didn’t he arrange the configuration of all the songs? And it means that Jun’s music is good.”

“So that means he wants to keep doing concerts with Jun and his music.”

“Yes, but we don’t know Jun’s future plans. The show in Seoul was a one-shot event… And Jun is a maestro no matter what people say.”

“Ha ha. It’s not like that. Jun isn’t a maestro, but a musician. He is a free musician, who is not tied down to any one genre. Alright. I’ll ask Jun what he thinks. I just play the role of a mother who does whatever Jun wants.”


“What do you think?”

“It’s a really interesting proposal. But Isaac. How many times do you think we need to do that performance?”

“I’m guessing at least 3 times? After that, I’m sure it’ll be based on how the performances go? If all 3 are successes, we need to consider a world tour.”

When Jun Hyuk spoke up again after thinking for a while, President Stern clapped. Jun Hyuk had given the response that he had wanted.

“I have a condition. Turn it down if they want to perform with Alvin’s old songs. I have no intention of acting as the band in the background while Alvin sells memories with his fans as  targets.”

“Great! That’s it. That’s what I’m thinking, too.”

“I’ll create an album with Alvin to release. We can do the performances with that album.”

“Then we can create the global version of your 1st album and a new album. Great!”

President Stern took the calendar on top of the table and started checking off dates.

“When can you be done with what you’re recording now?”

“One month maximum.”

“I’m sure you’re thinking of writing all of the new songs within that period?”

“I can finish up the composition by tomorrow if I need to. The lyrics are the problem.”

“Alvin for the lyrics?”

“Yes. Alvin is better for lyrics than the songs.”

Jun Hyuk revealed his thoughts on Alvin’s blues songs since he made a comeback. This is why he had not wanted to perform with Alvin’s songs.

“Fine. Then we’ll release what you’re recording now and then release the new album. I’ll make both into mega hits, no matter how much money goes into marketing. The performance will come after. Okay?”

President Stern put his palm out and Jun Hyuk laughed as he gave him a high five.


“Colin. I’m releasing an album with Alvin.”

“What album? The one we just finished recording, that you’re wrapping up… Oh. Is it a new album?”

“Yeah. We’re going into the new one as soon as post-production is done for this one.”

When Colin heard about the new album, he felt excitement and was worry at the same time.

He knows that Jun Hyuk brought it up to him because he wants to work on it together.

The music he created with Jun Hyuk always brought him a new kind of happiness, but this also meant that it pushed back the time he works on his own music.

“New work… Isn’t it done if you write the songs and record? It’s an honor for me if I participate in that album.”

“No, we need to think about performing after releasing the album. Alvin can’t perform alone after releasing the album.”

“Then that means I can’t do my personal work until then?”

“Yeah. And you’ll have to leave your musical views aside. I’m going to make the music the way I want to. Of course I’ll interfere with the way you play.”

“Then that means you’re going to produce the album, too.”

“Of course.”

“Alvin said he’ll follow your directing as well?”

“He actually welcomed it. It seems he thinks he’ll be able to take a thorough look at me.”

Colin accepted without another thought. This could even be a great opportunity in forming his own band. His name needed to have more value in order for him to be able to recruit members with the ability he was looking for.

Amateurs may not, but professional performers gather in because of the name. This was evident just from looking at Jun Hyuk smiling in front of him. With Jun Hyuk now, there was no musician who would not come running at a single motion from him.

“What did the drummer say? I’m sure he’ll say okay.”

“Yeah. He won’t miss out on the chance to show himself outside of Korea.”

Jun Hyuk looked at Colin for a moment and said what he had felt faintly,


“Colin. If you like the drummer, say what you feel honestly and make a proposal. His drum skills are developing even now. He isn’t famous because of the barrier of being Asian, but I’m sure thoughts on him will change if he gets to do a world tour. Then you’ll just be one out of several options. If you want to get him, this is your chance.”

“I want to do that, too. But I’m just one of many bands that can’t guarantee him anything. Do you think he’ll take it?”

“Well you won’t know until you ask.”

Jun Hyuk silently tsked at Colin as he hesitated. Colin was so bold as to quit Clayton, which was extremely difficult to get into, but he was being timid with such matters. He couldn’t understand.


