GS Volume 4 Chapter 151

Volume 4 / Chapter 151

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“Yes. Everyone at school calls me Jun.”

“Ah, you said that your name is Jun Hyuk Jang. I see. I didn’t even imagine that this was the same person.”

Petrenko looked at Jun Hyuk and thought of the interview that Amelia gave.

“Then you’re the Jun who released a jazz album with Stanley Clarke?”

“Yes. How do you know that?”

“What do you mean how do I know? Amelia’s winning comments were really fun. That she learned the real piano from her boyfriend. That her boyfriend is her only teacher. It was the most bizarre interview for a winner. The media even introduced you as a jazz pianist because you released an album with Stanley Clarke.

Petrenko looked at Jun Hyuk in a new light upon the realization that he is a competent pianist. One of the orchestra members came close to Jun Hyuk.

“I’m your fan. I was so surprised when I heard your piano on that album… It’s hard to hear such a free piano even in jazz.”

“You listen to jazz as well?”

This time, Jun Hyuk looked surprised. It is hard to imagine a solemn violinist of the Berlin Philharmonic listening to jazz.

“Why? You think we only listen to classical? We like jazz and pop too. You think we only like Beethoven? We like the Beatles too. Ha ha.”

The violinist whispered in Jun Hyuk’s ear.

“This is actually a secret, but my favorite female singer is Madonna, not a soprano who sings arias.”

While everyone was surprised by this new side of Jun Hyuk, Simon Lettle said something to hurry everyone,

“There there. Let’s hurry back to the hotel. We need to empty this concert hall… Those guys are gathering to the hotel right now. If we make them wait, they’ll make a huge fuss.”

Sir Simon Lettle kept talking on his phone from a distance, and approached Jun Hyuk.

“Maestro, what do you think about going back to the hotel…..?”

“Yeah. The maestros are going to the hotel that our Berlin Philharmonic is staying at. We reserved one of the banquet halls. Everyone is going to meet there. Oh right, you cancel your flight and switch hotels. Don’t you need to check out in the morning anyway?”

It is evident that this maestro is the business type from the way that he organizes their matters within moments.

“No. I’ll call my manager, so tell him where you’re staying. He’ll take care of everything. You can just move with me.”

Sir Lettle pushed Jun Hyuk’s back to try to leave when his phone rang.

As soon as Jun Hyuk picked up the phone, he heard Amelia’s excited voice.

  • Jun! What are you talking about? What do you mean you’re with 3 maestros?

“Yeah. I’ll tell you more later. Anyway, I’m with them now.”

  • It’s a good thing, right? Did you meet them because of the Magic Flute that you conducted?

“No. It’s because of something else. I don’t think I’ll be able to go tomorrow, so I’ll leave the day after tomorrow in the morning.”

  • Okay. Since you said that it’s a good thing…

“May I intercept?”

Petrenko came to Jun Hyuk and took the phone.

“Ah, Amelia? I’m Petrenko. We’ve performed together before, haven’t we? ….. Yeah. That Petrenko. Ha ha. I think I’ll need to borrow your great boyfriend for a few days. Will it be okay? ….. Of course. I’ll return him very healthy, so don’t worry about it….. Alright, and we should adjust our schedules to perform together again. I think the positions have changed now so I have to ask you for the favor. Ha ha.”

Petrenko did not stop laughing and gave the phone back to Jun Hyuk.

“You were going to run away after just one day? We can’t let that happen. Since your girlfriend has allowed it, you’re staying with me for the time being. Are you going to leave after just talking? We have to have a conversation with music. Don’t you think so?”

The performers who were waiting after the concert were pleased as if they were just now enjoying its aftertaste. They felt like it had been a successful concert even though not one member of the general audience had remained until the end.

There are also people who have not come out of their shock. A reporter who had endured the nightmarish 10 minutes had stuck to them, and checked to make sure the recorder in his hand was functioning well.

He is not a formal reporter, but a freelance college student majoring in journalism who had volunteered for the Salzburg Festival newsletter.

While everyone was forgetting about this college student, he was guessing that the recorder he held in his hand is like a winning lottery ticket.




The Berlin Philharmonic is staying at the Intercontinental, in the center of Salzburg. When they entered the hotel banquet hall, it was already set up for a party as per Sir Simon Lettle’s orders. Even though it was a last-minute request, they had prepared the best champagne, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin.

They could not tell if it was the power of the Berlin Philharmonic or Sir Simon Lettle as British royalty, but it is obvious that they are receiving special  treatment from the hotel. The hotel paid special attention in particular because the guests are maestros who lead famous orchestras.

The conductors who came in one by one were only focused on 2 things. Whether or not the Berlin Philharmonic had really performed Inferno, and if the composer had really appeared.

This season’s guest conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic, Patrick Quinn, must have come immediately after the concert because he was still in his tuxedo. Strangely, the Vienna Philharmonic does not have a principal conductor. Every season since 1933, the orchestra members select a guest conductor.

“Goodness! He’s at least 200 years younger than I had imagined.”

Maestro Patrick Quinn’s reaction upon seeing Jun Hyuk for the first time was not very different from that of the Berlin Philharmonic’s.

“Maestro Petrenko, is it true?”

“Yes, I’m sure. This young friend is the composer.”

Patrick Quinn looked at Petrenko and shook his head.

“No, not that. I mean, did you really succeed in performing Inferno. Is that true?”

Petrenko scratched his neck and did not admit or deny it.

“Since we took shortcuts and Jun the composer said that it was almost a success, it’s hard to say.”

“So it’s true that more than half of the performers had to wear headphones. Ha ha. That’s innovative.”

Patrick Quinn laughed heartily and gathered all of the conductors to the center.

For Jun Hyuk, it did not seem like reality that he was shaking hands with the best conductors in classical music. To have 16 maestros gathered in one place? And that the reason for their being there is none other than himself?

There is no doubt. All 16 maestros are looking at him.

Jun Hyuk told them everything. He composed Inferno at age 16 and then enrolled in CH School of Music. The story of how he came to record an album with Stanley Clarke at LA Sound. About Amelia and Danny at the Tchaikovsky Competition.

Lastly, the performance of Magic Flute at the Salzburg Festival to today’s events.

The maestros regretted that today’s performance had not been recorded. It is ironic that they could not get a single recorded file in the day of media. It is uncertain who would be able to perform this song again.

Everyone had imagined the sound while reading the score, but they had lost the opportunity to hear Inferno played on instruments.

When they tried to move on from Jun Hyuk to Inferno and philosophical questions on music, someone spoke to Jun Hyuk,

“Jun, I heard that there are 4 parts to Inferno. Are you going to reveal all of them? I’m asking because I don’t think anyone is able to bring it up. If possible, now would be okay too.”

Everyone paid attention to Marco Giavelli’s sudden question.

“I don’t know. You assessed Inferno highly, but I’m still not certain that it has that kind of worth.”

“Didn’t you say it yourself? Once the score leaves the composer’s hands, he is no longer allowed to interfere. It is up to the performer to pass judgment, not you.”

“That is true, but it feels like I’m revealing an immature act of my youth that I wanted to hide.”

Marco Giavelli saw Jun Hyuk’s uncomfortable expression and did not push it further. He only said something out of experience,

“If that’s what you think, there’s nothing we can do. However, think about the people who are gathered here. Inferno is straightforward, but who would have come to see you if they thought that it was immature? There are a lot of cases where music that shows simple emotions are masterpieces. You’ll know that one day.”

“I’ll think about it a bit. Thank you, maestro.”


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