GS Volume 4 Chapter 145

Volume 4 / Chapter 145

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Professor Jeon Hye Jin was surprised twice on the first day she met Jun Hyuk. Once was because of Jun Hyuk and the other was because of Han Ye Ji.

Han Ye Ji had been bold and really came looking for Professor Jeon Hye Jin for the points.

“Since you got your A, are you thinking of not coming into my class from now on?”

“Professor, you told me to.”

Professor Jeon Hye Jin’s tone had been scary, but Han Ye Ji had said everything she wanted to. Professor Jeon Hye Jin was in such disbelief that she did not want to say more.

“Kids these days….. Oy. Go.”

When Professor Jeon Hye Jin waved for her to leave, Han Ye Ji carefully walked backwards.

“Oh right. But how did you know? About that kid’s piano?”

“I just did. It just sounded like the emotions changed too quickly.”

Professor Jeon Hye Jin had expected her to say, ‘I know the specialties of the pianists that Jun Hyuk played.’ But she said that she just knew.

Her heart started beating. Could it be that this student has potential that no one had yet discovered?

“Come with me.”

Professor Jeon Hye Jin took Han Ye Ji to the practice room. She spoke after having Han Ye Ji sit in front of the piano.

“Play. Recall the emotions that Jun Hyuk showed before.”

Han Ye Ji looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“Professor, I can’t play the piano like that Jang Jun Hyuk. If I were that good, I would have gone to study abroad already.”

“This girl! Who said to play it just like he did? I know that much as well that you can’t play the piano like he does. I’m just telling you to play anything while thinking of those emotions. Just do what you can!”

Han Ye Ji hesitated for a while after Professor Jeon Hye Jin’s scolding, took a deep breath, and calmed herself down.

As soon as her piano rang out, Professor Jeon Hye Jin’s heart started beating. After playing the piano for more than 10 minutes, Han Ye Ji took her hands off of the keyboard.

“I’m sorry Professor. I can’t do it. I’m not a genius like that kid. How could I capture the emotions of multiple pianists?”

Han Ye Ji looked at the keyboard as though tears would fall from her eyes. Professor Jeon Hye Jin only had one strong feeling from her piano. The feeling that she misses someone dearly was certainly delivered. That longing needs to develop more to end in a different kind of bliss, but she has not reached that yet. However, it just means that she has not learned it yet. Her ability to deliver such a performance with a lack of skills means that she is a born performer.

Professor Jeon Hye Jin’s hard face loosened and she spoke in a gentle voice.

“You said your name is Han Ye Ji?”


“Listen to me carefully. I only give one person lessons, once a week for 2 hours. I usually don’t give private lessons, but her mother is ridiculously rich. So in the name of redistributing the wealth, I get paid to teach that kid with no talent.”


She just blinked because she did not know what Professor Jeon Hye Jin was trying to say.

“But I’m going to start teaching you every day for 2 hours a day from now on. I’m your advisor started today. Got it?”

“Excuse me? Professor, I can’t do that. My family isn’t rich enough to handle such an expensive lesson fee.”

Han Ye Ji bolted up from the piano bench.

“You’ve hit the lotto. I’m teaching you for free.”

Professor Jeon Hye Jin sat Han Ye Ji down again and put her hands on the piano.

Han Ye Ji developed quickly enough to let the professor feel the happiness of teaching her.



“I see. Anyway, congratulations once again. For meeting a great teacher and for becoming a runner-up. Ha ha.”

If Professor Jeon Hye Jin wants to personally teach her, she must be a pianist with potential. Jun Hyuk committed her name to his memory.

“My standing is nothing. You do know that you became bigger news than the winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition this year, don’t you?”

“Ah, yes.”

“You’re the hot topic in Korea as well. There was already a lot of talk because 4 Korean people went up, but you added to that.”

He does not need her to tell him all of this as he already knows. Did the reporters not come looking for him in New York?

“But where’s that girlfriend of yours? Didn’t you come together? All of the runner-ups should have been gathered here.”

Professor Jeon Hye Jin looked around.

“She’s performing in Prague right now. She couldn’t get out of it because a sponsor set it up… She’ll be here soon.”

“I see. This kid… You’re already playing around. Ho ho.”

Professor Jeon Hye Jin poked Jun Hyuk’s side and was happy as he blushed.

“Looks like you guys are performing Mozart’s Magic Flute. Are you conducting it?”

“Yes. It happened like that.”

“What do you think? Is it okay? You’re fine to conduct it?”

“It’s alright. There’s nothing really special about it, but one of the sopranos is really impressive. I think she’s going to become top news of this festival.”

“She must be really impressive if you talk about her like that.”

“Yes. She’s only just 19 years old. She’ll be able to reign as a diva for the next 20 years.”

“Hey! Aren’t you just 19 too? Where do you come acting like an adult? Ho ho.”

Professor Jeon Hye Jin was going to hit Jun Hyuk’s head, but her hand did not reach.

“I’m excited to get to see your conducting. Isn’t it your debut in that field?”

“No need to be excited. I’m not performing. The actors need to do well.”

“Anyway, let’s see how our schedules work out and get dinner together.”

“Yes, Professor. Please call me.”


Han Ye Ji could not take her eyes off of Jun Hyuk as he said goodbye and walked away.

“He’s more than you said.”

“What is?”

“I didn’t think much of it when you kept saying that he is good looking, but he really is handsome. He just looked pretty when he appeared on the audition program, but he looks completely different now.”

“Ye Ji, don’t take a liking to him. You know he has a girlfriend. There’s no way people couldn’t know since she basically told the world not to touch him on broadcast. That Amelia girl really is impressive.”

In Professor Jeon Hye Jin’s eyes, Amelia does not lack anything. Looks, talent, and a bold personality.

“Professor, what did I do?”

“It looked like your eyes would shoot lasers out of them. If you want, you should give it a try. Doesn’t a ball go in even if there’s a goalkeeper?”

“It’s not like that. Why do you keep saying stuff like that?”

Han Ye Ji knows that the professor likes jokes like this, but she could feel her face flush.

“It’s weird if a girl isn’t attracted to a boy like that. I would’ve given my all to him too if I were just 30 years younger.”



“Because you need to be 30 years younger for it to be possible.”

Professor Jeon Hye Jin poked Han Ye Ji’s side.


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