GS Volume 6 Chapter 205

Volume 6 / Chapter 205

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He was sure that he had made a mistake from Queen Faviola’s expression. The feast’s hostess had asked politely. And it is courtesy to request to hear a musician’s music if invited. But Jun Hyuk who had rejected without a particular reason was being ill-mannered.

Jun Hyuk looked at Queen Mathilda and spoke up in order to clear the situation,

“And honestly, there’s something people like more than my piano or conducting.”

‘Damn it. I’m doing all sorts of things.’

“I’m sure you’ll like it much more than my piano.”

Jun Hyuk pushed his chair back and stood up. He spoke to the other tables.

“Alright. Everyone, look at the 3 glasses in front of you. Wine, champagne, and the last is water, right?”

Everyone’s attention shot over to Jun Hyuk.

“When I give you the signal, take your fork and lightly tap any one of the 3 glasses. Like this.”

Jun Hyuk used his fork to tap the 3 glasses one by one.

“You can’t hit all 3 glasses like I did. Just pick one, please.”

Everyone held their forks in their hands and looked at the glasses in front of them, including the queen.

“Alright. One, two, three.”

As soon as Jun Hyuk said 3, the sound of forks and glasses clinking spread out.

Jun Hyuk moved his finger for a moment and laughed quietly.

“Wine, 24 people. Champagne, 26 people. And water was 18 people. Is that right?”

Everyone looked astonished. Does this mean he distinguished between the sounds that rang at the same time? Someone needed to check, but Jun Hyuk did not give them the time to.


Jun Hyuk flicked his finger. He met eyes with the attendant and spoke,

“3 people have completely empty glasses. One person is wine and two people are champagne.”

As soon as Jun Hyuk spoke, the people with the empty glasses held them up high. They could see one wine glass and two champagne glasses. This basically proved that Jun Hyuk’s numbers were correct.

Jun Hyuk smiled when he saw that the two queens’ jaws had dropped.

“What do you think? Isn’t this much more fun than a piano performance?”

The two queens could not respond because they were still in shock.

“Then shall we raise the level of difficulty?”

Jun Hyuk held his fork up again.

“This time, we’ll include all of the tableware. Before that, I’ll check to see what sound each makes.”

Jun Hyuk hit each of the plates on his table with his fork to check the sounds they make.

“Alright, everyone. Again. One, two, three.”

As soon as Jun Hyuk’s signal came, a sound with more variety rang this time.

Jun Hyuk picked up the plates on his table one by one.

“There were 8 people who hit this plate. Please raise your hands.”

Precisely 8 people raised their hands. People started murmuring when they confirmed the number.

Jun Hyuk said the numbers by plate and glass, and people shouted or whistled when the numbers matched up.

“Hm… There’s always that one person who is doing something else. The person who hit the table instead of a plate. And there’s someone who hit the chair leg.”

There was suddenly clapping. When Queen Mathilda smiled brightly and clapped, everyone yelled bravo and applauded Jun Hyuk.

“How is this possible? I saw it with my own eyes, but I can’t believe it.”

Queen Mathilda was looking at Jun Hyuk, wide-eyed.

“Your majesty. Maestro Jun is able to differentiate between the sounds that people in an orchestra of over 200 make. And that’s for a performance that goes over 1 hour. This right now is really easy for him.”

When Pierre Boulez politely explained on Jun Hyuk’s behalf, the two queens had looks of disbelief again.

‘Whew – This means I haven’t made a mistake, right?’

The cold air inside had become warm again with Jun Hyuk’s magic show.

“Maestro Jun.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

“You said you’ll be performing with the New York Philharmonic, right?”

“Yes, that is right.”

“I’d like to make something to do there if I can, just to go watch you perform.”

President Stern had said that knowing the royal family will be helpful in the future, but Jun Hyuk had made the two queens into his fans.




“Jun. Why didn’t you play the piano? Squash the pianists’ energy.”

Danny spoke in regret in the returning limousine after the feast.

“Danny. Will you play the violin if the queen asks you to?”

“Of course. It’s an honor.”

“Ugh – Why can’t you get your senses?”

