GS Volume 7 Chapter 235

Volume 7 / Chapter 235

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“Jun. How was the concert? Did you enjoy it?”

“Of course. It’s not only the audience that thought it was a pity that the concert was short. I regret it even more.”

When the last concert was over, President Stern handed a sweaty Jun Hyuk a towel.

When he saw that Jun Hyuk looked satisfied, he also felt satisfied.

“There’s going to be a party with the concert officials. There’s something I want to check before then.”


“We’ll release today’s performance as a live album, but what do you think of releasing a studio album? Without the orchestra. The Korean version is the original, but I want to create a global version with Alvin Lee’s vocals.”

“It’s a good thought. I’ll arrange it again so it fits the band, so let’s start as soon as we get back to America.”

Jun Hyuk wiped his sweat with the towel and accepted President Stern’s suggestion without a moment’s hesitation. It is obvious that he really regretted the end of the concert.

“One more thing. The same 2 people for the bass and drums?”

“Don’t you think we need to? We performed together so we can’t tell them to fall out.And, there’s no reason to tell them not to do it when they have the talent. Why? Isaac, you don’t want to keep them?”

“No. I’m satisfied, too. Okay. Then, leave it to me.”

With Jun Hyuk’s response, President Stern had the employees go back.

Rather than something for the concert’s leads to enjoy, the party in the hotel was for the people who worked hard in silence to create 2 perfect concerts.

The organizers on the Korean side worked really hard to meet President Stern’s difficult requests, but they did earn a lot of money. Even if they paid Jun Hyuk and Alvin Lee huge guarantees, they made 3 to 4 times what the top idol groups in Korea would have made for them, so it is a night they could get drunk.

Jun Hyuk showed his face at the party, and then, he went into his room with his close acquaintances to drink wine and throw a party of their own.

“For me, the best was Colin’s cello at the end. Even the audience didn’t make the sound of their breathing. It was the best finale.”

Yoon Kwang Hun did not hesitate to praise him. It was the best configuration for the end as the passion in the concert hall settled.

“Whose idea was this finale?”

“Isaac’s. We only had 10 songs to perform with and it’s obvious that the audience will think that’s too short, so he decided that we need to cool their passion down before sending them away. That’s why the calm bass of the cello came out.”

While everyone was discussing the concert and having fun, Kyung Min Ho was just drinking beer.

It was heavy on his heart that the concert was over. Performing with world-renowned stars felt like a dream. It was hard to accept the reality that he now needs to go back to being just another drum session man. He felt even more sullen that no one seemed to care that he felt like this.

“Tara. Where are Isaac and Alvin?”

“Oh, I think Isaac had something to say to Alvin’s manager. And, Alvin should be sleeping in his room. This is the first large-scale concert for him in a while, so it seems he was really tense. He said that he’d come after a nap.”


“Studio album? Of course we’re down for it. Alvin won’t refuse it either. He’s already a fan of Jun. Ha ha.”

“Will there be any problem proceeding with it as soon as we get back to America?” “Yes, that’s fine.”

“Then, our company will figure it out when we can start working in New York. I’ll write up the contract and send it over right away.”

President Stern ended his conversation with Alvin Lee’s manager and went back to Jun Hyuk’s room.

“Good. Everyone’s already here. I have news for everyone.”

When President Stern smiled brightly and announced the plan to produce a studio album, Kyung Min Ho was the most surprised.

“Jun Hyuk. So, you’re making another album with this concert? With me on the drums?”

“Yes. It’s exactly as President Stern said. He said we’re recording in New York, so you’ll have to pack up again.”

This dream did not end. It’s continuing. Kyung Min Ho slowly got up and went into the bathroom.

“He’s not going to cry of happiness, is he? Why is he going to the bathroom all of a sudden?”

Yoon Kwang Hun laughed as he spoke, and Baek Seung Ho clucked his tongue. “Oy. He’s emotional for the drummer of a rock band. It’s not cool.” Yoon Kwang Hun laughed for a bit and then got up.

