GS Volume 4 Chapter 147

Volume 4 / Chapter 147

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Professor Roger Neill went backstage with the students and did not hesitate with complimenting each and every student.

Professor Neill changed into comfortable clothes and opened his arms wide when he saw Jun Hyuk.

“Jun, my maestro! You did really well.”

Professor Neill went to Jun Hyuk and hugged him.

“Today’s best isn’t Laura, but you. It was really impressive.”

Professor Neill whispered something in Jun Hyuk’s ear. Most people who attended the performance remembered Laura, but people with the ear for it would certainly remember Jun Hyuk’s conducting.

Laura Goldberg was drinking beer and wine while enjoying the aftertaste of the stage, slowly went next to Jun Hyuk.

“Jun, today’s performance was really impressive.”

“It was the aria more than the performance. It was a great song that no one could criticize.”

“No. In the multiple times that I lost control of my emotions and made the tempo a mess, you covered that up. Not everyone can do that. I’m pretty sure I never experienced a performance like this even when we played at school.”

“The song was good, so I just followed it.”

It was not modesty. Jun Hyuk was so moved by Laura’s aria that he could not help but follow it.

Just like Jun Hyuk’s expectation that Laura would become a tremendous diva, all of the criticism written in the festival newsletter were about Laura Goldberg. They began with praises and ended in admiration. All that was written about Jun Hyuk was one short line, ‘An excellent performance so stable that it could have been conducted by a veteran.’



The expenses to have the students of the 3 New York conservatories stay in Salzburg was arranged until August 1st, three days after the performance. It had been planned so they could see the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance that night. A student who wants to stay in Europe for the remainder of the summer break needs to settle it by their own means.

Most students needed to go back to New York. They do not have such relaxed lives that would allow them to hang out in Europe for vacation. They are students whose lives are run with lessons and practice.

Jun Hyuk packed his bags to meet Amelia who had gone to Eastern Europe first.

“Jun, we can’t miss this concert for anything. We need to see it no matter what.”

He received a sudden call from the bandmaster and went in front of the cafe. The bandmaster and a few students were waiting for Jun Hyuk while drinking beers.

“What’s the big deal all of a sudden? What concert?”

“August 1st Berlin Philharmonic performance. Do you know who the conductor is?”

The bandmaster could not hide his excitement and his voice grew louder.

“I’m sure it’s Sir Simon Rattle. He’s the standing conductor right now.”

“There’s a special performance after. There’s a performance by Sarill Petrenko right after.”

“Huh? Why is he doing it? He’s arranged to be the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic starting in 3 years. Why is he already conducting?”

“That’s why we can’t miss out on an opportunity like this. Two maestros are conducting on the same stage.”

Just as the bandmaster said, there is no performance more difficult to see. However, it overlaps with the main stage of Salzburg Festival’s, the Vienna Philharmonic.

“Then we’re giving up the Vienna Philharmonic?”

“Of course. Can’t the Vienna performance be expected? The repertoire is obvious. But the maestro of the Berlin performance is Petrenko.”

The bandmaster’s expression showed that he is certain that  the Berlin Philharmonic performance is the one that is much better.


Sarill Petrenko from Russia debuted first and upon moving to Austria at age 18, he studied conducting at Vienna School of Music. After, he gained experience in famous opera theaters all over the world like in Vienna, Paris, and New York.

He beat eminent competitors like the Boston Symphony, Birmingham Symphony, and Dresden music director, and was selected to lead the Berlin Philharmonic in his 40s.

The Berlin Philharmonic is famous for choosing its chief conductor in a democratic way with votes from the orchestra members and debates.


Jun Hyuk also leaned toward the Berlin Philharmonic where he compare the two greats on one stage.

“Fine. We’ll toss Berlin Philharmonic.”

Jun Hyuk wanted to find something new in the young Petrenko’s music.

“But did you buy tickets? Don’t we only have tickets to the Vienna Philharmonic?”

“Yeah Jun. Hurry up and give me your ticket too. We need to change them. Since the Vienna Philharmonic is popular, we’ll be able to change them easily.”

On the day of the performance however, there was no point to what the bandmaster said. As renowned as the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics are, they cannot be compared to see who is inferior and superior. Since the 2 maestros are standing on the same stage however, the Berlin Philharmonic tickets are in higher demand.

“What do we do? We did get tickets but… they’re standing.”

The bandmaster avoided looking the other students in the eye and took out the tickets.

“We need to stand in the back of the audience to hear the concert.”

They made it so that they could have more guests in to enjoy the performances. Every concert sells about 30 standing tickets.

“Hey! Mozart’s Symphony No. 40, Piano Concerto No. 20. It’s an hour and a half if we want to listen to all of this. And didn’t they say there’s a special performance? So we need to stand for 2 hours?”

“If the music is good, 2 hours go by in a flash. What’s the problem?”

The students complained to the bandmaster, but the tickets were already exchanged. The bandmaster quickly handed out the tickets and went into the concert hall.


The center concert hall, which is in the middle of the festival, is where the Vienna Philharmonic performance opened. It can hold the largest audience and it is the location for Salzburg Festival’s main program. They are taking advantage of the power and benefits of their homeground.

Berlin Philharmonic’s performance opened in the Hohen Salzburg concert hall.

There was even a shortage with standing room, so people were still outside trying to scalp tickets. Jun Hyuk and his group leaned on the wall and waited for the concert to start.


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