GS Volume 5 Chapter 167

Volume 5 / Chapter 167

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[TN: The Maestro shows them magic]

The orchestra members started to get excited when Jun Hyuk brought up the album and performance. They had thought that it is impossible, but they now thought that it may be possible if they have the original composer who can work magic.


The orchestra and Jun Hyuk turned their heads to the direction of this yell. There, Patrick Quinn was clutching the 6 sheets of paper and trembling.

“This was Tchaikovsky. <Festival Overture 1812>! It’s that song!”

Patrick Quinn ran up onto the stage.

“Jun, I shouldn’t be imposing so much but I keep doing it. Forgive me.”

“No, it’s okay.”

Everyone was confused by Patrick Quinn’s unexpected behavior, but Jun Hyuk was smiling gently.

“The notes on this paper are Tchaikovsky’s <Festival Overture 1812>, right?”

“Yes. You really are the top Maestro. You recognized that at once.”

When Jun Hyuk gave him a thumbs up, the orchestra members looked around. No one had been able to figure it out… Patrick Quinn is impressive for figuring it out.

“I can’t help it. What kind of magic did you use?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m asking how you’re able to make music in this way. With just 6 melodies – no, it’s not even a melody. How are you able to make it so that you can combine any sounds to create music?”

“Well. It’s really not anything.”

Explaining how to create music is much more difficult than creating music itself. It is especially so when making a song in such a method.

“I just completely dismantled a symphony into measures and relocated them. It requires a bit of thought to create decent combinations when putting them back together… but I could only do 6 now because there wasn’t enough time.”

“Then… Then does that mean you finished all of this in 10 minutes?”


Patrick Quinn could ask this because he had already seen Jun Hyuk’s abilities. But the orchestra members’ jaws dropped when they heard Patrick Quinn.

They had thought that the 6 scores had been prepared in advance. They had guessed that the composer of Inferno would have done a lot of other fun and experimental songs. No one had thought that he had written it on the spot.

“Is that why you chose Tchaikovsky?”

“I thought of when you were rehearsing Tchaikovsky when I first came to the theater.”

“Whew – I thought that I wouldn’t be surprised by you after meeting you in Salzburg this summer, but I see there’s still a lot left.”

Patrick Quinn hit Jun Hyuk’s shoulder and laughed.

“Then I’ll stay quiet and won’t interfere anymore, so keep doing your mysterious magic. Ha ha.”

When Patrick Quinn went back down to his seat, Jun Hyuk looked at the orchestra members who still could not close their mouths and spoke,

“You’ll have to play with patience and endurance from now on, and you’ll have to play your instruments mechanically.”

“Ho ho. Neither of these are easy.”

Concertmaster Matthew Price thought about their difficult future and burst out laughing.

“Then there’s nothing more that I can do today. It would be good to practice on your own. As I said, look only at the notes while making the effort to forget the complete song.”

When Jun Hyuk bowed his head to the orchestra, they applauded him loudly. They showed their genuine acceptance of him as their maestro through their clapping.

Jun Hyuk came down from the podium and looked at the orchestra again.

“And I’ll give the last request, no warning.”

The orchestra members who had been about to pack up their instruments looked at Jun Hyuk again.

“Please do not come to rehearsals with me with a hangover.”

Everyone stopped and looked at Jun Hyuk at his unexpected words.

“I don’t know why you drank until you were drunk yesterday, but there was a difference in the way you played Tchaikovsky two days ago and the short song you played today.”

Jun Hyuk only said what he needed to and bowed to the two people in the seats. Tara ran out and led Jun Hyuk out backstage. Since he had ended rehearsals early, she wanted to pull his schedule forward and end the day’s tasks early.

On the stage, there were 2 members who stared blankly at Jun Hyuk’s back while the rest packed up their instruments.


Patrick Quinn and Mark Boff got up from their seats.

“He he. I think the orchestra will be more scared of young Jun than they are of me. He caught on to that small difference in breath at once.”

“Excuse me? Then it was true? Did he really make a distinction between the performers who have a hangover? I thought he had just been guessing because most of the orchestra likes to drink.”

Mark Boff felt like the short rehearsal he saw today was like watching an exciting movie. On top of that, it is a movie that left a cliffhanger for a sequel.

“No. Horn, cello. These 2 people. The horn’s breath was short and the cello was too heavy. There’s no doubt that they drank a ton last night.”

“You’re impressive for recognizing that as well.”

“It’s nothing. I heard them play for over 2 months. I already know their abilities and characteristics well. Jun only heard them once, and for a short time at that. But he still figured it out exactly. The orchestra members will be more stung by his recognizing that someone drank rather than the magic he showed us.”

“He really is a genius as you said. I had my doubts when I just heard about him, but it is such an unbelievable shock when seeing it for myself.”

“So you understand why I said that he would be standing at the top of the music world within 10 years? In this state, it could be 5 years instead of 10. That is if the western world accepts this young Asian genius.”

Patrick Quinn left the theater after leaving these meaningful words.

This is how Jun Hyuk’s first rehearsal ended, like a mysterious magic show.




Inside the car back to the hotel, Tara kept taking glances at Jun Hyuk. She was also surprised. She had worked for 2 maestros while working for the Boston Symphony for over 5 years. And after jumping into this field due to her love for classical music, she had been able to see a lot of conductors.

There had been opportunities to see their incredible talents for herself, but there is a difference in the abilities that Jun Hyuk showed today.

“Tara. Is my schedule over for today with this?”

“No. You can rest until the afternoon at the hotel and then you have to visit the concert hall in the evening. It was originally scheduled to happen a few days later, but it’s better to get it over with since there is extra time today.”


“Yes. It is the New England Conservatory’s performance. Maestro Patrick Quinn was supposed to participate…..”

“But then, why me?”

The New England Conservatory students asked for you since you are such a hot topic. Since it’s not a place where you both need to be present, Maestro Quinn was happy to back out.”

“Do I just have to watch the concert?”

“There will probably be a time for some light Q&A.”

The New England Conservatory (NEC) is the oldest independent music school in America and is oriented toward group music.

It is particularly famous for orchestra, conducting, piano, jazz, and vocals.

“And that’s the last?”

“Yes. But it will be a bit busy tomorrow. You need to attend 2 sponsor association events. They are fairly important sponsors, and they are highly anticipating their meeting with the young maestro.”

“The conservatory is a bit better than the sponsor associations.”

Jun Hyuk let out a long sigh.


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