“I’ll be going now. Everyone must be tired, so get some rest. Jun Hyuk, you leave tomorrow in the afternoon, right?”

“Yes. Will you come with us? Until the holidays…”

“It’s fine. It’s not good to follow a kid who’s all grown up around. Just send me the album when it comes out.”

It is a separation they always go through, but they’re still not used to it and still regret it. Jun Hyuk eased his regrets by holding Yoon Kwang Hun’s hands tightly.

“Oh. Kwang Hun, you go first. I still have stuff to talk about with Jun Hyuk as his lawyer.”

“Really? Alright. Don’t bother him too much and hurry.”

Yoon Kwang Hun left and Baek Seung Ho took Jun Hyuk into the bedroom.

“Did you figure out what we talked about last time?”

“Yes. Hang on.”

Jun Hyuk opened a drawer next to his bed and took out a sheet of paper. Baek Seung Ho read through it. There is not a lot of content, so it took less than a minute to understand all of it. Baek Seung Ho put the paper down and let out a long sigh.

“So this is what you want?”


“Well… I’m sure it’ll be alright. And don’t forget that you can change it whenever you want to. Call me as soon as possible when you do change your mind..”

“Yes. But, I don’t think it will change.”

Baek Seung Ho returned the paper to Jun Hyuk and said,

“I’ll come back tomorrow morning with an official will.”

“Excuse me? Official?”

“Yeah. A will is invalid if it doesn’t follow the legal process precisely. And you need a witness. It’ll be over quickly because it’s not anything difficult.”

Baek Seung Ho was about to leave the bedroom when he turned around all of a sudden.

“Oh right. I’m sure I’ll come to know, but I’m curious… Can I ask how much the guarantee you got for this concert is?”

“Yes. You’ll find out anyway. I heard it’s $4 million.”

“$4… 4 million? Wow!”

Baek Seung Ho’s jaw dropped and Jun Hyuk giggled.

“Why? Is it too much? Should I change what’s on the will? He he.”


Early the next morning, Baek Seung Ho came back to Jun Hyuk with 2 lawyers. When they made a fuss setting up a camcorder, Jun Hyuk looked puzzled.

“You need 2 witnesses for a will. There’s really no need to record it, but we’re just trying to keep all grounds covered. Are you ready?”

Baek Seung Ho turned at the 2 lawyers and they pressed the record button on the camcorder.

“Alright, Mr. Jang Jun Hyuk. Please say the content of the will out loud.”

Jun Hyuk looked at the sheet and said what is on his mind, and Baek Seung Ho wrote everything Jun Hyuk said verbatim.

Baek Seung Ho handed the complete will over to Jun Hyuk.

“Please read the content again loudly.”

Jun Hyuk took the sheet and read through it slowly.

“Is this aligned with your thoughts?”


“Then, please sign at the bottom.”

After Jun Hyuk signed, Baek Seung Ho and the other 2 lawyers signed as witnesses. Baek Seung Ho took the tape that had recorded this and the content of the will, put it in an envelope, and sealed it.

“It’s over. You did well. You guys as well. You can go now.”

When the 2 lawyers stood around awkwardly, Baek Seung Ho tapped his forehead.

“Oh right, I forgot. Jun Hyuk. Can you give them each a signature? And take a picture. I promised them this.”

The 2 lawyers held out Jun Hyuk’s CD and, after he signed and took pictures, the 2 men bowed their heads and left.

“But, who are those people?”

“Lawyers I work with. You need 2 witnesses, other than me as the person writing your will, to sign. And you don’t need to worry whether they’ll tell the others what’s on the will because they’re both lawyers.”

“Thank you for everything.”

“Thanks for what. It’s my job. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything. Got it?” Baek Seung Ho gave Jun Hyuk a big hug and left.

The airport was full of reporters and fans to see Jun Hyuk and his group as they were leaving the country. They gave a short interview, thanked the fans, and boarded the private plane to New York.


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