GS Volume 5 Chapter 163

Volume 5 / Chapter 163

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[TN: Maestro Jun finds a new motivation]

Lim So Mi’s startled voice rang over the phone. She does not have a lot of interest in music, but she investigated things like record labels, the music market, and the world of classical music while taking on Jun Hyuk as a client and came to understand the scale and social status.

She knows that a visiting conductor, and of one of the top 5 orchestras in the U.S. at that, is capable of immediately becoming the principal conductor of most orchestras.

“It turned out like that. Anyway, they said they’ll be sending the contract over soon so I just wanted to let you know.”

“Hm. What do you want me to do?”

“Excuse me?”

“The contract. You want me to make it tight? Or do you want to do it loosely?”

“Ah, pass on whatever you can. Just try to avoid meetings with reporters as much as you can.”

“Alright. Let’s see. Once this gets out, will I be holding a press conference again?”

He could tell by her voice that she does not dislike doing the press conferences. She could even be looking forward to it a bit from the slight excitement in her voice.

“Ha ha. There won’t be any reason for that. There’s a separate spokesperson for Boston Philharmonic.”

“Is that so?”

“You sound regretful.”

“Of course. I look pretty good on camera. Ho ho.”

Lawyer Lim So Mi put her regrets aside and he called Yoon Kwang Hun about this.

“Sir. Are you still in the countryside?”

“No, I already came back. It’s been a while since everything quieted down.”

The articles about Jun Hyuk after the events of Europe settled after just 2 weeks. Yoon Kwang Hun stayed at a pension on the west coast for a while and came back to his daily life when a cafe employee called him saying that the reporters had stopped coming.

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to pack your bags again.”

When Jun Hyuk started talking cautiously, Yoon Kwang Hun realized that something had happened. Packing his bags means that Jun Hyuk will be in the news again. He does not even get very surprised anymore.

“Why? Is it getting noisy again? What happened this time?”

“Uh… I’m the visiting conductor of the Boston Philharmonic starting today.”

“What? Boston? Visiting conductor?”

Yoon Kwang Hun had not been surprised when Jun Hyuk told him to pack his bags, but his voice grew loud when he heard Jun Hyuk say visiting conductor of Boston. Jun Hyuk explained Patrick Quinn’s proposal and everything that had brought him to make the decision, and Yoon Kwang Hun was so happy he could fly away.

“Hey, that’s really good. You’ve finally gotten your hands on a great instrument. Though it is a regret that your first song is Inferno. You have so many songs that are better… Well, I guess there’s nothing you can do about it since that’s all people know.”

Yoon Kwang Hun imagined Jun Hyuk conduct the Boston Philharmonic and wished for the melody to be that of the beautiful songs in the score safe.

“So are you confident? You think you’ll be able to get it on stage? It’ll be hard. Ke ke.”

Yoon Kwang Hun already knows how hard the performance is, so he can say this. He is half in expectation and half in worry.

“I’ll have to find a way to do it. If I can’t find a way to do it, I’ll just give it up.”

When Jun Hyuk spoke as if it is not a big deal, a shout suddenly rang over the phone.

“This kid! You’re being loose. Hey. You have to start this with the thought that you’re going to do it no matter what! This is work! Conducting is work too. What kind of work is there in the world that you can do loosely to give up?”

Yoon Kwang Hun was so loud that Jun Hyuk could picture his angry face.

“You think conducting is the same thing as composing? Did someone come to you with a bundle of money and ask you to write a song for them? That’s something you do because you like to do it. But this is something that the Boston Philharmonic is paying you to do. If you didn’t have the confidence to do it, you should have said that from the beginning and not gone near it. You think Boston Philharmonic is feeding you, taking care of you, and paying you because they have too much money? This kid is being ridiculous.”

In all of the time he had been with Yoon Kwang Hun, he had never seen him get so angry. All he had done was glare at him if he said something particularly profane. So when Yoon Kwang Hun got mad, Jun Hyuk was surprised and stuttered, not knowing what to say.

“S- sir…”

“It’d be lacking to say that you’ll work hard no matter what, but what are you saying? You’ll give up after trying it out if it doesn’t work out? Hey kid. Not even a lady who earns a salary of $1000 washing dishes in a restaurant thinks like that. I’ll say it again, but go tell them now if you don’t think you’ll be able to do it. Hang up!”

Jun Hyuk sat blankly with the phone that had hung up.

Jun Hyuk’s head had become blank with Yoon Kwang Hun’s scolding, and even forgot that he needs to call Amelia.

Until now, the only thing that he had done with a sense of duty after being paid is modeling for the clothing brand during the audition program. And that was a simple job that ended after just a day.

Other than that, he had only done what he liked. Money had automatically followed when he played the music he liked, made arrangements the way he wanted, and composed what he wanted.

However, there is something that Jun Hyuk has not realized hidden in Yoon Kwang Hun’s scolding. Instead of doing as he pleases, he needs to make an effort with the aim of ‘responsibility’ in mind.

If he wants to achieve his goal, he needs to do it with other people and not do it alone. Creating a song and throwing it at an orchestra to play it on their own does not work. All he has to do is to show the same amount of effort he showed when he worked with the students of New York’s music schools.

But the Boston Philharmonic is different. There are clear aims of a performance and a record. Patrick Quinn said that he did not have to make it happen, but he is receiving money just as Yoon Kwang Hun said. And if it is the amount that is written on the contract, it is a fair amount.

Jun Hyuk thought for a while and picked up his phone again.

He could not getting himself to call Yoon Kwang Hun when he thought about how he had shouted at him, so he sent a text message.

-[I’ll send a VIP ticket for the first performance. Please come.]

He had worried that he would not get a text back, but it was groundless. Yoon Kwang Hun sent a text back in his usual manner as if he had never gotten mad at Jun Hyuk.

-[With a first class plane ticket?]


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