Jun Hyuk poked Danny’s side, looking at him pathetically.


“You’re a professional performer. You need to be paid to perform. Whatever the situation is. What honor…”


“I only perform for free if it’s a charity.”

“Are you saying you refused to play because of that?”

Danny was shocked in disbelief.

“No, not exactly… But now that I think about it, that’s what I should do. Look. They said they’ll come for the New York performance. Ha ha.”

Danny looked at Jun Hyuk’s joking laugh and shook his head.

“The Belgian queen’s salary is $2 million. Why should I perform for them for free? From now on, there are no performances except at events where the rich are donating money.”

“Is that so? Then why did you show them a good time with your perfect pitch?”

Danny smirked at Jun Hyuk, who looked as though he had made a tremendous decision. Jun Hyuk is greatly mistaken.

“I can’t be paid to do that. And the atmosphere had gotten so cold.”

“So you do know. If you really hadn’t done anything, it would have been a big deal that you have no manners.”

Danny talked about the tacit etiquette that exists between the host and guest.

“Inviting a musician and requesting to hear his music means they enjoyed the music that much. It would have been more ill-mannered if we had only eaten and she hadn’t asked to hear your music.”

“Really? Then I have to perform at places like that from now on?”

Danny sighed.

“It looks like you were taught from the way you greeted the Queen. You weren’t told anything?”

“Damn it. Tara only showed me how to exchange greetings and didn’t tell me the really important things.”

“No one would think that you would outright reject the Queen’s request. That’s the same for Tara.”

Danny kept sighing.

“If you had played the piano today and that had been great, the Queen would have donated on her own capacity. She could give it to you… or the competition committee.”

“I see.”

“It’s okay. You showed them something more incredible just as you said.”

Danny jabbed Jun Hyuk’s side in revenge. Jun Hyuk looked at Danny and remembered something.

“Oh right, Danny. You’re going to tour with the finalists, right?”

“Of course. I am the winner. Ha ha.”

“Listen carefully because I’m telling you in advance. Of course a formal request is going to go through your manager.”

“What is it?”

“You know that I’m going to be performing with the New York Philharmonic, right?”

“Yeah. Conducting for the New York Philharmonic. And with your song at that! Amazing.”

Danny’s heart started beating with anticipation. Jun Hyuk can choose the violin soloist to go up on his own stage. Has he chosen him as the soloist?

“No. Maestro Carras is going to be performing my choral concerto. I’m conducting Beethoven’s choral symphony.”

“Oh! Really? I thought you were doing the choral concerto. The 21st century Beethoven is conducting the choral symphony of Beethoven from 200 years ago? That’s incredible.”

“We’re switching because it’s for an event. Anyway, Maestro Carras is looking at you for the choral concerto violin soloist.”

“What? Really?”

Danny could not believe that Maestro Carras himself had singled him out.

“Yeah. I wanted you to be the one to do it too, but Maestro Carras saw you first.”

“Jun, you really didn’t arrange it?”

If the composer is stubborn, soloists can be appointed according to his wishes. Danny knows well enough that Jun Hyuk is not one to tell such lies, but he wanted to make sure.

“I’m telling you I didn’t! He watched you perform and chose you. He called the day we performed. This means he didn’t pick you because you’re the winner. You were chosen on your performance alone.”


He had finally been called by one of the top 3 philharmonics in the world. On top of that, the performance is a special event. It is obvious that it will receive the entire world’s attention. Danny jumped inside the car.

“Danny, it’s not something to just be happy about. You need to think hard about it. I just thought that it was a good thing when I first heard, but this could just be twice. It’s a performance that finishes after doing it 3 times at the most. But the tour with the Belgian National Orchestra is 2 months. Discuss with your manager to see which is better and make your decision.

Danny quickly shook his head.

“Of course it’s New York. It’s a special event, but it becomes a completely different matter following the kind of performance I give. And performing with Maestro Carras is an incredible opportunity. Every word he says is a lesson.”

“Then I’ll call Stern Corporation now to consult with your manager.”

Danny could not hear Jun Hyuk. He was already imagining himself standing on stage with the New York Philharmonic.


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