GS Volume 3 Chapter 120

Volume 3 / Chapter 120

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“Alex. We need to hurry up and do some research. The name is Jun Hyuk Jang. He’s Korean.”


“Yes. This person did the producing for Coline’s music. He’s not a normal kid. Since he already released an album in Korea, there’ll be plenty of information on him.”

“What do you mean he isn’t normal?”

“That’s why I’m telling you to look into it. This kid could be the big shot instead of Coline.”

Once Alex Zakin got off the phone with Ili who suddenly got excited, he passed the memo to his secretary.

After about an hour, a producer instead of the secretary came running with a CD.

“Alex, who is this?”

“Whew – that’s what I told you to do. Why are you asking me?”

He was about to sigh in annoyance, but his secretary also came running in.

“Jun Hyuk Jang. He’s an 18 year old Korean. He went out on an audition program in Korea a year ago, and is an orphan. He wandered the streets for about 10 years and then met a kind Mr. Tom…..”

Alex Zakin watched his secretary blabbing and exploded in annoyance,

“Look here. Stop going on about some fairy tale story and get to the point! I don’t care how some Korean kid lived. Why is everyone being like this?”

“Oh, okay. He’s known as a genius musician in Korea. They say he’s a one-man band. He plays the guitar, drums, and piano like a professional. His composing and arranging is perfect.”

A young 18 year old genius. A perfect musician who can do everything himself. The people of this industry are good at blowing things out of proportion. Alex Zakin did not believe 1/10 of what his secretary was saying.

The last is always music. The producer whose life is music, cut the secretary off and spoke,

“Alex, this kid even has an album… Just listen to 3 songs first. I’ve chosen the essence of his music.”

The producer put the tablet PC he was holding on Alex Zakin’s desk.

When a piano song called ‘Close’ came out, Alex Zakin’s eyes widened. He could not judge the piano skills through the cheap tablet PC speakers, but the melody captured his attention. If he had not known, he would have thought that he was listening to a song by Ennio Morricone, a master of film music. He could tell enough about Jun Hyuk’s composition skills with this one song.

The second song, the rock version of ‘Kanon’, showed his drum and guitar skills. He could go on stage immediately. Alex Zakin realized that none of his secretary’s explaination had been exaggerated.

The last heavy metal song showed his power in just the first half.

“Ili was right.”

“Excuse me?”

“This kid is really a big shot.”

Alex Zakin asked again to check,

“Did that kid really compose all of these songs?”


“You’re sure this kid is in New York right now? What does he do?”

“He’s a student at Clayton-Hoffman School of Music.”

“What? He’s another one of those kids digging at Mozart’s grave? What a bother.”

“What are you going to do?”

The producer admiring Jun Hyuk’s music spoke carefully.

“Don’t we need the last verification?”

“Excuse me?”

Alex Zakin looked at the producer with disappointment because he had not understood what he meant.

“Ili’s still in New York?”


“Tell Ili to bring the band and the Korean kid here.”

“Are you saying you want to release Coline’s record?”

“We’ll have to decide whether we’ll release a record or just record it when they get here. At the least, we’ll be able to check one thing. What weapon this Korean boy has.”

Alex Zakin’s heart beat for the first time in a long time. They had become a goose laying golden eggs because of these kinds of geniuses who appear occasionally. It is a happy event just to see how large of a golden egg this Korean prodigy would lay.




“Alex, it’s impossible. I’m telling you this kid won’t leave the library. He has no interest.”

“Ili. It’s not normal for a talented kid to be obedient. Have you seen kids like that who listen? Anyway, don’t come back if you can’t bring all of them. You know it’s expensive to live in New York, right?”

Ili ended the call with Alex Zakin’s reckless warning.

“What more is he trying to see? Damn it.”

Ili’s conclusion had not been very different from Alex Zakin’s. There is plenty of potential and he is a great bassist. And the kid from Korea has a talent for producing.

With these 3 points, all that needed to be done was to have Violon play at New York clubs. A record release is something for the future, and the Korean kid who did the producing has no thoughts of coming outside of CH School of Music. He is already someone of a different world, having fallen into classical.

Ili also knew that he could not change Alex Zakin’s stubborn mind. He called Coline,

“Coline, make sure you bring that bookworm out of the library. Alex Zakin is telling me to bring you guys to him with that kid. I’m sure you know what this means?”


Ili’s call made Coline go running to Jun Hyuk again.

“Jun, what do I have to do? I’m begging you. I’ll become the world’s biggest idiot if I let go of an opportunity like this.”

Jun Hyuk let out a long sigh at Coline’s desperate eyes.

“Whew – You’re saying I have to go all the way to LA?”

“Yes. Why do you think he’s telling us to go to LA with you? It means he wants to record an official record.”

When Coline saw hope for Jun Hyuk’s permission, his heart started beating faster.

“Hm… How many songs did you say there are?”

“5 songs.”

Coline’s fingers trembled as he gulped.


“Oh, Jun! Thanks a lot!”

“I just have one condition.”

“A condition?”

“Yeah. From now on, you and your band have to do whatever I say. Don’t argue with me. You have to play and sing the way I tell you to. I have no intention on directing your band while having to explain why. Okay?”

“Okay! Of course. Those kids are already your fans. Thank you so much.”

It had not felt this good even when he had completed a perfect performance. Coline felt that he could vaguely see the door to success before him.

“Lastly, tell that guy from LA to bring a contract. With the arranging, session, and producing fees in detail. I’m really expensive.”

“What? A contract?”

Coline blinked at Jun Hyuk’s unexpected words.

“Then? You expected me to do this for free? Didn’t you say it yourself? That you’re heading towards becoming a professional? When is anything free in the world of professionals? And this might be your album, but I’m working with LA Sound. Not with Coline and his band.”

He had been forgetting something. Jun Hyuk is a professional musician who released an album in his country. He is not an amateur like Coline, waiting for an opportunity while practicing in a studio.

“Ah, right. Sorry. I didn’t think of that because I was so happy. You’re right. I’ll meet Ili again first. Jun, thanks again.”

When Coline ran out, Jun Hyuk looked annoyed.

‘Did I act like a professional for no reason? How much do I have to ask for?’

Jun Hyuk locked his door and made a phone call.

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