GS Volume 3 Chapter 112

Volume 3 / Chapter 112

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[TN: Oh Bruno, what have you done?]

“Alright, then should we talk about this music that reproduced Haydn? You said your name is Jun?”


Bruno Kazel thought of Alexander’s words that he would be more surprised once he met Jun Hyuk in person. Asians look younger in general, but the boy who came through the doors looked as though he could be in high school.

Looking at the music and the composers, it was as though the two boys had been switched. The strict classical form written by a youth from a European musical family. And a song depicting a fun scene by a witty boy from Asia. This would be much more plausible.

“Is there a fun story to your song as well?”

“Excuse me?”

“Ah, I heard that the song chosen along with yours was written to depict a scene witnessed in Central Park. I was wondering if you had a story like that as well.”

“There’s nothing like that.”

If he did not have a motive, it meant that he had just written the song while looking at a blank sheet. It is the hardest method of creation. There needs to be an incredible educational background for someone to do this within a week. He is a freshman… He felt like it made less sense as he saw more.

“Really? Then it’s just a great melody?”

“Um… That’s a piano practice song.”

“What? A practice song?”

“Yes. It can only be seen as a proper performance if the player can do pianissimo and pianississimo. If the piano cannot show the simplicity until the 3rd part, the whole song is ruined.”

“Hm.  I was asking because I didn’t feel anything when I was looking at your score but… that’s what it was. Do you think it might have highlighted technical aspects too much for a young teenager? I was expecting it to be expressing something great.”

Bruno Kazel kept questioning Jun Hyuk to see if there was something hidden in his music.

“I just wrote it for a passionate pianist who reminds me of fireworks because I saw that she was working hard to try to suppress her strength.”

“She? The pianist is a woman?”


“Could it be your girlfriend? Is it a tribute to your girlfriend?”

“Ah… no. A repayment for a single passionate kiss? That’s as much as it would be.”

“What? Kiss? Well, well. Ha ha.”

Bruno Kazel burst out in laughter because he had finally discovered the song’s motive. Could there be better motive for a song than a passionate kiss with a motive?

Bruno Kazel laughed for a bit and nodded as if it were definite.

“Very good. If you were gifted a passionate by a woman, you must give something in return. More so if she is a beauty.”

“Hm. Then I guess I’ll have to make three or four more for her.”

Jun Hyuk smiled as he thought of Amelia. Bruno Kazel noticed the hidden meaning in Jun Hyuk’s words.

“Oh? You’re saying she’s that much of a beauty? You’re making me curious.”

It really is great to work with young students. He can enjoy finding light excitement in such unexpected things.

“So the themes of both selected songs are women. I’m telling you men make music because of women. Ha ha.”

Bruno Kazel fully understood the thoughts of the composers. Now he must go to the theater where the protagonists of the performance await him.

“Then shall we go to meet the band and pianist?”

Jun Hyuk however, shook his head.

“I’m done up to here. The concert is yours.”

“But won’t it be better for you to see the rehearsal?”

“It is my understanding that it is the composer’s role up to moving the music onto the paper.”

Bruno Kazel saw a look of seeking challenge in Jun Hyuk’s eyes rather than modesty.

“So you’ll just see what kind of music comes from your song at the concert?”


“Whether it comes out well or not?”

Jun Hyuk responded to Bruno Kazel’s provocation without the slightest bit of hesitation,

“Yes. All I need to see is the result.”

Once a script leaves the writer’s hands, it is all up to the producer who is in charge of its presentation. It is right that everything from is the camera angle and lights to the background music are left up to the producer. The composer writes the script on sheet music and the conductor just performs his interpretation while looking at that script.

“Well… You’re a scary composer. I guess I won’t be able to perform one of your songs ever again if you don’t like it?”

“Isn’t that inevitable?”

Bruno Kazel could not hide his surprise at Jun Hyuk’s obstinate response, but he immediately laughed.

“This is why I like young people. This confidence. I guess I’m being tested instead of the students. Okay. I’ll have to do well so I don’t regret it later.”

Bruno Kazel went to the theater in good spirits and Jun Hyuk went back to his dorm. He liked that Bruno Kazel was so informal for a maestro.



The CH orchestra, three sopranos, and a pianist were waiting in the theater to greet Bruno Kazel. He could tell who the pianist is before he received introductions.

“Oh, a beauty who deserves 10 songs rather than 3 or 4.”

The 4 girls including the sopranos just blinked as they did not know who he was referring to.

