GS Volume 3 Chapter 94

Volume 3 / Chapter 94

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Even Beethoven who was going deaf, was not satisfied with his music and put all of himself into writing music until the end. The result of that is none other than Symphony No. 9 Choral, the ultimate masterpiece in the history of symphonies.

Everyone who was labeled a genius was able to maintain that title because they put in an endless effort until the day they died.

“When I was young, there was a boy my age whose IQ was over 200. He even came out on TV. Was it at age 4? The whole country was talking about it because he completed college level math problems perfectly. However, he’s now a level 7 official in the countryside. If you don’t keep growing a talent, it disappears.”

Yoon Kwang Hun quietly listened to Jeon Hye Jin and laughed as he spoke,

“I understand what you’re worrying about. But I have absolutely no intention on forcing him. Jun Hyuk will make the decision himself. His craving for music is the greatest.”

Jeon Hye Jin’s frustration did not go away. Isn’t he still at the young age of 17? An adult should be able to force young children to lead them into the right path.

“When I listened to Jun Hyuk’s piano, I was surprised because of the way he could identify emotions and not the way he copies. He showed me Dinu Lipatti, Van Cliburn, and Glenn Gould and I thought I was going to pass out.”

She had not showed it that day, but it was true that she had been so surprised she almost fainted.

“But none of the verses showed Jun Hyuk’s own color. How could a child who could excel in piano not have a color of his own? It’s not that he doesn’t have one, but that he’s hiding it.”

“I know that as well. Jun Hyuk is a juke box. If you put a coin in and choose a song, it comes out exactly the same. But isn’t it impressive in itself that he can replicate those greats perfectly?”

“It is impressive. However, don’t you think it’s a waste that a child who can become the greatest pianist in the world is copying others’ songs?”


Yoon Kwang Hun saw heartfelt worry in Jeon Hye Jin’s eyes.

“Isn’t he a child who plays the piano so well that you almost passed out? There’s no way a child like that doesn’t have a color of his own, is there?”

“Right? It’s only normal for him to have it. I’m asking why he doesn’t reveal it.”

“He doesn’t like his piano.”

“Jun Hyuk said that as well. He said that there are so many people who are better at playing the piano than he is that there’s really no reason for him to play. He said that those people can just play the songs that he composes. But he’s just 17 now. Even if he isn’t as talented as he wants to be, he needs to shape that talent to make is satisfactory. Then he will for sure surpass the greats.”

Yoon Kwang Hun told her the reason with a bitter expression, but Jeon Hye Jin did not fully understand.

“Ah, I guess I didn’t tell you this exactly. It seems he lacks expression. What I was saying is… It isn’t that Jun Hyuk doesn’t like his piano because he isn’t as good as the greats or anything like that.”


“I think it’s better to say that he doesn’t want to face his color. I’ve heard Jun Hyuk’s own piano once.”

Yoon Kwang Hun could not forget the shock from that day.


Yoon Kwang Hun woke up at dawn because his stomach was grumbling and thought of ordering a snack for delivery, but went to the cafe instead. He wanted to eat with Jun Hyuk if he was going to eat anyway.

As soon as he entered the cafe, it was full of the sound of the piano. Jun Hyuk did not realize that Yoon Kwang Hun had come and was engrossed in playing the piano.

He was playing Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 Moonlight.

The 1st verse was so peaceful it was stifling, the 2nd a lively minuet, and the 3rd a vehemence of movement. This configuration showed that it is a different form from other sonatas. Normally, the 1st verse is intense and the 2nd is calm in order to relax. Moonlight is configured in reverse. Its specialty is that it has a dreamlike melody. The whole verse has a stifling peacefulness and the melody is so emotional and beautiful that it causes sadness. It is a song that does not allow the listener to lift his head in relief.

However, Jun Hyuk’s interpretation of the song was full of anger.

It was not a moonlight that provided a beautiful light in a dark night.

It was a moonlight that shed light on bloody night with a dingo and wolf fighting over territory.

An explosion of anger after peace, power, and passion in which it felt like one or the other would be ripped apart. That was all.

Yoon Kwang Hun left the cafe quietly so Jun Hyuk would not notice his presence.

Jun Hyuk had only shown him a bright side of himself even if there had been times when he seemed rough and spoke like a thug. Yoon Kwang Hun thought it pathetic that he had expected Jun Hyuk’s wounds to have healed over time.

There is no reason for a wound of over 10 years to heal in just 2 years. He knew well where Jun Hyuk’s anger was coming from and where it was directed.


“It’s better to listen to Jun Hyuk’s piano in 10 years. Once Jun Hyuk is able to accept and love himself as he is, I’m sure he’ll be playing music that will exceed what you expected. Jun Hyuk’s talent isn’t the type that will spark and disappear.”

Yoon Kwang Hun spoke quietly while thinking of that day, but Professor Jeon Hye Jin could not understand.

“What is Jun Hyuk’s piano like right now that you say this?”

“I can’t tell you something that he himself does not want to reveal. Sorry.”

Yoon Kwang Hun spoke as he looked at a disappointed Professor Jeon Hye Jin,

“I understand how concerned you are about Jun Hyuk, but let’s just leave it up to him. He’ll do well. And I won’t stop you from meeting him to convince him whenever you would like to since I’m sure it’s because you care for him.”

“You’re much better than the parents who have a lot of ambition for their children who have a slight talent.”

Jeon Hye Jin calmed herself as she drank her coffee. She had seen so many parents who wanted to make their children’s talent into something 10 times what is really was, so she saw Yoon Kwang Hun as the ideal parent with his attitude.

“I don’t know. It could be that I have a more objective approach because I’m not his biological parent.”

Looking at Yoon Kwang Hun, Professor Jeon Hye Jin felt like she had overstepped her bounds. This is a man who could raise Jun Hyuk as an amazing musician.



“Is Clayton-Hoffman included in the schools he was accepted to?”

“Yes, of course. We couldn’t leave it out when it’s the most prestigious school in America. We applied and received a letter of acceptance.”

“What a relief. I would like to recommend Clayton if you do end up sending Jun Hyuk abroad.”

“Can I ask why?”

“Clayton is good in all aspects, but it is especially excellent in composition and commanding education. They provide a lot of support and make arrangements to meet people in the industry. I hope for Jun Hyuk to have a lot of those types of opportunities. Who knows? He might have the chance to conduct the New York Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert. Ho ho.”


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