GS Volume 4 Chapter 125

Volume 4 / Chapter 125

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On the way back to the hotel, Coline was looking at the sidewalk with his head down when he spoke cautiously,

“Jun, what did you talk about with Alex Zakin?”

“The glory of the past.”


“Yeah. More than that, do well with the recording tomorrow. Alex hasn’t decided on whether or not he’s going to release a record with Violon yet. He’ll decide once he sees what happens tomorrow. Do a good job.”

“What are you talking about? Aren’t you coming with us?”

“Ili is going to do the producing himself tomorrow. I can’t tell if he has a lot of expectations for you or if he’s trying to find your shortcomings.”

“Then what about you?”

Coline’s face became dark as soon as Jun Hyuk said that he would not be producing for them.

“Me? I’m going to get $25,000. I need to do that much work.”

“What are you going to be doing?”

“I don’t know either. I’ll find out once I get there tomorrow. Alex told me to look forward to it, but I can’t even guess.”

Everyone left their instruments at the hotel and went to the Santa Monica beach. They were going to each dinner while looking out at the wide and open sea in order to let go of their tension. It would not do any good to worry, and they need to rest comfortably at least today.

Jun Hyuk and his party went to the cafeteria on Santa Monica beach and ate burgers for dinner with beer.

There were a lot of women who would join them if they offered, but they only ate. Coline’s eyes flit back and forth, and he dragged everyone back to the hotel. They need to get plenty of sleep to be in the best condition.

Jun Hyuk’s first night in LA was tame.




Violon’s recording at 1 in the afternoon started with conducting by Ili Gotez. His image of complaining in New York was gone and he showed the sharp ears he has as a famous producer.

  • Stop. Hey, the guitar tone is high! I told you to bring it down a little.
  • Hey! Drums. Are you going to break the cymbals? You know how much those cost? You can’t play them a little more gently and lightly?
  • Coline. Are you joking with me right now? If it’s hard to play together, record separate tracks. Our engineers are the best at mixing in the world. Of course recording separately would be evidence that you don’t have the skill to be a band?

Coline and the band members realized how kindly and precisely Jun Hyuk had done their directing. He gave an exact number like 1.3 when matching the tone, and he would demonstrate things like the drum cymbals himself. When the entire sound was off, he even had the subtlety to point out where the issues were by part.

In the world of professionals however, they need to catch what the producers are asking for on their own. They need to understand what the producers are saying to become professionals at the same level.

Jun Hyuk said that they would work on one song a day, five songs over five days, but it was looking like Ili would work on one song over five days.


“Alex, what am I working on?”

Jun Hyuk entered Alex Zakin’s recording studio. Two sound engineers were sitting in front of the console box, inspecting the equipment.

“Try directing one song today. This song alone is worth $25,000. Do it well because if you don’t, I’m going to charge claims.”

Alex Zakin winked and seemed ready to watch a fun show. The fun show appeared when the door opened and a musician entered with cigarette smoke.

Jun Hyuk did not recognize the black man in glasses who was shaking hands with Alex Zakin. Foreigners all look similar to him. And it was common for album covers to have irrelevant pictures instead of the performer’s face.

“Jun, you don’t recognize him? Say hello. This is Stanley Clarke. Clarke, this is the producer who’s going to kick your ass today. His name is Jun.”

The kind-looking man who Alex Zakin introduced held out a hand, but Jun Hyuk was standing dumbfounded ever since he heard the name Stanley Clarke.

Stanley Clarke, a fusion jazz great who has not stopped his activities from the 70s until now.

Born in 1951 Philadelphia, he is a bassist known as the starting point for existing electric bass techniques. He learned to play the violin when he was young but he took up the electric bass as he became a high school student. Since his 20s, he began to create his own world of music with the jazz greats.

His powerful performances are contemporary jazz achievements that made the bass into an instrument of melody instead of rhythm.

Jun Hyuk looked so out of his mind that it seemed he did not believe the reality that he was looking at the real Stanley Clarke.

“Hey, what are you doing? I heard Asians are polite… You’re just looking at the hand this old man’s holding out?”

“Old man? I can’t forgive that even from you.”

Jun Hyuk finally came back to his senses after hearing the two men joke around, and quickly grabbed Stanley Clarke’s hand.

“It’s an honor, Mr. Clarke. I just couldn’t believe it…..”

Stanley Clarke could not know it, but he might as well be a teacher to Jun Hyuk. Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, and Victor Wooten. He had taught himself to play the bass guitar while listening to the music of these three eminent bassists. The music that they recorded 40 years ago lept over time to team a young boy in Korea.

“Well, well. Isn’t this too polite? Just call me Stanley.”

Jun Hyuk could not hide his excitement and explained that he practiced the bass while listening to Stanley Clarke’s music and that he is basically a teacher to him. When his excitement abated, Stanley Clarke laughed in good spirits.

“Ha ha. I heard you play, and it can’t be compared to me in my teens. You didn’t learn, you referenced.”

“There there. Stop the cheesy compliments and let’s get to work.”

To Alex’s words to start working, Stanley Clarke frowned and Jun Hyuk blinked.

“But what do you mean by work?”

“What would it be? Since a musician came to a recording studio, it’ll be recording. You’re directing Stanley’s performance today. Do well because it’s a 6-minute song.”

“Excuse me? Are you saying the song we’re recording today is…..?”

“Why? You don’t think you can do it?”

“That’s not it. It’s just how could I do Stanley’s…..”

Jun Hyuk waved the notion away. If he been told to direct Beyonce’s music, he would have been able to accept it with confidence. Stanley Clarke is one of the musicians that Jun Hyuk respects.

The frowning Stanley Clarke lit a cigarette again and spoke,

“It’s okay, Jun. I already heard the music you recorded. I think your skills will be much better than that of reckless Alex over here.”


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