GS Volume 3 Chapter 124

Volume 3 / Chapter 124

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Alex Zakin looked at an elated Jun Hyuk and laughed lightly,

“What business?”

“Of course a record business.”

“Why do I have to release your record? Did you think that if a newbie like you came to me with music, I would release an record for you?”

Jun Hyuk showed surprise at Alex Zakin’s sharp words.

“Isn’t it a definite thing that you release a record if you like the music? I’m positive it looked like you were engrossed in the music.”

“Real business is releasing music that sells, not good music. And… someone like me can do as I feel. No matter how good your music is, there is enough good music that I can just throw your music in the garbage.”

Alex Zakin saw Jun Hyuk’s perplexed face and laughed.

“Ha ha ha. But this would be a waste to throw away. And one more thing. Good music sells of course.”

Jun Hyuk relaxed at Alex Zakin’s laughter. He had been teased. Like a newbie.

“Look here, Jun. Can I say one thing? It could be a word of caution.”


“Don’t put your feet in business.”

“Excuse me? What does that mean?”

“You just do music. And find a real business partner who can sell your music for the highest price. There’s no reason to act like an adult when you don’t have to.”

There is a high chance that a person who tries to do business with an immature youth is a swindler posing as an adult. On that thought, Alex Zakin is a real adult.

“I don’t know business either. I’m just a producer. An ear that selects good music. An eye that finds good musicians. And the ability to bring out the best sound from artists. That’s all I have. Business? The capable people at this company do that. All you and I have to do is talk about music. Let’s leave the business to the experts.”

Jun Hyuk only looked at Alex Zakin for a moment without speaking. He felt again that there are a lot of good adults in this world. No, it could be that becoming a good person meant becoming an adult.

“Then shall we start talking about music?”


Alex Zakin’s mood lifted when he saw that Jun Hyuk’s face became brighter.

“Well, I think you understood me clearly. Anyway… there aren’t any lyrics?”

“Ah, no lyrics yet. I don’t speak English well enough to write lyrics. They can write the lyrics themselves.”

“Who are the stars of these 10 songs?”

“I’m sure you’ll have an idea of who they are since you listened to the songs.”

Alex Zakin recalled the people he had thought of every time he listened to a song.

“Can we change it?”

“Excuse me? Do you mean you’ll change the musician I had in mind?”

“It’s a little embarrassing to say.”

Alex scratched his head and explained the circumstances.

Jun Hyuk’s tribute targets are bands that debuted with LA Sound and led rock and roll in the 80s. The 80s was the zenith of the recording industry with a worldwide boom as its base.

One hit song earned them enough money to buy a private plane. It was normal to live carelessly in a Beverly Hills mansion with dozens of dream cars on display in the garage, calling pin-up girls every day. Rock of that period was a symbol of decadence and extravagance.

The leader of this period, guitarist Randy Rhoads was in the band Quiet Riot. This band’s vocalist, Kevin DuBrown put their daily life into words,

“Pop stars enjoy tennis on the weekends and drink beers as they hang out with beauties in bikinis. We hire whores and spend the entire weekend naked with sex and drugs. This is the difference between pop and rock.”

Most rock stars who spent their daily lives with alcohol, women, and drugs are now in a state beyond recovery.

“I see. That is a pity.”

“Would you like to produce these 10 songs yourself?”

“Ah, the greatest reason for this work was to get to meet the stars I like…..”

“What? It was selfish. Ha ha.”

Alex was able to see the teenager in Jun Hyuk.

“It’s a pity, but the stars you like are the people 30 years ago, not the people now.”

“I guess that’ll be the case. That’s too bad.”

Jun Hyuk shrugged and brushed it off. He did not want to see the stars he liked in ruin either. He would just remember their fresh images on the album covers.

“Since your plan is ruined, what do you think about leaving the cooking to me? I’ll find the artists who are most fitting for these songs instead. Is that okay?”

“Let’s do that cooking after I find a great business partner.”

“You learn fast. Good. I’ll just start preparations. Hurry up and find your partner. I’ve come across music that excites me for the first time in a while.”




“Did those kids go?”

“Yes. I told them not to go out to try and meet girls and rest to be in good condition tomorrow. I let them know we’re going to start recording tomorrow at 1 in the afternoon.”

When Jun Hyuk’s party left, Ili Gotez joined the staff meeting that Alex suddenly called.

“Good. First, listen to this. There are 10 songs, so let’s start the meeting after you listen to all of it.”

Alex Zakin placed a CD player on the center of the table in the conference room. He put in the CD Jun Hyuk had given him, pressed play, and sat back in his chair to enjoy the music.

The producers and composers gathered in the conference room did not react very differently from Alex. Music that is completely different from the trends these days. To look at it one way, they seemed to be reproducing the glory of the past, melting the magnificent performance of each part with each song’s diverse themes.

It was to the point where they thought that it was not even from the 80s, but from mid to late 70s, the age of the rock renaissance. The young staff were surprised by the ever-changing configurations of the songs, and the older people looked as though they were lost in nostalgia.

After more than 40 minutes passed and the music ended, Alex Zakin laughed and spoke,

“What do you think? Reflections?”

“Did that Korean boy bring this?”

Alex Zakin nodded to surprised Ili’s question.

“Ili. That Korean boy you brought is a big shot who easily jumps over our expectations.”

“Did that kid come so he could show you this?”

“Pretty much. It seems he likes our company’s records.”

Alex spoke with a satisfied look.

“Well, what are your thoughts?”

Once Alex Zakin spoke, the conference room became noisy. There was the question of whether it would appeal to the masses though the musicality is outstanding. There was also the contradictory stance that with such outstanding musicality, the masses would not be able to help but like it.

“Let’s say we put all 10 of these songs in one album. Don’t you want it?”

The noisy conference room became quiet at Ili Gotez’s input.

“Right? I even want to buy this original with the piano.”

The result of the meeting came out with Alex’s words. He has the Midas touch that creates mega hits. He wants to create an album with all 10 songs, not just choose one out of the 10 to work with.

There would not be a song that tops the Billboard singles chart, but it meant that it has the potential to reach the top of the albums chart.

“Did you sign a contract for this?”

“No. I decided to wait until Jun finds a proper representative. In that time, we need to find the owners of this music.”

Ili had the best expression in the conference room. There was a reward for having endured the cold in New York. A golden calf had walked in on its own.

“Ili, you take over Coline’s recording tomorrow.”

“What? Me?”

“Yeah. Isn’t the arranging already all done?”

“Oh, yea it was. I heard everything in the studio earlier and there was nothing to touch with the songs. I think we can just get out the sound perfectly. But what about the Korean boy?”

“Don’t you think we need to give him a small gift when he brought music like this to us?”

“A gift?”

“There’s something. Ha ha.”

The staff in the conference room just stared blankly at their laughing boss.

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