GS Volume 5 Chapter 162

Volume 5 / Chapter 162

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Patrick Quinn put his hand on Jun Hyuk’s shoulder and spoke to the orchestra.

“My fellows, he has finally arrived. The fiend who has made you all suffer through nightmares. Ha ha.”

After Patrick Quinn’s playful introduction, Jun Hyuk bowed his head.

It did not feel like the orchestra members were completely welcoming Jun Hyuk’s presence. It is not because he is young. It is not rare for them to have visiting conductors in their twenties.

Their expressions are a mix of anticipation and concern. They already know the personality of the song well. Opening the door to another type of music is worthy of receiving rave reviews. However, they seemed to already be thinking that playing the song or holding a concert is impossible. If it had been a song that was possible to play by having the composer show up, they would have put it in the concert repertoire already.

Jun Hyuk took in these looks and greeted each member.

“This is Matthew Price, the best violinist and our bandmaster.”

Matthew Price took Jun Hyuk’s hand and greeted him in a friendly manner.

“Maestro Jun. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take us out of this nightmare? Or are you going to completely push us into hell? Ho ho.”

Matthew Price is in his fifties with sparse white hair. Though he is not selected as a top class violinist, he is a performer who could stand on any stage as a soloist.

He joked to Jun Hyuk, but more than half of it was sincere.

“I’m not sure. Isn’t it just a sound? My thoughts are that you shouldn’t put too much meaning to it.”

Matthew Price did not show a particular reaction to Jun Hyuk’s response. He could guess how Jun Hyuk thinks of his own music when he said, ‘just a sound’.

When his first meeting with the orchestra was over, Tara approached him.

“Maestro, let’s end your meeting here since they’re in the middle of rehearsal. There is another person waiting for you.”

Jun Hyuk realized that they were in the middle of rehearsal.

“Maestro Quinn, I interfered. Then.”

“No it’s fine. Anyway, let’s meet in the evening again to catch up. Okay?”

“Yes, Maestro.”

Jun Hyuk was led by Tara again to leave. Tara led him to a well presented office that did not look flashy or cheap.

There is a nameplate for Board Chairman Mark Boff on the door.

Board Chairman Mark Boff has been on the Board of Directors for 20 years, and he is the person who made the Boston Philharmonic into the pride of the Northeast after rival New York Philharmonic started slowing down in the 1980s. Even though he is about to be 70, he still looks healthy as he is a fan of exercise.

He has a close relationship with New England Conservatory (NEC) In particular, and has made tremendous investments in music education making it easy for him to recruit high level musicians.

He is one of the people who frequents the temporary orchestra ‘Boston Pops Orchestra,’ consisting of many of the orchestra members in the off-season. They do not perform heavy symphonies, but rather arrangements of music like light classic props, rock, and jazz. They also brought in a good amount of profit by participating in film music.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the actual head of the Boston Philharmonic.

“Maestro Jun, we finally meet. Welcome. I heard you overturned the world and then went traveling by yourself?”

Mark Boff, who looked too healthy to be 70, lightly embraced Jun Hyuk.

“Mr. Chairman. Please don’t use the title Maestro. Just call me Jun.”

Jun Hyuk felt extremely awkward with everyone calling him Maestro.

“Hm….. Maestro Jun. You’ll need to start getting used to it. Starting today, more people are going to call you Maestro than they call you by your name. Until you retire I mean. And don’t call me Chairman. Just call me Mark.”

Mark Boff asked Jun Hyuk about Salzburg and his travels, and then brought up the most important question in regards as to why he brought him here.

“What do you think? Do you think it’ll be possible?”

It is a question that Jun Hyuk could figure out without an explanation.

“I don’t know. I have nothing to tell you since it isn’t something that I’ve tried before.”

“Most conductors in the world have made attempts at least once, but it’s a bit funny for the composer to be keeping his hands off of it. Goodness.”

Mark Boff looked at him with disbelief.

“I hope your stay in Boston will be a comfortable one.”

Jun Hyuk brought up the one condition that he had.

“If I am to be comfortable, I wish you wouldn’t make it known that I’ve come to Boston. I don’t really like to have the press and reporters around.”

“But that’s something you’ll need to get used to as well. Becoming famous means losing that much privacy. You can think of it as an exchange. And it’s already a situation where I can’t do that favor for you. Articles on the concert are going out tomorrow morning. We already sent out the press release. The news of your recruitment will also be going up on our website homepage.”

Mark Boff shook his head indicating that there is no chance. It is also a piece of advice that it is something he cannot do anything about as long as he has stepped out into the world.

“Then the reporters will come swarming to the hotel.”

“They won’t go up to your room, but they’ll be camping out in the lobby. What can you do but put up with it? Thinking that you’ll have concerts and albums but not have your privacy infringed upon is only a dream for musicians. It’s impossible. Just ignore it. Tara will take care of handling the reporters. Don’t worry since she’s a veteran.”


“Go to the hotel and get a lot of rest until tonight. You’re going to have to have dinner with the Board members.”

Even though it is the first time he is hearing about this dinner, Jun Hyuk did not say anything. It is just a step in getting used to this world. He needs to accept it.

“Tara, take him to the hotel.”





The suite on the 23rd floor of the Plaza Hotel is separated into a living room and bedroom. The living room looked full because it holds a grand piano. It is not a royal suite that goes for tens of thousands of dollars a night, but it is plenty large for a guest room that he will be using alone.

“What do you think? Do you like it? If you find anything uncomfortable, I can look into another room.”

“No, this is plenty. It’s fine.”

“Then I’ll come to get you for dinner at 6:30. If you need anything, let me know at any time.”

When Tara closed the door and left, Jun Hyuk threw his body on the bed and could only sigh at the thought that this stiff lifestyle would continue.

He needs to make calls first. Since the press release would be going out tomorrow, he needs to let everyone know because they see the articles and make a fuss. He will need to start with his lawyer, who may have already received a contract in the mail.

“Lawyer Lim. It’s me, Jun Hyuk.”

“Goodness, Jun Hyuk. Where are you? Are you still traveling in Europe?”

“No. I’m in Boston right now.”

“Boston? Why? You’re traveling America instead of Europe?”

“No. I became the visiting conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. The people here said…”

“What? Visiting conductor of Boston? Goodness! You made such a fuss just 2 months ago and now conducting? Who are you?”


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