The waiting professors took Bruno Kazel down to the seats as they said they had something to discuss with him.

“I’m sorry maestro, but the pianist Amelia received the highest scores during auditions, but she was not able to finish this song. She is practicing at the moment to play this song as well.”

“Amelia? Oh, the beauty the composer spoke of is named Amelia. There’s even passion in her name.”

It seemed he did not care even though they told him that she is a pianist who came crashing down during the auditions.

“What of it? Isn’t this a school? The goal isn’t to receive the applause and encore of the audience. You never know, she might perform wonderfully. Then it’ll be the birth of another great pianist.”

The professors felt relief and gratitude for Bruno Kazel’s positive thinking.

“I see. We didn’t think that far ahead. The stage is all yours, maestro.”

“Then I will start with the stars of the show. Professors, do not worry. I’ll take responsibility for everyone until the concert.”

“We have a lot of luck this year. To think a maestro teaching our students himself for a week. Ha ha.”



The sopranos were able to perform Alexander’s song without problems. Just as the professors had been worrying about, the piano kept stopping.

Amelia was angry with herself and kept banging down on the innocent piano.

After repeating this a few times, Bruno Kazel made Amelia stop.

“Alright, let’s take a 10 minute break.”

He put his baton down and went to Amelia who could not lift her head.

“Amelia, can you come see me?”

The two came down from the stage and sat at a distance from where they could not be heard on stage.

“Amelia. I have 3 children. Do you know what characterizes children?”

“Being noisy?”

“That too but the greatest characteristic is that they don’t stay still even for a moment. They don’t even walk around. They run no matter how short the distance is. Even inside the house.”

Children who run around the house, flipping everything. Amelia thought he was criticizing her music.

“Do I make that much of a mess?”

“Listen until the end. There are times when our children are really still.”

“When they sleep?”

“That’s the same for adults and children. It’s when they watch TV.”


“Yeah. You know those kids cartoons or those shows where people come out wearing doll costumes.”

It is not a toy or a snack. Something that takes sight, not senses of touch or taste. Only that can keep a child still.

“I guess so.”

“What if you think about it like this? You’re a child who can’t control your overwhelming energy. My orchestra is a TV show.”

Bruno Kazel wanted to hold Amelia’s hearing instead of her sight.

“Focus on the orchestra a little more instead of staring at the score or worrying about the piano. Just think of the piano as an interjection or reaction while you’re enjoying the orchestra’s music.


He is telling her not to concentrate on the piano? That means it is not a coordinate performance between the orchestra and piano. Bruno Kazel winked and smiled at Amelia, anticipating what she was going to say.

“Let’s just start out like this. Slowly. There’s no need to rush, is there?”

He is telling her how to do it. How to take the first step to express the moderation that the composer is demanding. She could not refute it since the maestro himself was letting her know a customized method.

Of course the effect was good. She played the keys slowly and lightly as if she had become part of the audience enjoying the music. What she heard was pianissimo, but she felt as though she was playing with a machine. A performance fooling the audience. She played the keys quietly though because he said that this is the first step.




The concert started with the 3rd place song. The piece arranged for a string quartet was of a light and simple configuration and the audience gave genuine applause.

Continuing was Alexander’s short song conducted by Bruno Kazel.

[Concerto for 3 Sopranos] had a fun configuration that made the audience laugh occasionally and it gave the feeling that they were watching a short play. The performance was so great that Alexander was not just satisfied but in awe.

They went on to Jun Hyuk’s concerto without a break. When Amelia appeared on stage in a black dress, the male students welcomed her with tremendous cheering.


She was full of confidence unlike she had been during the auditions, and Bruno Kazel faced her with ease.

When the orchestra’s introduction began and the melody flowed, a low sound came out. A peaceful piano continued like dew falling from grass.

As the 1st part ended, a few people clapped subconsciously. It is a music that is complete even with one part.

Jun Hyuk however had an objectionable expression.

‘He’s using running away as a method? Who thought of this trick?’

It was hard to keep listening, but he needed to listen until the end. He wanted to watch how they would express the 4th part after running away for 3 parts.

When the 4th part began with a piano that was as if it were going to break, Jun Hyuk stood up. He had confirmed the disastrous results he had been expecting when he heard the 1st part.

He quietly came out of the theater and returned to the dorms. The dorms were not ringing with the usual bustle and even felt lonely. Only, the sound of a violin floated around the empty dorms.

Danny did not pay any attention to the school event and was just hanging on to the song that Jun Hyuk had given him.


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