GS Volume 5 Chapter 172

Volume 5 / Chapter 172

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“You all worked hard. We’ll start the official recording in 2 hours. Is that okay?”

The orchestra could tell that the rehearsal had gone perfectly. They knew that if it had not been perfect, that young maestro would not have gone straight through to the 4th part.

Over the past month, the orchestra could understand how Jun Hyuk could write this devil-like song. It is because the composer is a devil. This is the nickname that stuck with Jun Hyuk.

At first, he had been lofty and glossed over small mistakes. But as they kept repeating the performance, he did not lose a single mistake and began to point them out. Everyone had been speechless when he even pointed out the state of an instrument.

“3rd horn, you’ll have to go to the instrument premium and have your trumpets taken care of. The crystalline metals are too bunched. There is a lucid sound.”

The trumpet section of the brass instruments need to be touched up lightly with a wooden hammer twice a year. Just as leather is tanned, it is done to maintain its softness.

No matter how Jun Hyuk acted like a devil, they had no choice but to listen. Without the piano’s aid, they would not be able to perform the song properly and the only person who interprets the song precisely is the conductor.

Since that kind of conductor ended the rehearsal in one try, it meant that the performance had been to the conductor’s liking.

Jun Hyuk came down from the stage and ran to the recording control box.

“What do you think? Is it okay?”

Inside the control box, the producer and sound engineers were red-faced and silent.

Jun Hyuk saw their expressions and smiled.

“Until where did you hear it?”

“It’ll be around the middle of the 2nd part. Well, I’m really embarrassed. I thought it couldn’t be…..”

The producer could not look at Jun Hyuk properly and would not meet his eyes.

“It’s okay. I’ll hear about the circumstances later. I’d like to check it now.”

“Yes, Maestro.”

An engineer held out headphones. Jun Hyuk listened to all 4 parts carefully before taking the headphones off.

“I think it came out well. It’s okay.”

The producer was even more embarrassed because all he had done was to push the start button to record, but Jun Hyuk was saying that it had come out well.

“How is the state of the microphones? That’s all I can do for you right now.”

Jun Hyuk went back on the stage with the producer.

“Please move mic number 1 here. The violin was a bit weak.”

The producer did not say a word, and sent signals to the control box with his hands. He had not listened to the music and cannot be so bold as to give an opinion. Once the mic was repositioned, Jun Hyuk spoke to the producer,

“You don’t need to stay. We just need to get the start and end.”

“Whew – So this is what you meant last time. I really was confident… I didn’t know it’d be to this extent.”

The producer shook his head. He had not been able to listen to the music so even he found it ridiculous to produce it. He was going to pass the producer role on to Jun Hyuk and just be an engineer.

After Jun Hyuk changed the positions of the mics a little, he looked satisfied. Patrick Quinn had waited until Jun Hyuk completed setting everything up and came on the stage.

“Jun. Do you know who the first person to listen to the entirety of Inferno is?”

Jun Hyuk laughed and pointed at Patrick Quinn.

“Ha ha. That’s right. I’m going to make sure I write this on my Twitter.”

“Do you have things like that too?”

“I’m a billboard for the Boston Philharmonic. I have to do a bit of everything.”

“That’s true. What did you think?”

Patrick Quinn thought for a moment and started with a firm conclusion.

“There won’t be an argument on whether it is music or noise anymore. It’s definitely music.”


“Um… I want to say that it’s a masterpiece of misfortune.”

“Ha ha. It would have been perfect if it were just a masterpiece… I see you didn’t like it since you added in the misfortune.”

Jun Hyuk could understand the hidden meaning in Patrick Quinn’s evaluation. It means that Inferno is fated not to have any listeners.

“No. It’s a masterpiece to me, but it’ll be difficult for most people to find the true qualities in the music. They’ll need to listen through to the end of the 2nd part to know that value.”

“Then it’s fine. This song is just a personal consolation. I’m satisfied if at least one person gives it a good evaluation. And since that one person is you, there’s nothing more I can ask for.”

“I won’t be the only person who sees this as a masterpiece. There will be various evaluations, but I’m sure you won’t really be bothered by them.”

“That’s true, but I can’t hide the fact that they do bother me a bit.”

“Ha ha. Are you saying you want more fame? You still don’t have enough?”

“More than fame, I’d rather receive favorable criticism since it is my first symphony.”

“Beethoven’s No. 5 Fate symphony, Mozart’s Figaro’s Wedding, Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. They were all criticized severely. They’ll know one day.”

He is not looking for an evaluation like those of the works that Patrick Quinn mentioned. He would be satisfied with hearing that it was a decent experiment.

“That’s that, but how are the results of the rehearsal? Is it okay?”

“The producer said that the recording is normally done 3 or 4 times, but I think we’ll be fine with 2.”

“Since your conducting is precise, it’ll end quickly. Then work hard.”

Patrick Quinn pat Jun Hyuk’s shoulder and went back.

“I guess you’re satisfied enough that you don’t need to listen to it again.”

“I’ve discovered the essence of this music, so I’m going to enjoy it through the album now. With a freedom of mind.”

“Yes. I’d like to thank you. You are my first audience.”

Patrick Quinn squeezed his shoulder and left the theater.

Now, they started the 1st recording without a single person listening. The producer transmitted the piano song on Jun Hyuk’s signal and started the recording.

They recorded the performance twice and the 1st day of recording was done. He will check today’s recording and then decide on recording again. The orchestra would go back and rest, but Jun Hyuk went to the BSO Classics studio to work on mastering the album. Jun Hyuk was a savior to the producer and 2 sound engineers.

After putting the recording file through all of the systems, Jun Hyuk turned to the producer and engineers.

“For now, just go back. I’ll listen to everything that was recorded today and decide on the direction to take.”

“Huh? All of it? By track? But that’ll take about 20 hours.”

“Yeah. Well, well. I guess you all didn’t believe me. I told you I lived in a recording studio for over 2 years. Ha ha. Don’t worry and go back. I’ll tell you when it’s over.”


Tara is restless while looking at Jun Hyuk laugh. The maestro only needs to perform. Spend the night up in the recording studio? It is something bizarre that she has never heard of before.

“Tara, you go back too. There won’t be anything for you to do here. Oh, just get me a ton of Chinese food. Plus 3 or 4 pies of pizza.”

Jun Hyuk quickly put on his headphones and turned his attention to the sound check monitor in order to avoid Tara’s nagging.


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