GS Volume 5 Chapter 173

Volume 5 / Chapter 173

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When the producer opened the door to the recording studio after a day, he found Jun Hyuk passed out on the sofa. He stepped quietly to sit in front of the console box and look over the console box, but saw a notebook full of writing.

“Oh, you’re here?”

“Oh no. I woke you up.”

The producer gently put the notebook down and looked over Jun Hyuk’s complexion. He clearly shows that he is still young. Other than his messy frizzy hair, nothing shows that he is tired.

“It’s okay. I just laid down to rest for a second.”

Jun Hyuk rose from the sofa and made a cup on the espresso machine while stretching.

“Maestro, this notebook?”

The producer held the notebook out to Jun Hyuk.

“Yes. I organized the 24 tracks. You can just mix the tracks as is written there.”

The mixing guide written in the notebook makes it so that they do not have to listen to the music. The times to cut and mix  are written in detail. He had made it so that all they have to do is look at the track waves on the monitor to mechanically cut and paste.

The producer looked through the notes and found a missing part.

“The 2nd part is missing. Will you be recording it again?”

“Yes. There was nothing I could do about the 2nd part. We’ll have to record it again.”

Jun Hyuk was drinking his coffee when something suddenly came to mind, making him set down his cup.

“Oh right. I wanted to release this album only as an SACD (Super Audio CD).”

“Huh? Just an SACD? Are you saying you won’t release it as a regular CD at all?”

“It’s just an idea because it’s not something I can make the final decision on. The sound’s range is 110db. The sampling frequency came out as high as 1,400 MHz.”

An SACD is a HiFi CD. It plays a dense sound firmly and clearly, but it is less smooth than normal CDs to give the sound a sharper feeling.

The reason why record labels try to avoid SACDs is that they can only be played on a specific player, which only music manias own. When thinking about the sales, it is right to launch in all forms.

“I decoded it a bit and listened, but a normal CD is too soft.”

The producer could tell that this composer wants to deliver the vividness – no – the cruelty of the scene. The producer also wants to capture the best sound. He completely agrees with Jun Hyuk’s thoughts, but it is a great loss in terms of sales.

This album has the value to reach platinum out of sheer curiosity. But if only the SACD is sold, the sales could end with about 1/10.

When the producer hesitated, Jun Hyuk spoke again,

“It’s just an opinion. The record label will decide.”

It was Tara who saved the producer who was still in an uncomfortable situation. She entered the room with coffee and a bagel.

“You came just on time, Tara. We need to record the 2nd part again, so get that in the schedule for us. Anytime after tomorrow morning is fine.”

Jun Hyuk took the bagel and chewed off a big bite. Working all night brings hunger.

“Don’t you have to go back to the hotel first?”

All Tara wants to do is push Jun Hyuk to bed.

“Yes. I’ll wash up and rest a bit. Let me know as soon as the recording time is confirmed.”

When Jun Hyuk left, the producer quickly used the track to compare with Jun Hyuk’s notes. He sighed a few times and then started to mumble quietly.

“It’s said that New York Philharmonic’s Zubin Mehta (tenure 1978-1991) performed without even a second of error to create the same running time. This kid is worse.”


“He cut the track into 1/100 second units. What’s more is that the running times for the 3 songs are exact to the 1/100th second. With this kind of dissonance. It means that his analysis of the song is complete, but his listening isn’t on human standards.”

Jun Hyuk may not have the knowledge of a veteran sound engineer but he does have that of an engineer with a few years experience. Combine that with his natural ability and he is the hardest maestro to work with.




When Jun Hyuk opened his eyes in the hotel, it was dawn. Looking outside the window, a bright light reflected in the midst of city lights and there was a flurry of snow.

He had realized something for sure while working on the recording. It is difficult for the Boston Symphony to hold a concert. When they record, there is no audience. Jun Hyuk is not shameless enough to have the orchestra face their audience with earphones in.

Jun Hyuk looked at his watch to check the time in Korea and got his cellphone.


“Huh? Jun Hyuk. Why are you calling so early in the morning? No, it must be dawn over there.”

“Yes. We actually started recording today.”

“What? Inferno? So, how’s it going? Did it come out well?”

Yoon Kwang Hun’s voice is excited over the phone. He is full of anticipation because it is Jun Hyuk’s first time recording as a conductor of an orchestra.

“Yes. It came out almost exactly how I wanted it to.”

“Really? If it came out how you wanted it to, that means it’s really hard to listen to isn’t it? Ha ha.”

It became more difficult for Jun Hyuk to bring it up when he heard Yoon Kwang Hun’s laughter, but he brought up the courage.

“Sir. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my word. I can’t send a concert ticket. Sorry.”


Yoon Kwang Hun did not say anything, so Jun Hyuk imagined his disappointment in Jun Hyuk. But the continued words are his ever warm words.

“Alright. You worked hard. It’s okay since you did your money’s worth. Honestly, I thought it’d be too much to expect a performance. And that’s when I can’t even read the score.”

Hearing Yoon Kwang Hun’s bright voice, Jun Hyuk thought of the Yoon Kwang Hun who always encouraged him and teared up but he calmed his voice.

“I’ll send you the album as soon as it comes out.”

“Alright. I’ll keep that CD unopened. I don’t have the courage to open it. Ha ha. Then are you going back to New York now?”

“Yes. After the extra recording tomorrow, I won’t have anything else to do.”

“What are you going to do there?”

“He he. I don’t have any plans.”

“Okay. Spend some time doing nothing for now. Just make sure you’re eating well.”

Once he received Yoon Kwang Hun’s understanding and encouragement, his heart felt much more lightened.


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