“Alvin. There are 2 ways for us to write the songs. The first is for you to write lyrics after I’m done composing.”

“And the 2nd?”

“You give me key phrases or approximate lyrics first. I’ll write a song that fits that. Then you create complete lyrics with that song.”

“So the difference is whether we write lyrics that fit the songs or songs that fit the lyrics.”


Alvin said that he would follow Jun Hyuk’s lead while writing the songs in everything except lyrics, so he frowned at this inevitable situation.

“What are you thinking?”

“I like the 2nd.”

“You’ll write the song to the lyrics?”

“Yes. But I want honest lyrics. If you want to make songs that are fluffy and comfortable for people to listen to, it’s better for me to focus on the melody.”

“Honest lyrics… What is it that you want?”

Jun Hyuk had said that he would leave the lyrics entirely up to him. But it felt like he just said he was rejecting average lyrics.

“The sound of the honest truth that’s hidden in your heart.”

“The sound that’s hidden in my heart?”

Alvin’s heart felt a little twinge at the way Jun Hyuk was looking at him.

“The forgotten sound that’s the buried and hidden truth. If you have the will to hear that sound, you can hear it whenever you want to. And you’ll be wanting it to come out.”

Jun Hyuk’s eyes wanted him to create lyrics with the truth that only he knows.

“I want to release the album quickly. While you write the lyrics for several months, I have to hang out during that time… I don’t really like that. Try listening to the sound that’s hidden in your heart. Then you’ll be able to write multiple lyrics in a day.”

“You want to expose my face to the public buying the album? Isn’t that too much? Do you have the confidence to do that?”

“I already showed mine. Through music.”

“Well well. Isn’t that too shrewd? How many people out there are able to figure out someone’s true self through an instrument or orchestra? I have to do it through words, that everyone can understand. With words and sentences! It’s completely different.”

Jun Hyuk smiled and said,

“Don’t think of it as being too unfair. Everyone just uses the method that works best for them. I do it through melody and you through words and sentences.”

“Look here. I know how to create great melodies, too.”

“But that doesn’t mean we can switch roles.”

Jun Hyuk kept smiling, and Alvin laughed as well.

“You’re more sly than I thought. I think wanting to release the album fast is just an excuse, and you really just want to see the true me?”

Jun Hyuk nodded and whispered,

“An honest sound is the standard for the birth of a great song.”

A long story was already swimming around Alvin Lee’s head from his heart.

“1 week. Okay?”

“3 days is enough. It’s easy if you just write down what your heart is saying. If you hang on for no reason, you’ll just edit it for the remaining 4 days and damage the original meaning. Alvin, this could be the last opportunity.”

“Wait. Last opportunity? What does that mean?”

“If not now, when will I be able to work with you on music? Take this chance to let the public hear your real story. I’ll put your story into incredible music.”

Jun Hyuk tapped his heart and winked. After Alvin left the studio, he reappeared in exactly 3 days.

Alvin handed over a stack of handwritten papers rather than computer printouts, but his expression was not bright.

“Jun, don’t say anything about the lyrics. Nothing is for show and there’s no pretense, and it just has what I wanted to say.”

Jun Hyuk did not say anything, and slowly read through Alvin’s story.

Alvin’s lyrics did not follow the conventional format of a song at all. It was too long to say that he only wrote the key topics yet lacked a format like a chorus and refrain, and was more like a completed poem.

There are some forms of prose and even what look like short proverbs.

Jun Hyuk read over 15 pages of lyrics, sighed, and mumbled in Korean.

“Damn. Life is fucked.”

They were words that Alvin couldn’t understand, but he could tell how Jun Hyuk felt from his expression and tone.

“Stop saying things I can’t understand, and hurry up and write the song. You have to do that so I can trim the lyrics appropriately.”

“No. I’m going to make the song so not a single word is added or taken out. We need to preserve the entire coarseness. You wrote this over 3 days? Then I’ll complete it within 3 days as well.”

Jun Hyuk took the sheets with the lyrics and locked himself in the studio in his apartment.


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