GS Volume 4 Chapter 129

Volume 4 / Chapter 129

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He now needs to decide what he will do with this opportunity, but no one could speak easily because everyone had their own thoughts on the matter. Jun Hyuk examined the three men’s expressions and broke the heavy silence,

“Can I say something?”

“Sure since it’s your issue. Say it.”

Jun Hyuk took the contract from the table and ripped it.

“This way, there’s nothing to think about.”

Everyone looked shocked at Jun Hyuk’s unexpected behavior. The contract ripped to pieces looked to them like a check for $1 million and it looked like the mark of a world star. It had become a piece of paper that clearly showed Jun Hyuk’s position on the issue.

Yoon Kwang Hun came out of shock first and spoke as he laughed,

“Yeah. I guess that makes it simple. Alright… Our food is getting cold. Let’s eat.”

Yoon Kwang Hun knew that he did not have to worry about Jun Hyuk anymore. He is still a bit immature, but he has plenty of volition in deciding his own future.

“Wait. There’s still something we need to take care of. The music you played with that old black man. And the 10 songs that Jun Hyuk said he made. What are you going to do about that?”

Baek Seung Ho brought up the issues that had not yet been resolved yet.

“It means that you need an agent or representative… And you never know. In my opinion, I think things like this are going to keep happening. Whether Jun Hyuk wants it or not. Don’t you think so?”

This was again not something that Jun Hyuk had planned. He had just started by trying to help a friend, but it had become a bigger issue.

“And if you look at Jun Hyuk, he pretends to be cool but he’s actually really weak when it comes to friends. He can’t reject when someone he’s a little close to comes with a favor.”

Jun Hyuk felt guilty while eating and started coughing, and Yoon Kwang Hun took Jun Hyuk’s side,

“Hey! Everyone’s like that. We’re all just taking care of each other and helping each other.”

“Who said it’s a bad thing? I’m saying you need to take action in advance so Jun Hyuk doesn’t have to worry about stuff like this.”

“Truthfully, there are a lot of great agencies on this side of the industry as well. Companies like Boras Corporation of American major league Scott Boras.”

Jo Hyung Joong quietly jumped in while Yoon Kwang Hun and Baek Seung Ho were arguing.

“If a famous producer like LA Sound’s Alex Zakin says one word about Jun Hyuk to the industry people, everyone’s going to come to Jun Hyuk with a contract. But…..”

Jo Hyung Joong took a slight look at Yoon Kwang Hun’s face. He wanted to see if they were thinking the same thing.

“That kind of company won’t be satisfied with letting Jun Hyuk do what he wants like a hobby. They’ll somehow get him to dedicate all of his time to releasing albums or touring.”

“Are you saying that they’ll put forth unreasonable conditions?”

Baek Seung Ho frowned.

“No. Since those people are smart professionals, they’ll know that callous tactics like that won’t work. They’ll probably bait Jun Hyuk with something he likes.”


Jo Hyung Joong thew what he thought was bait at Jun Hyuk,

“Jun Hyuk. What would you do if I said that you could release an album with musicians like John Mayer, Adele, Metallica, U2, and Stevie Wonder?”

“Huh? That…”

Even Jo Hyung Joong was surprised by how easily Jun Hyuk took the bait.

“See? They’ll throw this kind of bait. Like Stanley Clarke. Then he’ll have to quit CH School of Music.”

“So you’re saying that we need someone like Jerry Maguire?”

“Yes, exactly.”

Movie Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise. Protagonist Jerry Maguire becomes angry that stars at a large agency are only seen to be worth money. He is fired from the company and it is a story about how he forms bonds with the only client who will stay with him, a soccer player, and becomes successful.

The agent Jun Hyuk needs is this kind of person.

“Do you think there’s a person like Jerry Maguire out there?”

“Not an agent, but there is a lawyer. You know Baek Jung Hun, the actor, right?”


“When he appeared in a Hollywood film, he had a Korean lawyer who took care of him like he was his manager. He apparently took care of Baek Jung Hun like family during the filming. He brought homemade kimchi for him and even had black goat airlifted for him to take care of his health. I heard that he’s good very good at his job as well of course.”

Yoon Kwang Hun realized the attraction of the lawyer Jo Hyung Joong spoke of,

“So you’re saying he did it case by case instead of having an exclusive contract with an agent…..”

“That’s right. Baek Seung Hun only selected him as his representative for that movie. He does live in New York as well… Should I try contacting him?”

“If you’d go to those lengths for us, we’d be grateful.”

“Of course. Jun Hyuk is special to me as well. Ha ha.”



When Jun Hyuk and Yoon Kwang Hun returned to their room, they sat together leaning against the twin beds.

“Sir. How is the cafe doing?”

“I can breathe a bit these days. It was like death until the fall.”

Yoon Kwang Hun shook his head, not even wanting to think about it.

“Oh, I guess business is doing well now.”

“No. The opposite.”


“Until the fall, there were a lot of people who came because they’re your fans, but they don’t come anymore. It’s much more comfortable now that I only have to deal with the regulars who come to really enjoy music at a music cafe. You’ve already been forgotten in Korea. He he.”

Jun Hyuk smiled at Yoon Kwang Hun’s joke. He only needs for the people who are important to him to remember him. Yono Kwang Hun saw Jun Hyuk smile and said what he had not been able to at dinner,

“That’s that but why did you tear the contract? It could be a good opportunity.”

“Because of what Teacher Jo Hyung Joong said. If I really did get the opportunity to collaborate with stars like that, I had a feeling that I would quit school.”

Jun Hyuk spoke with indifference as though he did not regret it in the least.

“I guess you like school? No. It’s because of Amelia, isn’t it?”

“No. There’s still a lot I need to do at school.”

“You have a lot to do?”

‘Yes. I came to realize a lot of things while writing a piano concerto for Amelia.”

“Like what?”

“About what my piano is.”

Yoon Kwang Hun put down the can of beer that he was about to drink. Jun Hyuk was talking about his piano, something he had never revealed or been the first to bring up. Yoon Kwang Hun knew what this meant.



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