GS Volume 5 Chapter 164

Volume 5 / Chapter 164

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“Maestro, are you ready?”

“Yes. I’ll go down now.”

6:30 at night. Tara’s call at precisely the decided time showed how sharp her personality is.

When he went down to the hotel lobby, Tara was waiting for him. However, she was frowning.

“Maestro. Your clothes…..”

“Huh? Why?”

When Jun Hyuk looked down at the jeans and hoodie he was wearing, Tara brought him back to the elevator.

“You need to wear a suit. It is a restaurant where you cannot enter unless you are wearing a suit.”

“What do I do? I don’t have a suit.”

“But – whew – You haven’t looked in the closet yet? There is a tuxedo and suit in there.”

Jun Hyuk saw Tara let out a long sigh and felt bad. She is just working hard, but he felt like he was just giving her a hard time. Thinking that this is all part of the job, he started seeing people’s actions in a different light.

“Ah, I’ll hurry up and change.”

Tara followed Jun Hyuk who ran back to the elevator.

“I can go by myself. You can just wait in the lobby.”

“No. I’ll pick out your tie. Do you…?”

“I know how to tie a tie.”

Tara pulled a shirt and suit out of the guest room closet.

“There’s just the one now, but someone from the tailor shop will be coming tomorrow. They will get your sizes and prepared a couple shirts, tuxedos, and suits. It will be the same for shoes.”

Once Jun Hyuk came out in a suit, Tara looked satisfied.

“Your skin is light, so let’s use the red tie.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

When Jun Hyuk took the tie from Tara and winked, she smiled for the first time since meeting him.

In the car to the restaurant, Tara did not rest in order to detail his schedule going forward.

“Maestro. After tonight’s dinner, you don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow. From now on, twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will take over the orchestra. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Maestro Quinn will take over for the regular performances.”

“So I just do 2 days out of the week?”

“That’s right.”

“Then what do I do for the other 5 days? Hang out?”

“No. You’ll have poster photo shoots, press interviews, meals with Boston’s powermen, and attending associations. There will be events like special lectures at New England’s music schools.”

“It sounds busy just hearing about it. Whew.”

“This is nothing. Since becoming the standing conductor and art director, Maestro Quinn has not been able to rest for a single night. He does interviews with the press as well as power bloggers, and even participates in podcasts. There is nothing he can do until the first season is over.”

The standing conductor of the symphony is similar to the coach of pro baseball team, Red Sox. He needs to constantly communicate with the public until the first season’s score comes out.

Tara saw Jun Hyuk let out a long sigh and smiled again.

“Don’t worry too much. I’ll try to reduce your schedule as much as I can. That’s okay, right?”

“Tara, you’re my savior.”

The wall between the two is slowly coming down. In the meantime, their car arrived at the restaurant.




The restaurant that Tara talked about is famous, so all of the seats and tables are full. With the escort of an employee, he made his way through the passage as though getting through a maze. Once he got to the reserved seats, he saw the Board members and Patrick Quinn drinking.

Chairman Mark Boff introduced each of the board members to Jun Hyuk and he sat among them.

Among these people, there are those who genuinely love music and those who joined the board in order to gain the title of being cultured and refined. What they have in common however, is that they contemplate over realistic matters.

Surplus management and a reputation comparable to the New York Philharmonic. These two things.

Board members also have roles as great donators who give the Boston Symphony about $1 million every year. They want gains from the Boston Philharmonic in order to continue the surplus and save the money to use the donations in other places.

“Maestro Jun. We would like to be the first to put the full Inferno on stage and release an album at the same time.”

They spoke about the Boston Symphony for a while and finally arrived at the topic of Jun Hyuk and Inferno. They even said why the Board had agreed to invite Jun Hyuk as a visiting conductor on Patrick Quinn’s request. It is now Jun Hyuk’s turn to answer.

“This is what I’m thinking. Both are possible. But…..”

Everyone stopped moving their forks and knives when he said that it is possible, and gave him their attention.

“But? What is it?”

“It will take a fair amount of time.”

“How much?”

“Until the Inferno score in all of the orchestra members’ heads are completely erased.”

When the board members looked at each other without understanding what Jun Hyuk was saying, Patrick Quinn burst out in laughter.

“Ha ha. How novel. But Jun. Will it be possible to erase a score that’s embedded in their heads along with shock? Even if they somehow erase it, I’m pretty sure they’ll think of it again when everyone gathers for rehearsal.”

The table conversation became lost in the world of music. It is not a matter of simply enjoying music, but at a standard that only musicians can understand. Thus, it is a place for just Jun Hyuk and Patrick Quinn.

“The album recording will be possible by recording by instrument part. That’s thanks to you, Jun. You’re the only person on earth who can conduct Inferno without a problem. But the performance? Since it’s an orchestra, the members will have significant skill. I’m sure it will only take moments for them to recall a score that they had forgotten.”

“As I said, it’s just an issue of time. I can think of a couple methods, but we’ll have to test them out to see what would be appropriate for the orchestra.”

Jun Hyuk quickly chewed and swallowed a piece of steak.

“Erasing doesn’t always mean forgetting. There is also the method of changing it by tangling it up and mixing it.”

Patrick Quinn was silent for a moment, trying to understand what Jun Hyuk is saying. As if he had been waiting for this, Chairman Mark Boff looked at Jun Hyuk.

“Maestro Jun, you’re different from when I had met you his morning. You seem to have a lot of drive.”

“More than drive, I mean to do my duty. I already invited someone to come to the performance.”

Mark Boff was not the only person who was satisfied with Jun Hyuk’s confidence, and the other Board members were smiling. Patrick Quinn was lost in thought for a while. He could understand Jun Hyuk’s intention, but could not imagine what method he was going to use.

“Jun, can I attend rehearsals? I’ll shut my mouth and stay quiet.”

“That’s an honor for me, Patrick.”

The dinner became a pleasant place of light excitement and anticipation. They quickly finished their champagne and wine.


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